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The Easter story of Jesus Christ’s Resurrection is one of hope. It illustrates that even when the light of our world may appear to have gone out, that God is still present. Light will return. Life has seasons and it is often the dark times that make the happy ones shine more bright.

Enjoy stunning Resurrection Art by some of our favorite artists and photographers celebrating this eternal truth: He is not here, for He has risen.

Resurrection Art: Garden Tomb

Spring-colored painting of Jesus' empty tomb.

The Empty Tomb by Linda Curley Christensen

Linda’s landscape pieces are stunning. Her hopeful colors and soft textures feel like a breath of fresh air. It is no different in her resurrection art. For a subject matter as gloomy as a tomb, Linda has created a springtime paradise. 

Her colors and lighting alone tell the story of Jesus Christ’s victory. They remind us that it is an tempty tomb and that through our Savior, the dark scenes of our lives can be turned to our good.

Painting of Jesus' empty tomb with flowers in the foreground.

Garden Tomb by Mark Eastmond

Mark Eastmond’s painting has an earthy, realistic color palette and is filled with light. He allows us to see the empty tomb as it might have appeared on that spring morning when Christ rose again.

For such a grand and glorious miracle, the scene is as humble as Jesus’ birth in a stable. The fact that Jesus’ greatest miracles were never showy or flashy speaks deeply of His character.

Resurrections art image of the garden tomb.

The Garden Tomb by Robert A. Boyd

Robert’s two photos take us directly to the empty tomb itself. We love his artistic decision to add light shining from within, highlighting the sacred nature of the location as if declaring: Jesus lives!

Robert’s resurrection art also displays the full size of the stone rolled away from the door. Something so immense and final appears to have been removed easily by Jesus, reminding us that if we trust Him, we can overcome the barriers of our own lives.

Resurrection art panoramic image of the garden tomb.

The Garden Tomb Panorama by Robert A. Boyd

For such a grand and glorious miracle, the scene is as humble as Jesus’ birth in a stable. The fact that Jesus’ greatest miracles were never showy or flashy speaks deeply of His character. 

Individual running across grassy landscape to Jesus' empty tomb. A flapping robe covers the individual's face.

Racing to the Empty Tomb by Eva Koleva Timothy

While this picture does not directly depict the tomb itself, it tells the story of what this event meant for Jesus’ disciples. The news that Jesus lives must have inspired immense relief and joy then, just as it does for us now.

Here we see an individual running excitedly to the tomb. The identity of the individual is not readily known from the image, but it could symbolize any of us and the joy and peace we find during the Easter season.

Resurrection Art: Jesus Leaving the Tomb

Modern painting of Jesus' resurrection.

Resurrection by Jorge Cocco

In this resurrection painting, Jorge takes a unique approach. Rather than depicting Christ standing outside of the empty tomb, He depicts Jesus’ spirit reentering His body. Jorge captures the miracle of resurrection itself: light and life entering darkness and loss. 

Because Jorge has an abstract style, many draw their own insights from his work. What unique message about Jesus’ resurrection do you see?

Resurrection art of Jesus stepping out of the empty tomb.

He Lives by Simon Dewey

Simon’s beloved resurrection art painting spells peace. From the white of the Savior’s robe to the calm, spring surroundings, we see a reassuring contrast from the dark scene of His suffering and crucifixion. This scene perfectly illustrates the scriptural phrase: "He is not here: for He has risen" (Matthew 28:6).

This painting reminds us that, through Jesus Christ, even the darkest seasons of our lives can be turned into victories. In the end, God will make all things work out for our good. (Doctrine and Covenants 98:3)

Stucco-styled portrait of Jesus standing in front of the empty tomb.

Light of Life by Annie Henrie Nader

The next two pieces of resurrection art are portraits of Jesus. Annie’s painting takes on the style of classic stucco paintings, with the rough textures and golden halo around Jesus’ head.

Here, the subject matter is more subtle. The empty tomb is visible in the backdrop, but the focus is on Christ and the light that He brings. With green leaves framing the scene, resurrection art focuses on life rather than death.

Peaceful portrait of Jesus framed in white light.

Resurrection and the Life by Brent Borup

Brent’s Easter art also focuses on light. This portrait glows with soft colors and white light. The scene greatly contrasts the darkness and violence of the crucifixion, reminding us that with Jesus Christ our lives can be made bright and clean again.

Brent’s resurrection painting portrays life as something precious and redeeming. It paints the hope and peace in the words: Jesus lives.

Resurrection Art: Mary Magdalene at the Tomb

Why Weepest Thou by Simon Dewey

In this next piece of resurrection art, Simon captures the joy of this sacred event. You can see it in Mary’s expression, in the bright blossoms, and the light shining down on Jesus. 

Parting with loved ones is never easy. Loss is something that, even with time, does not seem to entirely heal. However, because of Jesus Christ, we can all live again. The reunion that we have with our loved ones can be just as happy and warm as that beautiful spring morning when Christ stepped from the tomb.

Painting of Mary Magdalene visiting Jesus' emtpy tomb.

Why Weepest Thou by Rose Datoc Dall

Rose’s religious artwork carries a lot of narratives. In her resurrection art piece, Why Weepest Thou, we see a similar scene to the previous painting. However, here the focus is on Mary. The only thing we see of Jesus is His shadow against the empty tomb wall as He beckons to her. 

The blue of Mary’s robe alludes to the deep sorrow that led her to the tomb that morning. And the complimentary orangish color of the light shining on her symbolizes the deep joy and wonder already replacing her despair.

Modern resurrection art of an angel showing the Jesus' empty tomb to three women.

He is Risen by Jorge Cocco

In Jorge’s resurrection painting, we do not see Christ. Instead, we see the angel explaining to the three women who came to visit that “he is not here, for he is risen” (Matthew 28:6). This piece of Easter art is an insightful tribute to the faith of the three women. All three appear prepared and the act of their visit says much about their faith and devotion. Imagine their excitement to learn that Jesus lives.

Painting of the three women visiting Jesus' tomb.

Three Women at the Tomb by Robert Barrett

Similarly, Robert has made these three selfless women the subject of his resurrection art. We see them standing together and, despite the tragedy they have experienced, their expressions remain resolved.

Like these women, all of us will face times in our lives when our faith is sorely challenged. It may seem like everything we ever believed in is under attack or taken from us. However, like these women, we can continue to work and serve and trust that the answers are on their way. They may even be closer than we think.  

Resurrection art of two angels talking to Mary Magdelene.

Risen by Annie Henrie Nader

In Annie’s resurrection art, we see Mary conversing with both of the angels described in the book of John. When Mary saw that the body of her Lord had been removed from the sepulcher on top of all the other tragedies and injustices of that weekend, she began to weep. These two angels comforted Mary before she saw the resurrected Savior. 

Similarly, there may be angels in our lives that direct our gaze away from sorrow and emptiness and toward the light of Jesus Christ.

Resurrection Dawn Annie Henrie Nader

While this piece of Easter art does not portray Jesus Christ’s resurrection, we love that it illustrates the purpose for it all: family.

Because of the Jesus lives, we will all live again and can be reunited with our loved ones. Through Jesus Christ, we can become worthy to live in God’s presence with our families. 

What are some favorite Easter traditions you and your family have to remember Jesus Christ on this sacred holiday? We’d love to hear in the comments!

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