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Introducing Megan Rieker

Megan grew up as part of a big family living in Maryland. Now, with her husband and their rabble of sons, she has lived all over the world, including cities in Germany, Korea, and Italy. A mother and public speaker with a master's degree in teaching art, Megan continues to paint in between juggling her other commitments. And we are so grateful she has! At Altus, we love every piece of Latter-day Saint art that she brings to the table. Each one is a touching display of not only talent but also testimony.

In many instances, paintings are only made better when you know the stories behind them. So for this blog, we went ahead and asked Megan a few questions about her journey as an artist. We are so excited to share it with you and invite you to visit our site to peruse more of her art!

Q: What inspires you to paint?

A: The beauty of nature. The whisperings of the spirit. The need to capture a moment in time and bring out its beauty as I see it.

Painting of a young woman filling an oil lamp.

Drop by Drop by Megan Rieker

Q: How would you describe your style? 

A: My style sways between impressionism and realism. I love bright, bold colors that pop in relation to each other on the canvas – especially the play between warm and cold colors.

Q: When or how do you think you found your personal style? 

A: I think my style has changed through the years – and as my eyesight has worsened, to be truthful! But when I began painting En Plein Air in Arizona, I discovered how a shorter window of time helped my crazy ADD brain to pick out and paint the most important aspects and mood of a scene quickly. That skill translated well into the studio for my portraits and religious art as well, resulting in a more loose brushwork and brighter colors.

Q: What is some of your creative process?  

A: Often, I’m inspired through my scripture study or lessons and talks. An image pops into my head that I try to sketch out immediately. 


Next, I pray for help and inspiration to make sure I have the right message in mind. Then, it's onto research – everything from what kind of wool the cloth was made from, the facial features to the landscape.

Heavenly Father always seems to provide the perfect model for each project, and I barely have to search. Then I usually design, sew, dye & age the costumes, take photos with the model(s) after reading scriptures and praying together, correct & combine photos in photoshop.

Finally, I begin the painting process. One of the most important acts is to kneel before my easel each day I go to paint. There, I ask for God to guide my hand, to forgive me of my weaknesses and help me to be that vessel He needs so he may uplift and inspire his children through the medium of art.

Sketch of Jesus holding an infant.

Christ with Child by Megan Rieker

Q: What role does your testimony of Jesus Christ have to play in your art? 

A: My testimony of Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father are integral to my art. In my early years, I believed I didn’t have the ability and talent to be a religious artist. But everything changed in 2000, when I contracted a severe case of Bell’s Palsy. 


Immediately after returning from the hospital, I was given a blessing in which I was told–not that I would be healed–but that I needed to begin using my art for the gospel. After much study and prayer, I felt strongly about portraying women of faith from scripture and history. In time, that grew to include the values and ideals we strive for as righteous women in the latter-days. 


One of my favorite covenants we make in our religion is to give of our time, talents, and everything with which we’ve been blessed to the raising up of the church. I have found that the more I live according to the teachings of the gospel, the more my hand and brush are guided. 

Q: Do you have a favorite image? If so, why is it your favorite?

A: I know I shouldn’t have a favorite painting, but I do, and it’s “Lead Thou Me On”. I had noticed that there were no paintings of the iron rod & path of life other than a flat one. So, this is my own rendition of the path of life and iron rod.

Just because we have the iron rod and know the way we should go does not mean it’s easy. This is why the girl on the path has tattered knees, from kneeling down to pray for strength to make it over the next obstacle. She is so close to the valley that the light from the tree is casting on her. And even then, she turns back to offer help to another coming out of the mist. 


This is my own life, with all of its pitfalls and possibilities. I know my life won’t be a flat path, but at least I can trust in the one who has traveled my very own path to lift me through. And he gives that gift to all of us on our different paths.

A young woman holding on to the iron rod and reaching out to another young woman.

Lead Thou Me On by Megan Rieker

Q: What is a crowning moment for you as an artist? 

A: Winning the ‘Viewers Choice’ award in the 2006 Church International Art Competition.

Q: What goals or aspirations do you have as an artist moving forward? 

A: I would like to be able to get my art out to more people so they can be uplifted in times of trial. 

(Denver Temple - In Autumn by Megan Rieker)

(Washington DC Temple - Sunset by Megan Rieker)

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Painting of the Denver Temple surrounded by autumn trees.

Denver Temple - In Autumn by Megan Rieker

Painting of the Washington DC Temple against a pastel sunset.

Washington DC Temple - Sunset by Megan Rieker

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Painting of an angel woman with large wings carrying an infant.

Angel Mother by Megan Rieker

A woman is planting seeds in a field.

Creation by Megan Rieker

A Nephite mother holding a baby and teaching her son at the foot of the temple.

Mother, Tell Me by Megan Rieker

Painting of Esther walking up  a set of stairs to join a group of women.

Esther - Born for Such a Time as This by Megan Rieker

Painting of the Washington DC Temple glowing against a swirling sky.

Washington DC Temple - Twilight by Megan Rieker

Painting of a hand reaching up to grab a glowing fruit from the tree of life.

Fruit of Life by Megan Rieker

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