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mandy-jane-bio-pic.pngMandy Jane Williams grew up in the tiny little town of Darlington, Idaho. Known as Mandy Van Etten growing up, she has always had a love for beauty and art that was encouraged by her parents. Mandy met her husband, Bryan Williams in 2005 and they were married in the Idaho Falls temple. Although she had previously taken classes in art and photography, becoming a mother has helped her to find herself as an artist. Beauty, joy, passion, are all intensified when you open your heart to loving others. Little things stand out to you in daily life and you are able to notice and be grateful to them with your artistic eyes. From the way the rising sun catches the eyelashes of a sleeping baby, or the look on a child’s face when Daddy comes home, all of these are an inspiration and a blessing. She currently lives in Bancroft, Idaho with her husband and four children.

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