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Being an LDS missionary can be one of the greatest--if not most challenging--times of a young person’s life. It involves a rigid schedule, lots of studying, and daily interactions with strangers. 

These and other challenges have come more into focus with the COVID-19 outbreak. Your missionary's expectations for how and where they serve may have taken a wild turn. 

Holidays can be particularly challenging for missionaries, both serving and returned. Here are a few missionary gift ideas to get you started on finding the perfect thing to encourage your favorite LDS missionaries this holiday season.

LDS Missionary Care Package Ideas

It can be hard to know what to send missionaries, especially if they are serving in an area where letters and packages have more limitations. Art is a missionary gift that can inspire both your elder or sister and the people they are helping. Best of all, it’s easy to slip into an envelope or package.


Repositionable Posters to Take with Each Transfer

Typically, missionaries are not able to take much with them when they move from area to area. Help your missionary make each transfer feel a little more like home with an inspirational poster that they can carry with them throughout their months of service.


Poster of Jesus standing on a path and holding a lamp, beckoning.

Lead Kindly Light - Peace in Christ repositional poster

Horizontal poster of the Sacred Grove where Joseph Smith went to pray.

The Sacred Grove - Search Ponder and Pray repositional Poster

Poster of Christ and holding out His hand.

Fear Not I am with thee repositional poster

Vertical poster of the Sacred Grove where Joseph Smith went to pray.

Sacred prayer repositional poster

Horizontal poster of the Salt Lake City Temple and grounds.

Salt Lake Temple - Covenant Path by Robert A. Boyd repositional poster

Vertical poster of modern painting of the First Vision.

First Vision repositional poster 

Inspirational Note Cards to Make Someone’s Day

Notecards make for hand missionary gifts. Whether they are leaving a nice message for those they teach or trying to comfort a companion, an inspirational card can go a long way. A thoughtful piece of art can enhance their message and will likely last longer than a sticky note. Choose from a variety of LDS artwork to stuff your missionary’s stocking or add to their care package.

20 pack of Christian notecards, art by J. Kirk Richards.

J. Kirk Richards note card pack

20 pack of Christian notecards, art by Annie Henrie Nader.

Annie Henrie Nader Note Card Pack

20 pack of Christian notecards, art by Dan Wilson.

Dan Wilson note card pack

20 pack of Christian notecards, art by Simon Dewey.

Simon Dewey note card pack

Christmas Missionary Gift Ideas

While we’re on the topic of stockings, maybe you want to send something more festive in your Christmas package. Our LDS store has art in a variety of fun formats for your missionary gifts.


LDS Nativity Art

One of the most challenging things for many missionaries during the holidays is homesickness. Pictures of Christ can bring comfort. Better yet, Nativity artwork with a thoughtful letter can help them maintain their focus and remember the reasons that they decided to serve.

Painting of the Jesus Christ as an infant, sleeping in a manger.

for Unto Us a Child is born by simon dewey

Painting of Joseph Leading Mary on a donkey past a shepherd boy.

Journey to Bethlehem by joseph brickey

Modern painting of the Nativity Scene.

Nativity - still night by jorege cocco

Colorful depiction of Nativity Scene, with a focus on the wisemen.

 Nativity by eric dowdle

Santa Claus kneeling next to the manger that holds infant Jesus.

The Greatest Gift by Lester Yocum

Painting of a small lamb looking up toward the stars.

Lamb of God by linda curley christensen

Colorful, patterned painting of Mary holding infant Jesus.

Let EArth recieve her king by lynde mott

An angel with hands clasped, looking down worshipfully.

Let us adore him by annie henrie nader

Puzzles for P-Day 

Looking for a more playful gift? Several of our popular LDS art pieces are available as puzzles. With COVID-19 keeping missionaries indoors, this could be the perfect gift for your sister or elder this year. 

Christian 500 piece puzzle of Nativity Scene.

For God So Loved the World 18x24 jigsaw puzzle 500 pieces

Christian 100 piece puzzle of Jesus reaching out a hand.

Fear Not 100 Piece Puzzle

LDS 100 piece puzzle of the Tree of Life.

Tree of Life 100 Piece Puzzle

LDS 500 piece puzzle of Nauvoo Temple.

Nauvoo Temple with Statue 18x24 jigsaw puzzle 500 pieces

LDS 500 piece puzzle of the Salt Lake Temple and surrounding city.

Salt Lake Temple Night 18x24 jigsaw puzzle 500 pieces

LDS 500 piece puzzle of Salt Lake Temple Square.

Salt Lake - Temple Square 500 Piece Puzzle

Missionary Girlfriend Gift Ideas

It’s painful to be apart for so long, more particularly during this time of year. Sometimes keeping busy can be the best medicine. Look for missionary gifts can help your special missionary feel loved, as well as motivated.

Handy Bookmarks

Even with more missions moving toward electronic devices, bookmarks still come in handy. Journals, scriptures, notebooks, or any hardbound copies of Preach My Gospel always need a placeholder. Choose a special message for your missionary to see every day.


Christian bookmark of Christ holding lamp and beckoning.

Lead, Kindly Light bookmark

LDS bookmark of temple doors.

salt lake temple (Stand ye in holy places) bookmark

LDS bookmark of Captain Moroni and the Title of Liberty.

Title of Liberty bookmark

Christian bookmark of the resurrected Jesus Christ leaving the tomb

He lives bookmark

Christian bookmark of Jesus teaching the woman at the well.

Living water bookmark

Christian bookmark of Christ comforting a woman in prayer.

Forget me not bookmark

Meaningful Small Prints

Your missionary can use small prints to decorate their walls or even to enhance their lessons. Visuals help explain unfamiliar stories to children and adults alike. Or you may want to send a small print that is meaningful to you and share your testimony or a special message of your own on the back.


Peaceful painting of Christ in front of a sunrise.

Light of Hope 5x7 print - Loose 5x7 Print

Picture of the Salt Lake City Temple and summer grounds.

Salt Lake Temple - Eden 5x7 print - Loose 5x7 Print

Portrait of Christ.

Grace and Truth 5x7 print - Loose 5x7 Print

Modern painting of Christ on the shore calling His apostles.

The Call 5x7 print - Loose 5x7 Print

Painting of Jesus suffering at Gethsemane.

Gethsemane 5x7 print - Loose 5x7 Print

Picture of the Sacred Grove where Joseph Smith went to pray.

Sacred Prayer 5x7 print - Loose 5x7 Print

Painting of two male missionaries. Reflection in mirror replaces everyday items with the armor of God.

Armor of God 5x7 print - Loose 5x7 Print

Modern painting of Christ's baptism at the River Jordan.

Baptism of Christ 5x7 print - Loose 5x7 Print

Going-Away Gifts for Missionaries

The right missionary farewell gifts can help your elder or sister feel prepared for their departure. The best presents are typically those that help a missionary stay focused on their desire to serve. A thoughtful piece of art can carry a powerful message that continues to give throughout their service. Like music, art can help to invite the spirit into a lesson or even into a missionary’s apartment. 

LDS Art for Departing Missionaries

Even with how often a missionary transfers to different areas, they are encouraged to make their residence feel like home to help them focus. Send your missionary off with some special art pieces that will benefit both them and their companions.

Painting of two female missionaries. Reflection in mirror replaces everyday items with the armor of God.

Witness for His Name by Doc Christensen

Two young missionaries teach a group of children.

Small Means by Joseph Brickey

Motivating Calendars

This gift is a nice way to give them an entire collection of inspiring artwork. A calendar can help them keep track of important dates, as well as provide a unique new piece of art to brighten up the apartment each month.  

2021 calendar cover of Christ standing in front of sunset.

2021 Simon Dewey Calendar - Light of Hope

2021 calendar cover of Mary looking up at the angel Gabriel.

2021 Rose Datoc Dall Calendar - Women of Faith

2021 calendar cover of Christ as a shepherd sitting beneath a tree.

2021 Lightweave Calendar - Our Shepherd

2021 calendar cover of Joseph Smith praying in the Sacred Grove.

2021 Robert A. Boyd Calendar - Ask in Faith

2021 calendar cover of Nephi leading his family with the LIahona.

2021 Jorge Cocco Calendar - Book of Mormon Stories

2021 calendar cover of the Manti Utah Temple surrounded by white flowers.

2021 Mandy Jane Williams Calendar - I Love to See the Temple

2021 calendar cover of a classic portrait of Christ.

2021 Joseph Brickey Calendar - Messiah

Minicards to Enhance Lessons

Minicards help missionaries to illustrate lessons, especially when teaching families with children. A mini card is also an easy thing for missionaries to leave after a visit. It can remind those they taught about how they felt or what they learned.


Book of Mormon minicard pack of art by Jorge Cocco.

Book of Mormon - Minicard Pack -16 images

LDS Temple minicard pack of art by Rober A. Boyd.

House of Learning (Temple Symbols) - Minicard Pack -16 images

Christian minicard pack of art by Simon Dewey.

Simon Dewey - Learn of Me Minicard Pack

Biblical minicard pack of art by Jorge Cocco.

Jorge Cocco - Parables Minicard Pack

Gift Ideas for Returned Missionaries

Believe it or not, for some missionaries returning from a mission can be more heartbreaking than leaving on one. After spending every moment serving others, it can be hard to know if more personal pursuits are enough. Often, returned missionaries need inspiration and comfort just as much as the ones that are currently serving. Find missionary gifts to help them find peace.


Inspiring Images for Returned Missionaries

Keeping Christ as our focus can help us heal, regardless of what phase of life we find ourselves in. These art pieces can remind returned missionaries of their Savior’s love for them, of the joy they can feel for their service, and of the area and people they came to love.


Painting of biblical woman walking through a vast field of wheat.

Joy of the Harvest by Simon Dewey

Modern portrait of Jesus Christ.

Jesus el Cristo by Jorge Cocco

Watercolor of the San Diego California Temple.

San Diego California Temple - Watercolor by Abigale Palmer

Keeping Christ as our focus can help us heal, regardless of what phase of life we find ourselves in.

Comforting Pictures for Returned Missionaries

Returned missionaries need to know that God is not disappointed in them. He has not forgotten them or those they taught. They and those they served are ever in His watchful care. There are yet fulfilling goals He wants them to accomplish and enjoy. What they learned and experienced can become a strength as they move forward.   

Painting of two angels watching and keeping record.

Angel's Gratitude by Annie Henrie Nader

Painting of Jesus Christ the good shepherd holding a lamb.

In the Shepherd's Care by Simon Dewey

Painting of young women dressed in red with forget-me-not flowers in her hair.

Adorned with Forget-Me-Nots by Rose Datoc Dall

When putting together any missionary gifts or a care packages, it helps to remember that the holiday season can also be some of the most rewarding months. It can be a time when missionaries come to deeply know their Savior and understand the gift that He brings to all of humankind. Look for items that continue to inspire and motivate them.

Which pieces of artwork were meaningful to you or a loved one during missionary service?

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