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Banner image featuring three paintings of young Jesus.

15+ Remarkable Jesus as a Child Images

The Bible gives us few details about Jesus Christ’s life as a child. We know much more about His birth and His adult ministry than His growing up years. That is why we are grateful for our artists. They have taken the key components of Jesus’ life and teachings and explored the uncharted territory. 

Enjoy these unique Jesus as a child images. Additionally, we’ve included some pictures of baby Jesus that are not necessarily associated with the nativity scene. Find additional insight into what it might have been like to know the Savior of the world as a child.

Jesus as a Child Images

Rose Datoc Dall is one of our most prolific artists in this department. She has a gift for reading in between the lines and drawing out moments that are rarely considered when studying the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. For example, she has painted multiple scenes with Jesus as a child and his relationship with Joseph the carpenter as well as the closeness He must have had with His mother.

We also have others like Mike Moyers, Simon Dewey, and Robert Barrett. These three artists explore many other possible scenes from the Saviour’s childhood. For example,  Jesus as a child visiting with the wise men, learning from His mortal parents, and increasing His knowledge of the scriptures. We hope you find inspiration and insight in the story told in these Jesus as a child images.

Painting of Jesus as an older child working in a carpentry shop.

Young Carpenter by Rose Datoc Dall

Impressionist painting of young Jesus and Mary spending time together. Light from a simple window shines down on them.

Holy Mother and Child by Mike Moyers

Painting of young Jesus sitting on the lap of a wiseman who is presenting his gift.

Young Christ with a Wiseman by Robert Barrett

Painting of Jesus as a toddler standing next to Mary.

Hope of Israel of Rose Datoc Dall

Painting of child Jesus and Joseph carrying lumber.

Shouldering Burdens by Rose Datoc Dall

Painting of Mary holding child Jesus as he rests against her.

Mary and Son by Rose Datoc Dall

Painting of Mary and young Jesus sitting together oustide in front of a stone wall.

Young Son of Man by Rose Datoc Dall

Painting of young Jesus and Joseph preparing a piece of lumber for carving.

Straight and True by Rose Datoc Dall

Painting of young Jesus surrounded by teachers and officials as He teaches them in the temple.

About His Father’s Business by Rose Datoc Dall

Painting of Mary and young Jesus praying together.

In Favor With God by Simon Dewey

Painting of child Jesus and Joseph reading from a scroll. Mary watches on with a smile.

In Nazareth by Jorge Cocco

Painting of Joseph holding a lamp and reading from a scroll with young Jesus.

Growing in Wisdom by Simon Dewey

Baby Jesus Images

As mentioned previously, our artists have also explored different ways of painting baby Jesus pictures. They have applied their manifold talents in illustrating various types of scenes from the Christ child with Joseph and Mary to the blessing He received from Simeon the prophet.

Rose has even completed multiple scenes depicting Mary and Joseph’s flight toward Egypt after they were warned of King Herod’s paranoid and cruel command to kill scores of male infants. Her illustrations capture the worry the young parents must have felt, but she maintains a theme of light that would seem to make hope the larger focus. 

Justine Peterson and Simon Dewey do a masterful job at showing us a new view of Joseph as Jesus’ earthly father and guardian. Justine illuminates some of the joy and stability this “just man” provided to Mary and her sacred child (Matthew 1:19). Simon captures a tender moment when Joseph, perhaps keeping watch while Mary slept, holds the infant Christ in His strong arms with love and awe.

Creativity means opening our eyes to new concepts or angles on what we already know. What new insights do you see in these unique baby Jesus images?

waiting the Carpenter by Justine Peterson

Unto Us a Son is Given by Eva Koleva Timothy

Mary and Child by Rose Datoc Dall

Abstract, cubism painting of Mary holding infant Jesus in shades of blue and purple.

Madonna and Child by Jorge Cocco

Painting of Joseph holding a candle and holding a protective arm around Mrary and infant Jesus as they flee in the darkness.

Escape By Night by Rose Datoc Dall

Painting of the prophet Simeon holding infant Jesus and looking up toward Heaven.

Simeon’s Blessing by Simon Dewey

Painting of Joseph holding baby Jesus.

In the Arms of Joseph by Simon Dewey

Painting of Joseph leading Mary and Jesus on a donkey as they flee into the desert.

Flight by Rose Datoc Dall

The life and ministry of Jesus Christ is sacred. We are so grateful for artists with the ability to approach the subject with not only talent but revererance. If you want to see more Christian-themed artwork, visit our online store.

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