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Banner image featuring a painting young Jesus teaching in the temple.

Best 20+ Jesus Teaching Images

Jesus Christ’s ministry consisted of service and teaching. Regardless of His audience or His location, He took the opportunity to lift those around Him. He taught sermons and healed hidden wounds. In several cases, he even delivered a meaningful rebuke, but the goal was always the same: to help individuals turn their gaze--and as a result, their lives--toward God the Father.

Many of our artists and photographers have captured many important moments from Jesus Christ’s ministry. In this blog, we want to share with you some of our favorites that illustrate Jesus Christ's teaching, whether by word or by example. We have highlighted seven of our prolific and popular artists who have created multiple pieces on this topic. We hope you enjoy them!

Pictures of Jesus Teaching by Simon Dewey

Simon Dewey is well-known for his flawless textures and minute detail. Each of his paintings brings a sense of calm and serenity to any home or office. He has a special gift for illustrating the loving and strong nature of our savior Jesus Christ. 

In these three paintings, we see Jesus taking time to teach individuals, regardless of age, gender, or social class. This small collection reminds us that, no matter where we are in life, we can approach Jesus Christ to find answers and direction in our lives.

Painting of Jesus teaching the woman at the well.

Living Water by Simon Dewey

Painting of Jesus teaching Mary and Martha.

The Better Part by Simon Dewey

Painting of Jesus sitting on a stone and teaching a small group of people.

Hear Ye Him by Simon Dewey

Pictures of Jesus Teaching by Lightweave

Kelsy and Jesse Lightweave are an artistic duo who work together as a married couple with their kids to create inspiring, unique art. Their masterful combination of photography and digital art creates stunning biblical scenes. 

Lightweave’s collection of completed works is quickly growing, but for this blog, we wanted to feature these two Jesus teaching images in particular. While Christ is not specifically preaching to a crowd of people, these two pictures reflect important principles behind His words. “Jerusalem” reflects His great love and concern for the human family and the potential that He sees within each of us.

“Salt of the Earth” shows a more joyful scene as Christ interacts with children. The title reminds us that to be a disciple of Jesus Christ is to be different from the rest of the world. We may feel small and inexperienced in our efforts, like the children, but we are capable of improving the world around us.

Photo of Jesus sitting on a hill looking down at Jerusalem.

Jerusalem by Kelsy and Jesse Lightweave

Jesus with small children in a field of white flowers.

Salt of the Earth by Kelsy and Jesse Lightweave

Jesus Christ’s ministry consisted of service and teaching. Regardless of His audience or His location, He took the opportunity to lift those around Him.

Pictures of Jesus Teaching by Eva Koleva Timothy

Eva Koleva Timothy is a talented photographer and artist who celebrates freedom and hope in each one of her religious artwork pieces. Her five Jesus teaching images each shed a unique light on what “teaching” means. 

We see an illustration of Jesus passing on physical light to a young woman and Jesus teaching another how to feed a small lamb. Eva portrays Jesus as comforting, forgiving, and taking time to be still and ponder. We can also find deeper meaning in our lives as we reach out to others, work toward healing, and slow down the busy day-to-day to take time to be with God. Such moments help us hear the voice of the Savior in our own lives.

Jesus reaching down using his lamp to light the lamp of a young woman.

A Gift of Light by Eva Koleva Timothy

Jesus and a young woman feeding a sheep.

Feed My Lambs by Eva Koleva Timothy

Jesus placing His hand on a young woman's shoulder to comfort her.

Look Unto Me by Eva Koleva Timothy

Image of the woman taken in adultry kneeling before Jesus Christ.

Neither Do I Condemn Thee by Eva Koleva Timothy

Jesus sitting on the shore watching a fishing boat in the distance.

Lovest Thou Me by Eva Koleva Timothy

Pictures of Jesus Teaching by Joseph Brickey

Joseph Brickey emulates the detail and expression of the old masters. His sketches and paintings alike speak of reverence. They hold a sort of gravity that draws the eye and invites the mind to reflect on the impact and character of the Savior of the world. 

In Joseph’s three sketches and paintings of Jesus teaching, Christ appears somber as He directs our gaze toward Heaven or, as in the last image, the sort of humility and trust it takes to get ourselves on the right path. While Jesus does not appear to be speaking in these images, His direction--and its importance--are clear.

Sepia sketch of Jesus implementing the sacrament.

In Remembrance by Joseph Brickey

Classic painting of Christ gesturing to a young child while teaching.

As a Little Child by Joseph Brickey

Sepia sketch of Jesus with one arm pointed toward Heaven and the other toward the viewer.

Messenger of the Covenant by Joseph Brickey

Pictures of Jesus Teaching by Jorge Cocco

Jorge Cocco has an art style all his own. He calls his modern, cubism-style art “sacrocubism” since he uses it to create religious or sacred scenes. This art medium allows Jorge to paint layers of meaning into his work without distracting himself or the viewers with historical accuracy or small details. 

He seeks to bring out the deeper meaning of the stories he illustrates. These five paintings of Jesus teaching represent a tiny portion of his completed works, but we like that the artist highlights some important teaching moments in the Bible. What symbolism or deeper meaning do you see in his work?

Modern painting of Jesus preaching the Sermon on the Mount to a crowd of people.

Sermon on the Mount by Jorge Cocco

Modern painting of a woman anointing Jesus' feet with her hair.

Anointing at Bethany by Jorge Cocco

Modern painting of Jesus holding a roll of bread and teaching.

The Bread of Life by Jorge Cocco

Modern painting of Jesus walking with two disciples.

The Road To Emmaus by Jorge Cocco

Modern painting of Jesus talking with the woman at the well.

Jesus and the Samaritan Woman by Jorge Cocco

Pictures of Jesus Teaching by Robert Pack

Robert Pack uses a distinct swirl shape in his paintings. This artistic choice guides the eye up and around the entire painting, often creating a special focus on the Savior’s face. These two paintings of Jesus teaching portray Him as earnest in His message. Yet the calm colors and textures indicate that His words are gentle and healing. 

There may also be a message in the way the artist makes the air directly around Jesus’ head clear and light. As we draw closer to Him, our vision and patterns of thought also become less cloudy.

Painting of Jesus preaching.

Blessed Are They by Robert Pack

Painting of Jesus walking and speaking warmly with a friend.

Come, Follow Me by Robert Pack

Pictures of Jesus Teaching by Rose Datoc Dall

Rose Datoc Dall is a storyteller with her art. With unique angles, expressive emotions, and vibrant colors she draws us directly into the scene. It’s no wonder, considering that, long before Rose begins painting, she finds a model to represent her subject. She then sculpts that subject based on the model in preparation for the finished painting. 

Immense time and effort go into her creative process and we love seeing the different directions it takes her. In these three paintings, we see Jesus teaching from the scriptures as well as from His actions. Rose even captures what may have been Jesus’ first sermon, when He was a young adolescent teaching officials and leaders in the temple.

Jesus holding a dish of loaves and fishes with an immense crowd of people behind Him.

Loaves and Fishes by Rose Datoc Dall

Paintinf of young Jesus teaching officials in the temple.

About His Father’s Business by Rose Datoc Dall

Jesus reading from a scroll to an audience of officials.

Anointed One by Rose Datoc Dall

Coming to understand Jesus’ teachings is a personal experience. He can reach us in ways no one else can because He knows us even deeper than we know ourselves. And while we may not always like what we hear, we can trust that He knows the end from the beginning. His guidance will, in the end, always guide to greater light, fulfillment, and clarity. 

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