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8 Ways to Fit Big Ideas INto Small Spaces

Too much décor, not enough wall? You’ve come to the right place.

This year many of us have spent much more time at home than usual. Perhaps you’ve looked around your living room and found some projects you’d like to complete or some spaces you’d like to spruce up. 

The good news is that breaking up the humdrum doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank. At Altus, you can find your favorite LDS art in a variety of sizes to match your home, whatever the size. Much of our art is available as small wall art in 5x7 prints, small frames, matted prints, and posters.

Look for Nooks

The wall--or maybe even the refrigerator--might be the go-to place for favorite art pieces. However, small wall art can be displayed just about anywhere. Keep an eye out for little nooks and crannies that could use a little extra love:  


A small piece of art displayed on a bookshelf among other small items.

Boston Temple - Window Sunset by Robert A. Boyd


A small art portrait of Christ sitting on a desk, leaning up against the wall.

Lord of the Vineyard by Rose Datoc Dall

Coffee Table

A small art portrait of Christ sitting on stylish coffee table next to a yellow chair.

Light of the World by Brent Borup

Countertop corners

A trio of small art pieces arranged on a kitchen countertop.

I Walk by Faith by Judy Cooley, Modern Day Moroni: Fighting for Families by Lori Hatfield, and Divine Redeemer by Simon Dewey

Kitchen wall

A small art portrait of Jesus holding a sheep. The picture is hung on the wall at the end of a kitchen counter.

The One by Justine Peterson

Practice your Accent

Along the same lines, be on the lookout for complementary items you can pair with your small wall art. Accent pieces provide a refreshing texture and contrast and are perfect for enhancing any piece of art. Not sure what we mean? Here are a few examples to get the inspiration flowing:

Small art painting of a mother holding an infant while angels watch over her. The painting is placed next to a small succulent plant.

Love’s Pure Light by Annie Henrie Nader)

Desk lamp

A small art portrait of Christ arranged next to a desk lamp and various other small items.

Gentle Savior by Robert Pack


A small art painting of Jesus playing with a small child. The painting is placed on top of a child's dresser.

Heaven Sent by Susan Edwards

Pair with Another piece of small wall art

Two Jorge Cocco sacrocubism paintings of different sizes arranged together with accent pieces.

First Vision and Angel Moroni by Jorge Cocco


Provo City Center Temple painting placed among small milk glass items.

Provo City Center Temple - Purified by Mandy Jane Williams)

Potted Plants

Vertical painting of the Brigham City Temple placed on the wall above a small chair and a table with potted plants.

Brigham City Temple -Sunset and Flag by Scott Jarvie)

Accent pieces provide a refreshing texture and contrast and are perfect for enhancing any piece of art.

Small stack of books

Small art portrait of Jesus hanging on a brick wall above a hanging shelf of books.

The Dawning of a Brighter Day by Simon Dewey


Nativity painting placed on the wall above a mantle, next to a candle and other Christmas décor.


Artistic nicknacks

Image of Jesus holding a child. Painting is placed on a low table next to an artistic clock that matches the painting's frame.

Child of God by Kelsy and Jesse Lightweave

Clear off the End Table

One of the best places for small wall art is the small table next to your bed. That way, you can display something you will see every night before you go to bed. The same idea applies to decorate children's bedrooms. LDS paintings work especially well here because the subject matter is often peaceful and reassuring. 

Small art painting of a mother holding her infant.  The picture has been placed on a small end table among various plants and decorative items.

Mother’s Embrace by Rod Peterson

Small wall art of mother reading to her children. Painting is placed on a small end table among small glass items and is leaning against the wall.

Book Nest by Abigale Palmer

You might also consider some of these small wall art pices to display on or hang above a bedroom end table:  

LDS wall art of two children embracing Christ.

Encircled in His Arms - Annie Henrie Nader

LDS art painting of Jesus Christ walking along the seashore as the sun sets.

Abide With Me ‘Tis Eventide - Kristin Yee

LDS art painting of Christ, the good shepherd, leading a child shepherd by the hand through a field.

Homeward Bound - Kelsey and Jesse Lightweave

LDS art portrait of Jesus Christ with a soft, somber expression.

Gentle Savior - Robert Pack

Vertical LDS art of the Sacred Grove overlapped by lyrics from the hymn: "How Lovely Was the Morning".

How Lovely Was the Morning - Cary Henrie

LDS art painting by Jorge Cocco depicting Jesus beckoning to His apostles from the sea shore.

Come Follow Me - Jorge Cocco

LDS art Jesus Christ portrait by Simon Dewey.

Grace & Truth - Simon Dewey

Think Outside the Mirror

You may have heard of putting a favorite quote or a mantra on your mirror so that you see it every morning when you’re getting ready for the day. An inspiring piece of art can do the same thing, while also adding a nice touch to your bathroom space. Here are some trending ideas to get you started:  

Between twin mirrors

Small art portrait of Christ placed between two bathroom mirrors.

Resurrection and the Life by Brent Borup

Corner of the bathroom

Sephia wall art of Jesus Christ placed in the corner of a bathroom.

Heavenward - Sepia by Jeff Ward

Leaning against a mirror

Small art portrait of shepherd holding a sheep.

Lamb of God by Jorge Cocco

To the side or above the toilet

LDS art painting of a beautiful sky with pioneers crossing the plains. It is hung on tan-colored bathroom wall above the toilet.

Pioneer Trek by Adam Abram

Side wall of the sink

Two small wall art pieces on a bathroom wall next to the mirror.

Salt Lake Temple - Snowfall Reflection by Kyle Woodbuy and Abide with Me by Simon Dewey

Pick a Theme

This strategy works in any space in your home. The idea is to find pieces of small wall art that are similar, either in color or subject matter, and group them together along the wall. For example, you could frame various sports play charts for a sports themed boys room. You could group art pieces with gospel themes and topics that are meaningful to your child or your family. The pattern is up to you.  


Environment shot of two LDS art paintings hung in a vertical pattern.

To the Rescue by Robert Boyd and Nauvoo Temple - Across the Mississippi Panoramic by Robert Boyd


Environment shot of three LDS paintings displayed in a horizontal pattern.

Victorious by Lightweave, Salt Lake Temple - Glimmer of Hope by Lance Bertola, and And I Partook by Kristin Yee

Square grouping

Environment shot of four LDS art paintings arranged in a square.

Clockwise starting top left, Tree of Life by Mandy Jane Williams, Children of Light by Joseph Brickey, Angels Among Us by Annie Henrie Nader, and Salt Lake Temple - Joyful Day by Mandy Jane Williams

Pairing Two

Environment shot of two LDS art paintings hung on a bedroom wall.

Bountiful Temple - Fall Atrium by Robert Boyd and Hidden Light by Lightweave)

Celebrate the Season

The fun thing about small wall art is that it’s not as permanent as some of the larger pieces. For example, at Altus, we have peel-and-stick posters that can be reapplied as many times as you need, and it’s much easier to switch out a 5x7 print than a large gallery size framed canvas. Smaller pieces make it easy to switch up the look of your home for the holidays. You might also consider matching the flow of seasons. Most LDS art offers a variety of styles to match:

Small wall art for Spring

Small art of a little girl looking up at Christ, done with pink and purple colors.. It is set up next to Easter egg accent pieces.

At Jesus’ Knee by Jay Bryant Ward

Small wall art for Summer 

Small art of the Sacred Grove next to a bouquet of white flowers.

Sacred Prayer by Linda Curley Christensen

small wall art for Fall

LDS art small art of Christ comforting two people.  It is set up next to a complimenting fall leaf accent.

Balm of Gilead by Annie Henrie Nader

small wall art for Winter

Small art of baby Jesus sleeping on straw. It is placed next to a simple Christmas accent piece.

For Unto Us a Child is Born by Simon Dewey

Venture the Halls

Don't limit yourself to just rooms when filling your home with inspiring LDS art. Some of the best wall space you will find will be in the hallways of your home, or even the small tables furniture pieces you may have arranged there. Even a narrow hallway might look better with a simple grouping of artwork.

Small laundry space

LDS art painting of a girl reaching up to the  Tree of Life placed above laundry area.

The Greatest Gift by Chelsea Fuller

Creative Art Grouping

Various sizes of small wall art places together among color complimenting accent pieces.

Salt Lake Temple - Spring by Mandy Jane Williams, Abide with Me by Simon Dewey, Safety by Mandy Jane Williams, and From My Hand to Yours by Darin Ashby

A warm welcome

LDS art painting of Joseph Smith in the Sacred Grove. it is placed on the wall of a rustic-styled entrance way.

If Any of You Lack Wisdom by Linda Curley Christensen

Keep it Simple

We often have an emotional connection to the art pieces we put in our homes. Where we decide to display these pieces can add to the meaning. For example, you may have a favorite photograph or painting that would hold more meaning next to a series of books than it would be hanging over your sofa. Bigger isn’t always better. 

 As the oft-quoted scripture in Alma says: “By small and simple things are great things brought to pass.” Ultimately, the main idea when it comes to small wall art is to enhance what beauty is already present in a room. It’s a different approach than the larger paintings. A 5x7 portrait of Jesus Christ, for example, might not draw immediate attention to itself, but it can do a lot when you’re thoughtfully reaching for a book or saying nightly prayers as a family. 

What ways have you incorporated inspiring messages and images in your home?

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