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Painting of Jesus healing a blind man.

27 Heartwarming Jesus Healing Images

Throughout history, we can see that people follow Jesus Christ not because everything He teaches makes immediate sense to them and not because it has been the popular thing to do. It is and always has been because He offers hope. He brings healing to a weary world. He understands each of our pains and sorrows and seeks to help us overcome them. 

The apostles described it best: “God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power: who went about doing good, and healing all that were oppressed of the devil; for God was with him” (Acts 10:38)

Jesus Heals the Leper

Jesus healing the leper is one of the most touching accounts of Jesus healing the sick. It highlights several important aspects of His character. For example, He was willing to cross social boundaries to reach those who had been cut off from their loved ones. Leprosy was highly contagious, yet Christ trusted in God’s protection and will, mercifully saving several plagued individuals.

May we, like the single grateful leper who returned to thank Jesus, remember to express our gratitude for His “unspeakable gift” (2 Corinthians 9:15) Enjoy these touching Jesus healing images. 

Sacrocubism painting of Jesus greeting the

The Ten Lepers by Jorge Cocco

LDS art painting of Jesus greeting the grateful leper.

The Grateful Leper by Simon Dewey

Jesus Raises Lazarus

The miracle of Lazarus rising from the dead was a sure sign of Jesus’ divine identity as the Son of God. He demonstrated that He had power even over death. Through Jesus Christ, all of us, including our loved ones, will live again. Because of His atonement and resurrection, this life will not be the end. 

Which of these different styles of Jesus healing images do you most connect with? Which one do you think best tells the story of Jesus raising Lazarus?

Absract art of Lazarus exiting the tomb after Jesus healed him.

Lazarus, Come Forth by Jorge Cocco

Painting of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead.

Raising Lazurus by Annie Henrie Nader

LDS art image of Jesus raising lazarus from the dead.

Lazarus by Kelsy and Jesse Lightweave

The apostles described it best: “God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power: who went about doing good, and healing all that were oppressed of the devil; for God was with him” (Acts 10:38).

Jesus Heals the Daughter of Jairus

Even in today’s world, it can be easy for children to be overlooked. A typical day can be riddled with obligations, aspirations, information, and all sorts of entertainment. In this biblical scene, Jesus demonstrates the importance of children. He also shows great compassion toward parents, especially in a challenge that feels hopeless and out of their control. 

Jesus heals the daughter of Jairus even despite the opinion and even mockery of those already mourning her death. His example teaches us that His healing goes even beyond popular opinions or outside circumstances.

Image of Jesus healing the daughter of Jairus.

Talitha Cumi by Eva Koleva Timothy

Sacrocubism art painting of Jesus healing the daughter of Jairus.

The Daughter of Jairus by Jorge Cocco

Pictures of Woman Touching Jesus’ Robe

We may wonder if our miracle will ever come or if our prayers will ever be answered. We can find comfort in the story of the woman touching Jesus’ robe. The bible describes her as: “a woman having an issue of blood twelve years, which had spent all her living upon physicians, neither could be healed of any” (Luke 8:43).

Her case would appear hopeless after twelve years of illness even after spending everything on supposed cures. This woman demonstrated immense faith to still trust that Jesus could heal her. Our miracles may not come when we wish, but God promises that they will come.

Image of woman's hand reaching out to touch Jesus' robe.

Thy Faith Hath Made Thee Whole by Eva Koleva Timothy

LDS art painting of a woman reaching out to touch the hem of Jesus' robe.

Touch of Faith by Simon Dewey

Painting of a woman reaching up to touch Jesus' robe as He walks by.

Healing in His Wings by Robert Pack

Jesus Healing the Blind Man

Jesus heals the blind in many ways. Throughout His ministry, He cured physical blindness. However, He can also heal our spiritual blindness. He can help us see things as they are rather than as the world may want us to see them. We can understand our identity as God’s children and see the path that will bring us lasting happiness. Often, we receive this sort of direction piece by piece, but the light Jesus offers to us can shine new color into our lives.

Image of Jesus' hand healing a blind person.

Now I See by Eva Koleva Timothy

Painting of Jesus curying a blind man.

From Darkness to Light by Simon Dewey

LDS art painting of a healed blind man looking up at Jesus.

And Now I See by Justine Peterson

Painting of a small girl watching Jesus heal her blind father.

Through the Eyes of a Child by Susan Edwards

Cubism painting of Jesus healing a blind man.

Your Faith Has Made You Whole by Jorge Cocco

Jesus Forgiving

When it comes to Jesus healing images, forgiving may not be what first comes to mind. Jesus' miracles of physical healing tend to stand out because they are visible and immediate. However, some of the deepest healing comes from receiving forgiveness.

When Christ was presented with a paralyzed man, He didn’t start by healing him of his inability to walk. Instead, he assured the man: “thy sins are forgiven thee” (Luke 5:20). It seems the man was harboring pains much deeper than what was visible to the eye. So it is with us. Jesus can help heal us from the inside, out.

Neither Do I Condemn Thee by Eva Koleva Timothy

Filled With Mercy by Eva Koleva Timothy

For the Love of One by Eva Koleva Timothy

Jesus Blessing

Often, we describe Jesus’ miraculous healing as a blessing. We may not be plagued with illness or disorders, but that does not mean life is easy. These Jesus healing images depict instances when Jesus healed other difficulties, such as hunger. He also ordained His apostles, who would certainly need the added strength after He left. 

Jesus also offers blessings to us, whether or not we always notice them. How have you seen God’s hand in your life?

Image of Jesus placing his hands on an individual's head and giving them a blessing.

Blessing by Eva Koleva Timothy

Vertical painting of Jesus carrying a bowl of loaves and fishes. A crowd is gathered behind Him.

Loaves and Fishes by Rose Datoc Dall

Sacrocubism painting of of Jesus placing his hands on the head of a disciple to ordain him an apostle.

Ordination of the Apostles by Jorge Cocco

Image of Christ comforting a young woman.

Look Unto Me by Eva Koleva Timothy

Image of Jesus touching the end of a dead branch, causing leaves to sprout.

Reborn by Kelsy and Jesse Lightweave

Golden Blessing by Jorge Cocco

Blessing at Dawn by Jorge Cocco

Earthly Blessing by Jorge Cocco

Additional Jesus Healing Images

Ultimately, Jesus’ mission was to heal the Earth. He came to triumph over spiritual death and physical death and He seeks to help us find solace with everything in between. Enjoy these last beautiful Jesus healing images.

Healing Hands by Adam Abram

Help Thou My Unbelief by Judy Cooley

Hands of the Master by Doc Christensen

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