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Add an extra spark of fun to your Sunday family activities with our LDS art puzzles! Select from images of Christ, LDS Temples, and more! Find puzzle versions of some of your favorite paintings and photos.

Discover a delightful collection of LDS puzzles at Altus Fine Art, perfect for adding an extra spark of fun to your Sunday family activities! Choose from a variety of images featuring Christ, LDS Temples, and more, transforming your favorite paintings and photos into engaging LDS puzzles. At Altus Fine Art, there is truly something for everyone — from Jay Bryant Ward to Kendal Ray.

Each puzzle is a piece of art, allowing you to reflect and connect with your faith in a fun and interactive way. From 100-piece puzzles for a quick and joyful day to 500-piece ones for a more challenging and rewarding experience, every LDS puzzle brings a sense of accomplishment and peace. Enjoy completing the same puzzle multiple times, or glue the puzzle together and display it as a work of art in your home. 

Whether looking for a serene and thoughtful solo activity or a joyful bonding experience with loved ones, these LDS temple puzzles are a wonderful way to spend your time. Enjoy the reverent yet fun atmosphere they create, and let them lead you to moments of reflection and joy. Shop our puzzle collection now!