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Prase to the Man by Cary Henrie

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About this Image:

...the keys of the dispensation, which ye have received, have come down from the fathers, and last of all, being sent down from heaven unto you. - Doctrine and Covenants 112:32

The prophet Joseph’s happy smile in this likeness by Cary Henrie reflects the joy of all Latter-day Saints in the knowledge that God continues to speak to his children through the ages and by the power of the Lord shall bring (His) people unto salvation. (2nd Nephi 3:14)

About the Artist:

Cary Henrie studied art at the prestigious Pratt Institute in New York. He then spent a decade in the New York showing his work and working as a graphic artist. His passion for landscapes eventually drew him to the West where he could refine his fine art technique amid the beauty of the Wasatch Mountains and the western Rockies. Henrie has received numerous state and national awards. Cary Henrie’s art work now graces the homes and offices of people from all over the US, Canada and around the world including Whoopi Goldberg, Mrs. Fields of Mrs. Fields Cookies and Mrs. Walton of Walmart!! Cary, b. 1961 is a native of Utah his current studio is in Bountiful, Utah. He is married to Sauni Henrie and has four children Annie -Artist , Drew-Computer engineer , Adam- Medical School, Abby -artist. It is interesting to note that he sold his first painting at age 15 to the New Era magazine. Since then, he has produced many illustrations for Ensign, New Era, Friend and other church publications. All my work has an"engraved and weathered" quality, usually featuring favorite hymns or scriptures and imparts a feeling of spiritual calm and resonance. - Cary Henrie

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