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Kirtland Ohio Temple - House of Faith by Mandy Jane Williams

from $15.99

Image Description:Kirtland Temple with yellow flowers. About the Artist:MANDY JANE WILLIAMS combines art and photography to create her unique images. Becoming a wife and mother has helped her find herself as an artist. “Little things stand out to you in daily life and you are able to notice them with...
Kirtland Temple - Front by Robert A Boyd

from $99.99

Image Description:FrontAbout the Artist:ROBERT A. BOYD, a professional photographer since 1995, Robert traveled the world photographing for clients, winning numerous awards, including the national 2004 PPA Photographer of the Year Award and 2005 Utah Best of State Award. He strives to illuminate his photographic art with peace, light and balance....
Kirtland Temple- Flowers by Scott Jarvie

from $15.99

Image Description:FlowersAbout the Artist:SCOTT JARVIE, well known Utah-based photographer, was born and raised in California. "I grew up in San Diego. I attended Brigham Young University. I have lived in Utah eleven plus years. I love the mountains. I love to travel. I speak five languages. I am basically a...

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