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LDS art painting of a young mother holding her infant. And angel looks on with a smile.

30+ Images Celebrating Women and Motherhood

Women have had a vital role to play in the history and progress of the world. Regardless of age or marital status, women are often instruments in God’s hands. They have special gifts as women and as individuals that our Heavenly Father knows will grant the power to inspire those around them or to beautify current surroundings. In many cases, a woman's intuition has led toward wholesome and courageous paths even in the face of ridicule or opposition.

Enjoy these art pieces honoring women of faith.

Handmaidens of the Lord

Women of faith show strength in many unsung ways. Whether it's daily chores, giving a child undivided attention, or checking in on a neighbor they seem to have a unique gift for sharing the love of Jesus Christ with others. Regardless of age, social standing, or family status, God blesses each individual with gifts and talents with which they can enhance the world around them. 

What are some examples of strength and faith that you have seen from the women in your life?

LDS art painting of a pioneer woman standing in a field with her hand on her hip.

Pioneer by Robert Barrett

Painting of a woman sitting in an armchair reading a book and surrounded by children.

Book Nest by Abigale Palmer

Painting of three young woman walking together. One holds a child.

Tender Mercies by Annie Henrie Nader

Painting of a pregnant mother holding a young child.

Sunday Snuggles by Abigale Palmer

Pioneer woman sewing a quilt with a young girl sitting nearby on the floor.

Three Women at the Tomb by Robert Barrett

Image of Jesus comforting a young woman.

Look Unto Me by Eva Koleva Timothy

Painting of a group of women working on a quilt together.

Quilting Bee by Lynde Mott

Image of a young woman holding a lamb while Jesus feeds it.

Feed My Sheep by Eva Koleva Timothy

LDS art painting of a calm woman holding a glowing lamp.

Light Vessel by the Annie Henrie Nader

Jesus speaking with the woman at the well.

Woman at the Well by Robert Barrett

Painting of a woman in a purple robe holding a lamp.

Ready Lamp by Rod Peterson

We also see faithful women throughout the sacred scriptures. Check out this blog for examples of women of faith within the Old Testament, New Testament, the Book of Mormon, and more.

16 Inspiring Paintings of Women of Faith


Being a mother may not win you any overwhelming accolades from today’s busy world. In fact, in some cases, women receive quite the opposite. However, with children and youth facing so many challenges, there could be no higher calling. Mothers play a huge part in offering the life skills, security, and love that is so vital for the next generation of the human family to progress and thrive. Whether or not women have children of their own, they should never underestimate their ability to help young people find belonging. 

Show appreciation for the mothers or mother-figures in your life with these moving pieces of LDS art depicting mother and child:

Painting of a mother and child relaxing on a bright quilt.

By Small and Simple Things by Lynde Mott

Gentle Autumn by Annie Henrie Nader

Vertical painting full of different textures depicting of a mother holding a sick child.

Help Thou My Unbelief by Lynde Mott

Painting of an angel comforting a young mother and her child.

Angels Round About Thee by Annie Henrie Nader

Peaceful painting of a mother leaning over her sleeping infant and kissing the infant's head.

Breath of Heaven by Jennah Larson

Painting of a mother caring for one child while another climbs up her back.

Little Climber by Abigale Palmer

A pregnant woman in a white robe.

Mother: Divinely Appointed by Mandy Jane Williams

Impressionist painting of Mary and baby Jesus.

Holy Mother and Child by Mike Moyers

A woman sitting in a rocking chair breastfeeding an infant.

Motherhood by Natalie Hunsaker

A young mother holding her child.

Mother by Chad Winks

Painting of a pregnant mother holding her child.

Snuggles by Abigale Palmer

A mother from the Book of Mormon sending her sons off to war.

They Did Not Doubt by Joseph Brickey

Women of faith show strength in many unsung ways. Whether it's daily chores, giving a child undivided attention, or checking in on a neighbor they seem to have a unique gift for sharing the love of Jesus Christ with others.

Women Who Have Lost a Child

Even with time, no one truly recovers from losing a loved one. The loss of a child is especially excruciating and can affect an entire family. These kinds of tragedies sink far deeper than what words can express, so we are grateful for the reverence that our artists have put into these next three images honoring women of faith.

Painting of Jesus Christ holding an infant.

In His Constant Care by Simon Dewey

Charcoal drawing of an infant holding Jesus' finger.

From My Hands to Yours by Darin Ashby

Painting of a mother hugging a young girl with butterfly wings.

Giving Her Wings by Cary Henrie

Painting of angels comforting a woman.

Angels Among Us by Annie Henrie Nader

Jesus comforting a woman kneeling in a field of flowers.

I Will Not Forget Thee by Annie Henrie Nader

There are many ways we, as part of the human family, experience loss. For more comforting artwork and images, see our previous blog post about Christian bereavement gifts.

16 Christian Bereavement Gifts

Young Women

Young women today face a myriad of contradicting ideas and expectations. Their world moves at a break-necking pace between studies, activities, friends, and social media. In recent years, rules and trends of society have shifted beneath their feet. In some cases, they may even feel like they're moving against the tide. Some of the most courageous women of faith can be found among our youth. 

Help the courageous young women in your life with uplifting art reminding them that their Savior can remain a steady force throughout life’s challenges.

Good Samaritan by Lynde Mott

Enlightened Mind by Lynde Mott

Fallen Star by Eva Koleva Timothy

The Path by Eva Koleva Timothy

Adventure by Eva Koleva Timothy

A Gift of Light by Eva Koleva Timothy

Living Water by Justine Peterson

Jesus comforting a woman kneeling in prayer.

Forget Me Not by Annie Henrie Nader

An angel is placing a hand on a young woman's shoulder. Her hands are clasped in prayer.

Silent Angels by Annie Cole

Jesus comforting the woman taken in adultery.

Perfect Love by Kelsy & Jesse Lightweave

The annual youth theme contains a wealth of insight into helping young women face the myraid of challenges that faces youth today. It takes great strength and faith to persevere in spite of the doubt and uncertainty so many experience. However, the faith of young women from Abish to Esther have brought many to Christ and even saved lives. We need their faith now more than ever.

We hope we have helped spark some ideas for how to honor the women of faith in your life and we wish you and yours a lovely Mother’s Day. For more inspiration, peruse our online store. We’ll see you there!

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