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LDS art painting of Jesus standing with a little boy in front of a flock of sheep.

Baptism Gifts for Boys

Baptism is an important event. It is when an individual decides to take the first step down the path of following Jesus Christ. Celebrate this special day with a gift that will be meaningful and lasting.

Here are a few ideas to get you started. You might consider creating a package, such as pairing a matching poster with a puzzle or getting a bookmark to go with a new set of scriptures.

Baptism Gifts for Boys: Artwork

In general, religious artwork is not typically high on a young boy’s birthday wish list. However, baptism is a special opportunity for children and adults alike to feel God’s light. A relatable piece of artwork can help remind your loved one of the significance of this special day long after the initial birthday excitement fades.

LDS art picture of Jesus carrying a young boy through the field.

Elder Brother by Kelsy and Jesse Lightweave

Painting of Jesus and a young shepherd boy walking together.

Lead Me, Guide Me by Rex Price

LDS art pre-earth painting of little boy holding Jesus' hand as they look down on Earth.

Lead Me, Guide Me by Jay Bryant Ward

LDS Art painting of Jesus speaking to a boy at a baptismal font.

Boy at the Font by Doc Christensen

Ye are the Light of the World by Simon Dewey

LDS art painting of Jesus sitting on the shore of Galilee with two young boys watching fishermen.

Men of Galilee by Simon Dewey

LDS art painting of Joseph Smith in the Sacred Grove.

The Morning Breaks by Rose Datoc Dall

LDS art panoramic picture of Joseph Smith praying in the Sacred Grove.

Desires of the Heart by Kelsy and Jesse Lightweave

LDS art picture of Joseph Smith resting against the wagon reading the Bible at sunrise.

Searching for Heaven by Kelsy and Jesse Lightweave

LDS art picture of Joseph Smith leading a horse through a field as he reads the Bible. Text reads: "Seek and ye shall find."

Seek and Ye Shall Find by Kelsy and Jesse Lightweave

Baptism Gifts for Boys: Puzzles

Puzzles are both fun and gospel related, making them great baptism gifts for boys. These LDS art puzzles give children and adults alike a chance to focus on the art and it’s message as they work to complete it. These are two of our puzzles we think would fit best for a young boy’s baptism.

LDS art puzzle of Jesus reaching out toward the viewer.

Fear Not 100 Piece Puzzle

This is a warm, encouraging puzzle both in color and message. Artists Kelsy and Jesse said about this piece:

“This mortal world is an experience away from home. We will experience some of our hardest moments of existence while in this place between chaos and order. But we are never alone. Remembering who to call upon in such times can have momentous power over such feelings. Look to Isaiah’s promise and fear not, he is with us; be not dismayed. He is our God! He will strengthen us, He will help us, He will uphold us with His right hand of righteousness.”

Baptism marks the beginning of the journey of discipleship. Help children and youth remember that they never walk it alone.

LDS art puzzle of an abstract art piece depicting a family standing at the Tree of Life.

Tree of Life 100 Piece Puzzle

Jorge’s painting is a reminder of what awaits us as we do our best to follow Jesus Christ. It allows us to experience God’s love and to receive something deeper and more fulfilling than we would ever be able to find wandering on our own. 

This puzzle is a colorful, visually interesting depiction of a family standing at the tree of life. The tree glows against the dark river and the great and spacious building on either side, serving as a reminder of what path ultimately brings the most light into our lives.

“This mortal world is an experience away from home. We will experience some of our hardest moments of existence while in this place between chaos and order. But we are never alone.”

Baptism Gifts for Boys: Posters

Children today are bombarded with contradicting messages through school, entertainment, and friends. Give them a simple reminder of what matters most. LDS art posters of Jesus, Joseph Smith, Moroni, or Nephi are inspiring baptism gifts for boys.

LDS art poster of Captain Moroni and the Title of Liberty with quote from the Book of Mormon.

Captain Moroni - Title of Liberty Quote by Joseph Brickey

LDS art poster showing Jesus walking on the water in the moonlight.

To the Rescue - Peace Be Still 12x18 repositionable poster

LDS art poster of the angel Moroni blowing a trumpet. Text reads: "Bring the World His Truth."

Bring the World His Truth 12x18 repositionable poster

LDS art poster of Jesus calling out to the apostles from the shore. Text reads: "Come Follow Me."

Come, Follow Me 12x18 repositionable poster by jorge cocco

LDS art poster showing Nephi, a prophet from the Book of Mormon, leading a camel. Text says: "I will go and do."

Go and Do 12x18 repositionable poster


LDS art poster of Jesus reaching out toward the viewer with a kind smile. It includes scripture verse Isaiah 41:10.

Fear Not I am with thee... 12x18 repositionable poster by kelsy and jesse lightweave

LDS art poster of abstract art depicting Joseph Smith and the First Vision.

First Vision 12x18 repositionable poster

Baptism Gifts for Boys: Minicards

Mini cards make good baptism gifts for boys because they have so many uses. They can be used to add some color to a bedroom, can enhance scripture study, assist in preparing talks and lessons, and are perfect for keeping hands busy during sacrament meeting. 

These three mini packs are perfect for illustrating stories from The Book of Mormon or Jesus’ parables. We also have a pack designed specifically for kids with art by Simon Dewey. 

Mini card pack featuring a painting of Jesus with children. Text reads: "Jesus Loves Me".

Simon Dewey - Jesus Loves Me Minicard Pack

Simon Dewey is known for his prolific collection of beautiful LDS art. In this minicard pack, we have selected some of the best of his paintings depicting Jesus with children. It also includes some illustrations of vital stories in the scriptures, such as Christ initiating the sacrament and calming the storm. 

Help these events come to life for a child your youth with these fun-sized masterpieces and accompanying scripture verses.

Mini card pack featuring a scene from the Book of Mormon when Christ visits the Americas.

Book of Mormon - Minicard Pack -16 images


Here we have more art by Jorge Cocco. This collection covers sixteen different stories from The Book of Mormon. This mini card pack is a great baptism gift for boys because it gives them a hands-on collection of stories they can look through. Jorge’s images hold layers of meaning and symbolism, meaning that these mini cards can provide new insights even after this special day.

Mini card pack featuring abstract art of Jesus teaching a group of people.

Jorge Cocco - Parables Minicard Pack


Similarly, Jorge’s vast art collection also includes Jesus Christ’s parables. The abstract style of these individual art pieces sheds new light onto the original stories and can help enhance individual or family scripture study. These are art pieces you won’t always find in the church library which means they may strike new interest for kids and youth.

Baptism Gifts for Boys: Bookmarks

Have a bookworm on your hands? Bookmarks make the perfect baptism gifts for boys who always have their nose in an interesting read. This simple but handy gift also serves as  a daily reminder of their baptismal commitment to follow Jesus Christ.



Bookmark of a young man wearing armor. Text quotes the amour of God scripture.



Bookmark featuring LDS art painting of Christ sitting with two children. Text reads: "I am a child of God."



Baptism is an exciting event! We are happy for you and your loved ones. For more LDS art, check out our online store.

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