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18 Gilbert Temple Pictures: Sanctuary of Serentiy

The Gilbert Arizona Temple was the fourth Latter-day Saint Temple constructed and dedicated in Arizona. On March 2, 2014, the then President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Thomas S. Monson, dedicated this beautiful building.

An especially memorable portion of the dedicatory prayer reads:

“May this, Thy house, be a sanctuary of serenity, a refuge from the storms of life and the noise of the world. May it be a house of quiet contemplation concerning the eternal nature of life and of Thy divine plan for us … Shield us, we pray, from selfishness and sin and provide the power that we might rise above all that is below the dignity of Thy children. We desire righteousness for ourselves and our children and our children's children.” 

The Gilbert Arizona Temple has proved itself as a spiritual sanctuary for many local and visiting members of the Church. Many have found peace, direction, and answers from beneath the shade of its palm trees and from within the safety of its quartz walls. 

Enjoy these professional Gilbert Temple pictures.

Gilbert Temple Pictures - Palm Trees

Palm trees have become one of the most identifiable features of Arizona LDS Temples, including the Mesa Temple. We love these Gilbert Temple pictures, not only because they capture the natural personality of the local area, but because they carry a lot of symbolism.

The palm-tree lined path openly directs visitors to the entrance. These unique trees have come to symbolize warmth and happiness. Their open, immense leaves are welcoming and provide shelter from the heat. 

Likewise, our Father in Heaven wants us to feel welcomed when coming to His house. He wants us to find respite from the current challenges and noise of everyday life so that we can better face them.

Gilbert Temple - Covenant Path Series by Robert A Boyd

Gilbert Temple - FoUntain Symmetry by Scott Jarvie

Gilbert Arizona Temple - Oasis of the Soul by Lance Bertola

Gilbert Temple - Palm Tree Fountain by Robert A Boyd

Gilbert Temple - Palm Trees by Robert A Boyd

Gilbert Temple - Palms by Scott Jarvie

Gilbert Temple Pictures - Night Sky

The desert is just as notorious for its cold nights as it is for its warm days. These Gilbert Temple pictures capture a sense of the crisp night air and the hush of the day’s noise across the grounds. Characteristic of LDS Temples, nighttime photos are just as beautiful--if not in close competition--with daytime photos. The added silver of moonlight brings out a unique sheen not otherwise visible during the earlier hours of the day.

The deep blues of the sky, in combination with the ever-glowing lights of the temple, transport us to a peaceful and almost magical scene. Each photo is a reminder that at the end of the day God is still in control. When we dial down the world’s volume and adjust our focus, we can find peace in that certainty.

Gilbert Temple - Low Front Shot by Scott Jarvie

Gilbert Temple - Waterfalls by Kyle Woodbury

Gilbert Temple - Twilight by Scott Jarvie

Gilbert Temple Pictures - Sunrises & Sunsets

For many of us, Temples provide us with a breath of fresh air. Attending often grants us a new perspective on situations or a direction we had not seen before. We come to develop ourselves and our relationships with others. More especially, we come to understand our personal relationship with God. As with other forms of worship, temple attendance can help us slow down and remind us of what we truly value in life. 

These three Gilbert Temple pictures allude to that same idea. Sunrises and sunsets are symbols of life’s phases. Serving in the temple can help us recognize that our purpose on this earth is to improve and progress. That means we can permit ourselves to enjoy every phase. We can embrace each new beginning and bittersweet ending. In the end, we know that we can trust the words in the beloved hymn: Be Still My Soul.

“Be still, my soul: When change and tears are past, All safe and blessed we shall meet at last.”

Gilbert Temple - Bright Sunset by Scott Jarvie

Gilbert Arizona Temple - Entrance by Lance Bertola

Gilbert Arizona Temple by Anne Bradham

“Be still, my soul: When change and tears are past, All safe and blessed we shall meet at last.”

Gilbert Temple Pictures - Aerial Shots

Our LDS artists and photographers go to great lengths to get the right angles and perspectives. These two Gilbert Temple pictures were each taken from unique heights, giving us a full view of the building itself and the lush grounds.   

Gilbert Arizona Temple - Evening Aerial by Scott Jarvie

In this breathtaking photo, we also see the surrounding cityscape. The deep blue of the mountains marks the horizon while purple and blue clouds sail past the temple’s steeple.

This unique photo brings several different cool colors to the otherwise warm desert landscape. This style of photography is not unusual for Scott, whose art is characterized by vivid colors. We are always grateful for the effort Scott puts into getting the perfect shot.

Gilbert Temple - Mountain Wide Panoramic by Robert A Boyd

Robert’s panoramic picture of the Gilbert Temple highlights simplicity. The main focus is the building itself. The sky is clear, and the greenery along the bottom adds a minimal splash of calm browns and greens.

Robert’s temple photography is known for its eye-catching composition. His choice of capturing the temple off to the side rather than in the center makes this panoramic feel relaxed and natural. He also balanced the photo nicely by including the mountain range on the right. The overall effect of this piece of LDS art is a breath of fresh air for your eyes.

More Gilbert Arizona Temple Photos

Of course, these categories do not cover all of the different types of photos we have. Some of our Gilbert temple pictures capture the colorful flower beds or vertical composition. Enjoy these last four photos by Scott and Robert, two of some of our loved LDS temple photographers. 

Gilbert Temple - Illuminated by Scott Jarvie

Gilbert Temple - Peaceful Morning by Robert A Boyd

Gilbert Temple - Flower Moon by Robert A Boyd

Gilbert Temple - Field by Robert A Boyd

What memories or connections do you and your loved ones have with this sacred building? Let us know in the comments!  

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