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Introducing: LDS Artist Haley Miller

We are so excited to announce Haley Miller as our newest Altus Fine Art artist! Her digital art, photography, and depictions of Jesus Christ are stunning, especially once you know her story.

Haley’s Artistic Background

Haley grew up in a world of creativity. Her mother was a talented interior designer with a knack for painting, and her father had a skilled hand at carpentry. 

Coming from such talent, it is no wonder her art style demonstrates an eye for detail and a calming palette of colors. Each piece of her LDS Art offers a unique perspective of Jesus Christ that you may not typically see in other galleries. For example, we see a blurred photo of Mary holding out her infant as if offering Him to Heaven. We see Jesus’ hand holding the crown of thorns. And she has multiple pictures of Jesus as a child.

Art is especially moving when it allows us to see something in a new light, and Haley’s photography and digital painting masterpieces are fantastic examples.

Mother Mary holding out baby Jesus, as if offering Him to Heaven.

Mary's Gift by Haley Miller

Jesus as a child standing next to a lamb.

Jesus Once Was a Little Child 2 by Haley Miller

Jesus' hand holding a crown of thorns.

Overcomer by Haley Miller

Haley’s Choice of Brush

Haley specializes in digital art and photography to express her deep testimony of Jesus Christ. While she is talented in other mediums, she has searched for the most effective way for her art to help lift others, just as the Savior lifts her. 

She has always wanted to create pictures of Christ but, even having inherited her mother’s knack for painting, finds more frustration than enjoyment when it comes to depicting people just right. This challenge is especially true when it comes to painting someone as close to her heart as Jesus. 

After years of exploring and learning new skills, Haley felt God helped her see how all of her newfound knowledge and righteous desires could come together. She realized that photography and digital art were outlets that combined her new skills in a way that she could share with others. These two mediums have significantly expanded her creativity and have allowed her to fully create what she sees in her mind’s eye.

Watercolor painting of Jesus Christ.

The Hope by Haley Miller

Jesus holding a stone in one hand and sand in another hand.

The Wise Man by Haley Miller

Watercolor portrait of Jesus Christ.

The One by Haley Miller

Adding a Fresh Look

Photography and digital art also allow Haley to add a fresh look to the current collection of religious art, which can, after hanging in the same hallway or classroom for years, sometimes lose its deeper meaning for its viewers.

Haley was raised in the church and noticed that she always saw the same art throughout her growing-up years, from primary class to high school seminary. And while it was all beautiful, she wanted to make her contribution. She wanted to create art that felt more modern and relatable. 

She especially wanted to put her heart into each piece as a tribute to the healing power of Jesus Christ in her life. It has not been an easy one, marked with tragedy, betrayal, and deep loneliness. Like many, Haley has endured times that feel dark, heavy, and trapped. Yet, as each burden grew heavier, Haley says that her relationship with Jesus Christ has grown stronger. 

Every piece of her art carries the message that Jesus Christ lives. His power is real and, if we let Him, He will help carry our burdens. 

Watercolor painting of the good shepherd standing among a flock of sheep.

Wheat and Tares by Haley Miller

The Fold Watercolor by Haley Miller

Up-close portrait of Jesus wearing the crown of thorns. His face his mostly maksed in shadow.

Crucified by Haley Miller

Depicting Jesus Christ

To get such a powerful message across, Haley needed to find the perfect person to model as Jesus in her photos. She reached out to an old friend who always, even regardless of where he traveled the world, met people who told him he looked a lot like Christ. But what began as something of a running joke would soon become much of the inspiration behind Haley’s work.

Despite leaving organized religion years ago, he happily agreed to help. You can tell from the artwork that he takes a very respectful approach to depict the love, power, and peace of Jesus Christ.

Jesus walking through a field of tall sunflowers.

Sunflower Christ by Haley Miller

Jesus walking through a field of wheat.

The Gatherer by Haley Miller

Jesus in a white robe standing in front of a calm body of water.

Thirst No More by Haley Miller

Drawing Light From Darkness

One of the most impressive things about Haley’s art is her ability to take the darkest times in her life and create so many pieces of light. Her LDS art is calm and loving. It consists of gentle colors, landscapes, and expressions that invite peace. Like many of our artists here at Altus, she is an example of what the Lord can do with your life when you turn it over to Him.

Hard times come to all of us. Life was not intended to be easy, but to stretch us. Even now, when we have such easy access to so much information, many struggles to find the important answers. 

We can find hope and healing through Jesus Christ. But, as Haley said, “You have to be willing to knock.”

Gentle portrait of Christ, profile view.

Jesus Wept by Haley Miller

Jesus Christ holding out a lamp, illuminating the surrounding darkness.

The Word of God by Haley Miller

Jesus' fingers holding a mustard seed.

Faith by Haley Miller

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