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11 Latter-day Saint Temple Pictures: Autumn INspiration

The temples might still be closed, but here are few stunning LDS temple pictures to enjoy this fall season. Something is calming about autumn, with the temperature cooling down and the leaves changing colors. It’s the season of cozy scarves and warm blankets, and it’s the perfect season to complement the comforting, serene feeling of the temple grounds. 

Here are a few of the best pieces from our LDS artists and photographers:

Bountiful LDS Temple Pictures

Photo of Bountiful Utah LDS Temple against clear skies and yellowing trees.

Bountiful Utah Temple - Fall morning 

This photo by Scott Jarvie captures the changing of the seasons. The image itself still carries the bright greens and blues of summer, but what catches the eye is the bright gem of yellow in the center. Looking at it, one can almost feel the chill breeze of the oncoming autumn.   

Photo of Bountiful Utah LDS Temple on an overcast day.

Bountiful Temple - Clearing Storm by Robert A Boyd

Robert A. Boyd does a spectacular job of capturing sunsets. While the grounds still appear green in this photo, the overall color of the sun setting after a recent rainfall gives the picture a palette of calm, warm colors.

At the same time, Robert captures the feel of cloudy skies and colder weather that we associate with this cozy season.  

Gilbert LDS Temple Pictures

Photo of Gilbert Arizona LDS Temple. The path to the doors is lined with palm trees.

Gilbert Temple - Palm Trees by Robert A Boyd

Similarly, this picture of the Gilbert, Arizona Temple from the same series by Robert carries the blush of fall on the horizon.

It’s doubtful Gilbert itself ever has much of a fall season, to begin with, if the temple grounds can grow palm trees. But if you’re looking for the pretty orange, yellows, and purples of autumn, that Arizona sunset has it all.  

Jordan River LDS Temple Pictures

Panoramic photo of the Jordan River Temple at sunset.

Jordan River Temple - Fall Sunset Panoramic by Robert A Boyd

Panoramic pictures of LDS temples are always inspiring. They show not only the beauty of the building but that of the grounds as well. In this photo, we see lines of fall trees guiding our gaze directly to the glowing temple itself where, here, again, Robert also masterfully captures the sunset.   

Logan LDS Temple Pictures

True to the well-defined Utah seasons, the Logan Utah Temple grounds are gorgeous during these months. The dark-brown color of the walls among the scatter of leafy treetops creates for a stunning scene--and likely a pleasant autumn walk if you’re willing to bundle up.   

Vertical photo of Logan Utah LDS Temple framed by fall leaves.

Logan Utah Temple - Autumn Evening by Evan Lurker

Distant photo of Logan Utah LDS Temple surrounded by autumn grounds.

Logan Temple - Tunnel of Fall by Scott Jarvie

Vertical painting of Logan Utah LDS Temple after rainfall.

Logan Temple - In the Rain by Abigale Palmer

Mesa LDS Temple Pictures

Panoramic photo of the Mesa Arizona LDS Temple against an orange sunrise.

Mesa Temple - Sunrise by Robert A Boyd

If there’s one word to describe this photo, it’s orange. You can see the happy glow in the desert, the sunrise, and the reflection of the clouds in the water.

Similar to the Gilbert Temple, you won’t ever see much of autumn in Mesa, Arizona. But even the desert can have its fall-like touch. And besides, a sunrise like that should never go unnoticed.  

Nauvoo LDS Temple Pictures

The state of Illinois has some beautiful autumn scenery. The vibrant leaves are enough to make anyone want to take the scenic route.

It’s no surprise that some of our best fall LDS temple pictures are of the Nauvoo, Illinois Temple. The fall setting and the temple’s history teach a powerful lesson about weathering the different seasons of life.   

Panoramic photo of the Nauvoo Illinois LDS Temple facing West.

Nauvoo Temple - Looking West by Robert A Boyd

Vertical, up-close photo of the Nauvoo Illinois LDS Temple windows and sunstone, surrounded by red leaves.

Nauvoo Temple - Red Leaves vertical crop by Robert A Boyd

Photo of the Nauvoo Illinois LDS Temple, including the statue of Joseph and Hyrum Smith.


Oquirrh Mountain LDS Temple Pictures

Panoramic photo of the Oquirrh Mountain Utah LDS Temple against a purple sky and surrounded by a field.

Oquirrh Mountain Utah Temple- Early Morning Twilight by scott jarvie

The angle that photographer Scott Jarvie chose for this image captures not only the sunrise but also an allusion to the law of the harvest.

The work that we do in the temple brings blessings both now and in the next life. Since autumn is the season of harvest, we think it’s only fitting that Scott combined both ideas into one photo.  

Provo City Center LDS Temple Pictures

Vertical photo of the Provo City Center Utah LDS Temple against the backdrop of mountains, dark clouds, and the start of a rainbow.

Provo City Center Temple - Golden Sunset by Scott Jarvie

The Provo City Center Temple lends itself well to this season. The orange-brown of the bricks, in combination with the dark roof, give that quiet, almost storybook feel of fall even without the leaves turning.

In this next photo by Scott, we see not only fall scenery, but also a rainbow, as if it indicates the hope we can find at the temple in today’s oncoming storms.  

Provo LDS Temple Pictures

Panoramic photo of the Provo Utah LDS Temple entrance during autumn.

Provo Temple - Fall Gates by Robert A. Boyd

The Provo Utah Temple is another LDS temple with a unique look to it. In this photo, we love how the white walls contrast with the dark mountains, and the fall leaves surrounding it.

The tall spire is a beacon amid the gathering storm clouds, beckoning us to come and find spiritual shelter.  

The tall spire is a beacon amid the gathering storm clouds, beckoning us to come and find spiritual shelter.  

Left-aligned panoramic photo of the Provo Utah LDS Temple in an autumn fog.

Provo Temple - Autumn Trees by Robert A Boyd

In this photo, Robert takes a different angle to a similar scene. However, the backdrop for this image is a cloud of fog, causing the autumn yellows and reds to stand out.

One might also see it as a visual parable. When our minds feel foggy, or our path seems clouded, this sacred building can become a special place to receive answers and direction from God.  

Salt Lake City LDS Temple Pictures

If you’ve ever been to Temple Square, or even seen pictures, it’s no surprise that this is a favorite of our artists. Temple Square seems to redefine beauty every season. During the warmer months, it is bright and colorful, and near the end of the year, we get to see a stunning spread of autumn leaves--to say nothing of the Christmas lights. We are excited to see what the new construction brings!  

Up-close photo of the Salt Lake City Utah Temple behind autumn branches and leaves.

Salt Lake Temple - Amaranthine by Robert A Boyd

Vertical, up-close photo of the front of the Salt Lake City Utah Temple behind red leaves.

Salt Lake Temple - Veneration by Robert A Boyd

Distant photograph of the Salt Lake City Utah LDS Temple from behind entrance gates.

Salt Lake Temple - Enter In by Robert A Boyd

Star Valley LDS Temple Pictures

We’ll end with a simple but no less profound painting by Rex Price. You can tell by the landscape and small trees that it is a fall scene. However, Rex’s focus is the Wyoming Temple itself. The mountains in the background suggest a sense of strength and permanence, similar to the spiritual support we often feel when visiting.   

Painting of the Star Valley Wyoming LDS Temple and surrounding hills.

Star Valley Temple by Rex Price

An autumn temple picture can be the perfect way to warm up your home during the colder months, for yourself or your holiday visitors. Explore our full gallery of LDS Temple photographyfor more inspiration.

Any promising fall temple pictures that we missed? Be sure to let us know what other temples you would like to see!

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