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Bereavement of any sort is brutal. Knowing just how to comfort an aching loved one is an intimidating challenge, especially if they are going through something you’ve never experienced before.

Loss can be isolating. We may feel like no one truly understands us and that only we know what it’s like to carry our burden. However, the scriptures teach us that Jesus Christ suffered all things. If there’s one person who understands, it is Him. He has felt all the nuances of our struggles, and He understands what makes our burdens feel so heavy to us.

Help your loved ones find peace with a bereavement gift that reminds them of their Savior’s unconditional love for them.

Bereavement Gift for Loss of Parent

A painting of angel holding a little girl.

Bereavement Gifts for Loss of Parent by Simon Dewey

Age doesn’t matter; the loss of a parent is disorienting. It is especially hard to cope when you hold close ties to them. Suddenly, a chief source of guidance, identity, or belonging is yanked out from under you.

This painting by Simon Dewey reminds us that our loved ones are never as far away as they may seem.  

A painting of Christ standing among families reuniting at the resurrection.

Together At last by Annie Henrie Nader

The reality that families can be together forever is one of the most beautiful doctrines Christ has taught.

Because of Jesus Christ’s atonement, death is not the end. Saving ordinances will allow us to reunite with our loved ones.

God keeps His promises to His children, even when we can’t see the full timetable.  

A painting of Christ comforting a young girl.

I Will Dry Your Tears by Simon Dewey

The loss of a father or mother is especially challenging for children who still depend on a parental figure to care for them.

During His ministry, Jesus Christ demonstrated that children hold a special place in God’s kingdom and His heart.

Calming art pieces can help a child feel the love of their Savior during this life-altering time.  

A painting of Christ dressed in white, stepping out of the tomb, looking up toward Heaven.

He lives by simon dewey

Because Christ lived, so will we and those close to us. The scriptures promise that our bodies and spirits will reunite again.

This doctrine has been a source of comfort and inspiration for generations of Christians, and it is just as true now as it ever was.

A gentle reminder can bring a sense of calm and stability to an otherwise chaotic situation.  

Bereavement Gift for Loss of Baby

A painting of Christ tenderly holding an infant.

In His Constant Care by Simon Dewey

It’s easy during this time to feel angry at God. With all of Jesus Christ’s teachings about protection and comfort, a tragedy like this doesn’t seem right.

Inspiring art can remind us that there’s more to chapters to the story than what we currently see. For now, faith is required.

Simon's piece is one of hope and reassurance. Though the pain may never fully leave, this not the end, for a parent or their baby.   

A painting of a mother hugging her daughter. Butterfly wings appear behind the daughter and they are surrounded by a pattern of butterflies.

Giving Her Wings by Cary Henrie

It’s all-consuming coping with the loss of a child. It can seem impossible to even carry on with everyday life.

In this piece, Cary focused on the art of letting go. That process might be messy. It might be slow. There may be haunting reminders when you walk through your own home. However, with Christ even this healing is possible.   

A drawing of an infant holding Christ's hand.

From My Hands to Yours by Darin Ashby

George Blossil penned these beautiful lines of poetry to accompany Darin’s touching artwork:

Little hands held in mine,

Sweet and tender touch so brief the time,

Thy gift of love was given me,

Before those hands returned to Thee.

Savior hear my heartfelt prayer,

Bless them with Thy tender care,

Until the time Thy gift can be,

Those little hands restored to me.

Inspiring art can remind us that there’s more to chapters to the story than what we currently see. For now, faith is required. 

A painting of a child standing next to Jesus Christ, looking up admiringly.

Under His Wing by Jay Bryant Ward

Jesus Christ taught us that we should become as little children. The child in Joseph’s painting appears trusting and confident in the Savior’s care.

That kind of trust, difficult though it may be, can lead us to the healing and calm that all of us crave during the dark, challenging phases of our lives.

The painting is also a reminder that a lost child is not lost at all. He or she is in the loving care of our Redeemer.  

Christian Gift for Depression

A close-up picture of Christ leaning, anguished, up against a tree in Gethsemane.

Gethsemane by Lightweave

Depression is mind-numbing. It’s a sadness so deep it can rob us of any hope for escape, regardless of what opportunities or circumstances may exist in our lives.

Lightweave’s picture is beautiful because it shows some of the raw pain Jesus Christ must’ve suffered in Gethsemane. If anyone understands the confusing depth of the depression, it’s the Savior.   

Painting of Christ comforting a woman in prayer.

Forget Me Not by Annie Henrie Nader

Mental illness of any sort is both debilitating and isolating. It can make it difficult to feel any sort of enjoyment or spiritual solace.

Annie’s painting reminds us that even if we can’t feel the comfort of our Savior, He is there.

As we seek what help we need and watch for physical evidence of His care, we will find a reason to begin to feel hope.   

Painting of Christ's hands holding a sparrow.

Safety by Mandy Jane Williams

Mandy’s picture is simple, but it teaches a profound truth. Even when we feel small and insignificant, God loves us.

Jesus Christ pointed out to His followers that if God cares for even the sparrows, then naturally, He cares deeply about His children.

We can trust that we are not as alone and as unsteady as we may feel.   

Dramatic image of Christ saving Peter from the storm.

Finisher of Faith by Lightweave

Depression, like many other mental illnesses, can feel like a constant storm of threatening thoughts. It’s an upheaval of emotion that, like Peter, can make us lose faith and feel like we’re drowning.

Lightweave’s painting can remind us that the storm is not the end. As with Peter, Jesus Christ is always near. We, too, can cry out for help.  

Christian Gift for Illness

A painting of an angel comforting Christ in Gethsemane.

Agony in the Garden by Darin Ashby

Physical illness is draining on the person suffering, as well as their family. Along with the pain, it often brings a sense of uncertainty and helplessness.

Even with the right technology and care, some physical ailments remain out of our control.

Meaningful art can remind loved ones that the Savior perfectly understands their pain and frustration, even if those around them might not.  

An image of Christ suffering in Gethsemane.

Gethsemane by Adam Abram

Similarly, Adam’s painting captures the complete physical agony Jesus Christ suffered, even before being crucified on the cross.

Illness isn’t pretty. And yet, as with the Savior, our darkest times can become some of our most sacred and redeeming.

Healing takes immense patience, humility, and faith. This painting illustrates that none of us are alone in our suffering.   

Painting of Christ comforting a woman in prayer, surrounded by forget-me-not flowers.

I Will Not Forget Thee by Annie Henrie Nader

Our physical health and spiritual health have close ties. When our physical health leaves us our spiritual health can begin to wane.

Christian-themed art, along with a personal message, can help lift the spirits of those closest to you that may be suffering.

The title of this piece of Annie’s is a tribute to a powerful statement made, in one form or another, throughout the scriptures.   

Painting of Christ comforting a young girl and humble man.

Balm of Gilead by Annie Henrie Nader

In the end, there is only one source of true healing. We may never feel completely whole at this time, but we can turn to Jesus Christ for strength and insight to live full, meaningful lives.

Our experiences can help lift others and, as we serve Him, our wounds will begin to heal.   

Christian art makes the perfect bereavement gift because it keeps giving. It can bring inspiration at the moment and can continue to offer peace after the storm passes. For more uplifting artwork by our LDS artists, visit our online store. 

What pictures of Jesus or other Christian art have brought you comfort and direction?

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