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Environment shot of an Idaho Falls Temple painting hanging over a bed.

10 Idaho Falls Temple Pictures: A Haven After Hardship

Many LDS temple pictures that we see feature the fountains and waterfalls on temple grounds. But part of what makes the Idaho Falls Temple photos unique is that it stands directly across the street from a much larger water feature: the Snake River.

However, even given the stunning beauty of the sacred building, there is still a lot more to its meaning and history than meets the eye.


Idaho Falls Temple after rainfall.

Idaho Falls Temple - Covenant Path series by Robert a. Boyd

Was the Idaho Falls Temple the First Temple in Idaho?

The short answer is yes. The dedication was on September 23, 1945, followed by the Boise Idaho Temple in 1984, the Rexburg Idaho Temple and Twin Falls Temple in 2008, and the recent groundbreaking for the Pocatello Idaho Temple last year.   

Photo of Idaho Falls Temple taken from across the Snake River.

Idaho Falls Temple - river at sunrise by scott jarvie

The Idaho Falls Temple was the first and last temple that George Albert Smith dedicated during his brief time as the president of the Church, just six years before his death in 1951.

According to Church history records, this temple was the prophesied result of the early saints’ labor and sacrifice. Anyone who has weathered an Idaho winter would know that trying to settle the land along the Snake River would not have been an easy task. The beauty of the building is a tribute to the hard work and effort of those early founders.    

How Big is the Idaho Falls Temple?

Photograph of the front Idaho Falls Temple grounds.

Idaho Falls Temple - from the front by scott jarvie

According to the Church newsroom, the Idaho Falls Temple covers 85,624 square feet and is 77 feet tall. The property includes 7 acres of generously donated land, including a solid 18 feet of lava rock to support the foundation. 

President Heber J. Grant wanted the design for such a sacred building to remain: “Chaste, simple, symmetrical and well proportioned, without much ornamentation or decoration.” These qualities are reflected well in the architecture itself as well as in the LDS art that portrays it.

How Long Did it Take to Build the Idaho Temple?

Even without all the extra ornamentation, the Idaho Falls Temple temple still took over five years after the initial announcement to be built. World War II had begun. The government ordered a halt on the construction and the saints, again, patiently waited for their temple. However, ever since it's completion, the Idaho Falls Temple has proven to be a place of peace and refuge for all who visit.   

Idaho Falls Temple behind sunflowers.

Brightness of Hope by Mandy Jane Williams

Since the first dedication in 1945, the temple has been remodeled. The rededication was in June of 2017.

Given the context and the time period of the temple’s construction, a passage from the second dedicatory prayer is especially meaningful: “Bless those who govern in this nation that they may be inspired to do that which will ensure peace and freedom for the people of this land. Similarly, bless leaders in all nations, where Thy children dwell.”  

“Bless those who govern in this nation that they may be inspired to do that which will ensure peace and freedom for the people of this land. Similarly, bless leaders in all nations, where Thy children dwell.”  

Seasonal Idaho Falls Temple Pictures

Believe it or not, it doesn’t just snow in Idaho. The warmer seasons can be quite beautiful, especially on the immaculate temple grounds. Here are a few of our "warmer" Idaho Falls Temple pictures.



Photo of Idaho Falls with ducks floating across the River.

Idaho Falls  Temple - River by robert a. Boyd

Painting of Idaho Falls Temple surrounded by colorful tulips.

Idaho Falls Temple - tulips by mandy jane williams

Idaho Falls Temple framed by pink blossoms.

Idaho Falls pink spring - by mandy jane williams


Photo of Idaho Temple behind colorful flowerbed.

Idaho Falls Temple - vibrant Morning by Robert a. Boyd

Idaho Falls Temple behind water falls.

Idaho Falls Temple - from the Falls by Scott jarvie

Idaho Falls Temple and water falls framed by autumn trees.

Idaho Falls Temple - Waterfall by Robert a. boyd

Have a favorite Idaho Falls Temple picture? We'd love to know! Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments or to peruse our full collection of Idaho Falls Temple pictures for more inspiration. 

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