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Building Nauvoo by Annie Henrie Nader

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About this Image:

His house shall there be reared, His glory to display, And people shall be heard, In distant lands to say: We'll now go up and serve the Lord, Obey his truth and learn his word. - High on the Mountain Top, Hymn No.5

Quest for Zion Painting 3 This painting depicts the construction of the temple in Nauvoo. The left panel depicts the blueprints and planning stage of the temple, the central panel depicts the temple mid-construction, and the right panel depicts the temple in completion.

About the Artist:

ANNIE HENRIE NADER knew she wanted to be an artist at an early age. She has early memories of painting with her father, a professional artist. Annie graduated from Brigham Young University with a BFA in Illustration. As part of her education, she was able to study abroad in England and Italy. She also served as a full-time missionary in southern England. These experiences, along with recently having become a mother, have inspired much of her art style and religious subject matter.

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