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Stilling The Storm by Robert Barrett

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About this Image:

Our Savior not only calms the physical seas, but can also calm the tempestuous seas within our minds and hearts. When the waters of fear or anguish begin to fill our ship, we must not be of little faith, but rather, we need to reach out in faith and trust in Christ. When we stand with Christ, we will find ourselves in the sunlight, rather than tossed by wind and waves as the other boats are experiencing in the corner of this painting.

About the Artist:

About Altus Fine Art:

As individuals, we are all drawn, as Paul said, to seek after that which is pure, lovely, of good report, or praiseworthy. For the last 20 years, we at Altus Fine Art have been blessed to work with many artists who have bravely dedicated their talents to create artwork that lifts our hearts and souls and inspires us to live Christ-centered lives.

Our mission is to take this wonderful artwork and create affordable products for the average family or individual while still using quality materials and design. Our prices range from small prints that sell for less than a dollar up to large breathtaking masterpieces that sell for thousands of dollars and everything in between.

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