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Religious Patriotic Art Honoring Freedom

Banner image of patriotic wall art of a church and the constitution.

In the United States of America, we have freedom of expression. 

Eva Timothy, one of our award-winning artists, would be the first to tell you that such a luxury does not exist everywhere. She is originally from Eastern Europe where she grew up under the shadow of communism. 

Her father, a lover of art, taught her that even under oppressive circumstances that punished creativity she still had the freedom to see the world for its possibilities. He taught her to cherish any chance she had to pursue her passion for art and photography. 

And we are so grateful for his influence! Eva’s art style has quickly become a favorite of many and, like many of our artists, she has recently had her work featured in professional art exhibits, including her patriotic paintings. We are so glad to have her talent and her contagious smiles as part of our team and we celebrate the opportunities she has found since moving to the US.

Why We Celebrate Patriotic Artwork

At Altus Fine Art, we owe much to our country. Much of our art is religious in nature, which means we depend on the freedom of religion to support talented artists and to reach and inspire individuals and families.  

We are also a tight-knit team of do-it-yourselfers and, like our artists, we enjoy the space that we have to be creative and problem solve. We know that without the sacrifices of so many who came before us, such freedoms or space for growth would not be possible. It is likely we would be unable to promote such a wide variety of art honoring Jesus Christ and Christian values. 

As a business founded in Utah, we know that the founders of our hometown did much to serve the United States of America even after being persecuted for their beliefs. They saw the bigger picture and we hope to carry on their tradition of gratitude and hope, especially since we enjoy many of the fruits of their hard labor.

While the history of the world at large--the United States included--is far from perfect, we are grateful for the blessings we enjoy. We are grateful for America’s principles of freedom, traditions of hard work, and history of service to God and country. It inspires us to strive for a more perfect union as we carry the torch of freedom into the future. 

Patriotic Wall Art

Looking for patriotic wall art to celebrate the 4th of July or Pioneer day? Check out these beautiful pieces of patriotic artwork, honoring the United States of America. Each piece is a quiet tribute to the sacrifices that were made so that we can continue to have the freedoms we enjoy today. 

Little girl happily running through the field with an American flag.

America the Beautiful by Eva Koleva Timothy

Patriotic artwork of a church and the constitution with various textures intermixed.

We the People by Cary Henrie

Painting of the American flag made up of smaller photos of individuals.

We the People by Kenneth R. Turner

The Constitution of the United States overlayed with a painting of US soldiers throughout time.

This We’ll Defend by Frank Thomas

Painting of the United States flag with an bald eagle standing on a banner that reas "In God We Trust".

In God We Trust by Lori Hatfield

Patriotic painting of te founding fathers signing the Declaration of Independance.

The Light of Freedom by Kenneth R. Turner

Military official on his knees in prayer.

Upon My Knees by Todd Fowler

Marines official reading from the scriptures.

Be Still My Soul by Todd Fowler

PHoto of hte Salt Lake City Temple with rows of US flags in the forefront.

Salt Lake Temple - Flags by Robert A. Boyd

Photo of the Seattle Temple and grounds with an American Flag waving proudly.

Seattle Temple - Flag by Scott Jarvie

Photo of the Manti Temple with a sky full of 4th of July fireworks.

Manti Temple - Fireworks by Lance Bertola

Want more patriotic wall decor or Christian artwork? Peruse the gallery at our online store!

Instagram post featuring an image of a little girl carrying an American flag and running through a field.