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General Conference Sale: 20% Off Select Products Applied at Check Out!

Modern & Abstract Art by Latter-day Saints

Banner image of a cheerful painting.

Traditional religious art has a long history of meaning and inspiration, dating back to old chapel murals and handwritten copies of the Bible. Even now, it plays an important role in the thoughts we share on social media, in enhancing our personal scripture study, and in creating memorable gifts.

But that does not fit everyone’s decoration taste, even if it sends a beautiful message. And depending on the style and layout of your home, it can sometimes pose a challenge when trying to decide how to display it. If flowing robes, minute details, and dramatic lighting isn’t your scene, here are a few eye-catching pieces of modern LDS art to consider the next time you want to add a splash of color to your home or workspace.

Jorge Cocco

Jorge’s characteristic geometric style sheds an entirely new light on religious artwork. Rather than focusing on historical accuracy or detail, he seeks to speak directly to the soul with his paintbrush. Often, he uses angles and line directions to guide the eye and communicate more subtle spiritual messages. Inspired by the cubism style, the artist terms his modern style “saccrocubism” since he uses a similar approach to capture sacred religious scenes.

Abstract painting of a family standing beneath the tree of life.

The Tree of Life by Jorge Cocco

Geometric portrait of Jesus Christ.

Christ Divine by Jorge Cocco

The Second Coming by Jorge Cocco

A geometric painting a shepherd carrying a lamb on his back

The Shepherd by Jorge Cocco

Geoemtric version of Jesus sitting with HIs disciples at the last supper.

The Last Supper by Jorge Cocco

Geometric painting of Jesus kneeling in prayer in Gethsemane.

Gethsemane by Jorge Cocco

Abstract painting of Jesus and angels descending on Earth.

Resurrection by Jorge Cocco

Geometric painting of two individuals crossing the wilderness.

Pilgrimage to a New World by Jorge Cocco

Geoemtric painting of Jesus walking on water toward the disciple's boat.

Fear Not, It is I by Jorge Cocco

Jeff Pugh

Jeff takes a minimalist approach to his modern LDS art style. These paintings of the nativity and Joseph Smith’s first vision cut out the frills and allow us to focus in on the event itself. While religious scholars and historians may try to pinpoint the historical details, Jeff’s artwork takes us the right to what the scene means to us personally, regardless of any extra fluff.

Early Spring 1820 by Jeff Pugh

Nativity by Jeff Pugh

Mike Moyers

Mike specializes in a special knife technique to achieve the unique rough–cut texture in each of his paintings. It is an impressionist-like style that creates a sense that the scene has been carved into life rather than simply painted. These two paintings center around the birth and early life of the Savior of the world. 

Impressionist painting of Mary and young Jesus  standing in window light.

Holy Mother and Child by Mike Moyers

Impressionist painting of angels visiting shepherds in the field.

Host of Angels by Mike Moyers

JD Thor

JD’s colorful, mosaic-like paintings seem to hark back to the stunning stained glass windows in the old cathedrals, but with a more modern look. He brings together a variety of abstract shapes and hues to create an image that is both eye-catching and inspiring.

Geometric painting of the angel Moroni statue.

Moroni - An Angel From on High by JD Thor

Geometric drawing of angel Moroni statue.

Moroni - An Angel From on High B&W by JD Thor

Geometric painting of a forest tree in palmyra.

Palmyra’s Tree of Life by JD Thor

Geometric drawing of a forest tree in Palmyra.

Palmyra’s Tree of Life B&W by JD Thor

Painting of the deseret beehive on the temple doorknob.

Knock and It Shall Be Opened by JD Thor

Black-and-white painting of the deseret beehive on the temple doorknob.

Knock and It Shall Be Opened B&W by JD Thor

Madison Wardle

Madison also uses geometric patterns in her modern LDS artwork, putting a fresh new spin on her temple pictures and paintings of Jesus Christ. Her bright and cheerful style makes for the perfect room decor, adding a sense of spirituality and a splash of color to any space.

Geometric painting of the St. George Temple against red mountains

St. George Utah Temple - Geometric by Madison Wardle

Geometric painting of the San Diego Temple on a green hill.

San Diego California Temple - Geometric by Madison Wardle

Painting of the Newport Beach California Temple formed by triangles.

Newport Beach California Temple - Geometric by Madison Wardle

Geometric painting the Provo City Center Temple.

Provo City Center Temple - Geometric by Madison Wardle

Minimalist painting of the Salt Lake Temple.

Salt Lake Temple by Madison Wardle

Geometric painting of Joseph Smith praying. A pillar of light shines down on Him.

Draper Temple by Madison Wardle

Geometric painting of Oquirrh Mountain Temple.

Oquirrh Mountain Temple by Madison Wardle

First Vision by Madison Wardle

Minimalist painting of Jesus with His arm outstretched. A halo encircles His head and His skin is made up of different shades of color.

All Are Alike Unto God by Madison Wardle

Minimalist painting of the Gilbert Temple. The windows and doors are framed with gold.

Gilbert Temple by Madison Wardle

Geometric painting of Jesus with His arms oustretched. His head is encircled in a gold halo.

Christ in Blue Robe by Madison Wardle

Minimalist painting of baby Jesus wrapped in swaddling clothes. His head is encircled with a gold halo.

Swaddled in the Heavens by Madison Wardle

Hendrik Ensing

Hendrik’s impressionist paintings hold deep meaning but in an approachable modern form. About his art, Hendrik says: “My art expresses relationships. Eternal family relationships seem to reach into every corner of my art studio, and onto my paintings.” Like many of our artists, he leads with his testimony of Christ and His restored gospel first and a paintbrush second. 

Impressionist painting of the Holy Family.

Stable Witnesses by Hendrik Ensing

Abstract painting of a person with their arms oustretched toward the sky. The image is divded in half by warm and cool colors.

Rejoice by Hendrik Ensing

Carin Fausett

Carin’s symbolic artwork illustrates our personal journey with Jesus Christ. Drawing from her own challenges, she creates beautiful abstract works of art to bring out the light that is present even during our darkest times. What insights do you draw from these paintings? 

Symbolic painting of a large red bird with a halo with black birds beneath it.

The Second Resurrection by Carin Fausett

Abstract painting of birds on power lines while the sun shines above them.

Earthbound Power 7 by Carin Fausett

Symbolic painitng of a white dove flying up toward the sky in between two parallel power lines.

Rising to a Higher Power by Carin Fausett

Painting of birds on sitting on three lines watching the sunrise.

He Made the Son to Shine on All by Carin Fausett

Kendal RAy

With Kendals’ collection, there is more than meets the eye. His “paintings” are enormous collages of tiny photos and magazine cutouts. With painstaking patience and planning, he finds the right cutouts to match the colors and textures needed to complete each piece. Each work of art carries a special easter egg. For example, each includes a small piece from the masterful work of Van Gough.

Collage of cutouts forming an image of the city of Enoch.

City of Enoch by Kendal Ray

Collage of magazine cutouts forming a scene of whales swimming around the brother of Jared's boat.

Baby on Board by Kendal Ray

Collage of cutout images forming Noah's Ark.

Family Prayer by Kendal Ray

Collage of photographic cutouts forming the scene of Joseph Smith's First Vision.

1820, The First Vision by Kendal Ray

Panoramic collage made up of cutouts. Adam and Eve holding an infant outside of the lush garden of Eden.

Better Than Paradise by Kendal Ray

Have a favorite? Or a style you would like to see more of? Let us know in the comments! If you want to see more work by these talented artists, you can view their artist pages on both the Altus site as well as Cornerstone, our second site. 

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