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Painting of the Good Samaritan giving the robbed man a drink of water. A donkey standing in the desert background.

10+ Good Samaritan Images: As I Have Loved You

Jesus Christ is the ultimate example of healing others. Not only do we read accounts of Him curing physical ailments, but we also see Him unapologetically teach truth, give loving feedback to His followers, and forgive sin.

That is because Jesus Christ’s healing is deep and lasting. He has a deep understanding of who we are and where we are and meets us there. Then, if we are willing to even stumble our way down the path of following Him, He lifts us to places we never imagined we could reach. His healing may not always be immediate, but it is always what we need. 

Likewise, He commands us to lift those around us. Like Him, we can be more present in the lives of those immediately around us. Like Him, we see past sins and mistakes to help a friend find their feet again. Like Him, we can be Heaven’s hands in embracing our fellow men.

As Jesus taught, “Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me” (Matthew 25:40).

Our artists and photographers have captured the essence of the good samaritan story in a variety of ways. We have direct illustrations of the account in the Bible, images of Jesus’ invitation to seek out His lost sheep, and even some modern-day examples of what it means to make personal sacrifices on behalf of lifting others. 

Find some inspiration and comfort in this small selection of LDS art. And we would love to hear about your favorite in the comments below! 

Art Illustrating the Good Samaritan Story

This part of the collection covers more of the literary or historical aspects of the story. It shows the good samaritan, in many cases represented as Christ Himself, stopping in His path to help the ignored man on the side of the road. 

In this selection, our last image does not tell the actual story as much as illustrate Heaven’s gratitude for any healed wound or lifted burden.

Painting of the Good Samaritan giving the robbed man a drink of water. A donkey standing in the desert background.

Good Samaritan by Joseph Brickey

Painting of the Good Samaritan, represented as Jesus Christ, helping the Jewish man. They sit beneath the tree of life.

Good Samaritan by Annie Henrie Nader

Detailed painting of the Good Samaritan kneeling on the desert ground, trying to help the robbed Jewish man.

The Good Samaritan 11.25x16 print by Walter Rane

Abstract geometci painting illustrating the Good Samaritan.

Go and Do Likewise by Jorge Cocco

Jesus healing a leper woman who is sitting under a tree.

Healing Hands by Adam Abram

Textured painting of two angels recording on an unseen surface.

Angel's Gratitude by Annie Henrie Nader

Feed My Sheep

Jesus’ invitation to feed His sheep goes hand in hand with another commandment. To love our neighbors and even--as in the case of the good samaritan--to love our enemies. It is a call to action both toward individuals as well as our community as a whole. 

The instruction to “feed” could be seen as the instruction to nourish, support, and sustain those whom God has placed into our circle of influence. We may not always feel like we have the resources on our own. But, as with the innkeeper in the story, He promises to make up for any extra costs we suffer in caring for those He brings to us.

Jesus the good shephered showing a little boy a field of sheep.

Feed My Sheep by Jay Bryant Ward

Jesus walking down a path with a child shepherd.

My Young Shepherd by Kelsy and Jesse Lightweave

The Lost Sheep by Jorge Cocco

Young woman and Jesus feeding a lamb.

Feed My Lambs by Eva Koleva Timothy

Modern-day Good Samaritans - LDS Art

Beyond this beautiful parable in the New Testament, we also have modern-day examples of those who went out of their way to help God’s children. We have the early pioneers who left their own families and trekked through miles of snow to save a stranded and starving handcart company. We have the everyday efforts of our local church leaders, friends, and family members. 

Angels come in many forms, as these last few artwork pieces show.

Colorful painting of three girls helping a friend with a skinned knee.

Good Samaritan by Lynde Mott

Painting of three men on horesback traveling through the snow to save the Martin Company.

Searching for the Martin Company by Robert Barrett

Two LDS missionaries walking down a narrow road.

In His Service by Rebecca Lee

Looking for more inspiration on service or discipleship? Peruse our full gallery of images of Jesus Christ.

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