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Mothers in Art

Painting of a mother nursing an infant.

Mothers and mother figures play a vital role in the lives of individuals and society as a whole. In our fast-paced modern world that relies so heavily on numbers and status, it is easy for their role to be minimalized and their sacrifices to go unrewarded. But in God’s eyes, there is no higher calling. 

As M. Russell Ballard taught: “There is no role in life more essential and more eternal than that of motherhood.” From the time of courageous mother Eve to our present day, motherhood remains something essential and sacred. 

This selection of motherhood art captures some essence of what it means to be a mom. There are certainly days when it does not feel like a masterpiece, but the rewards can be far more beautiful than anything else the world offers. 

Find the perfect Mother’s Day, birthday, or thank you gift for the mom and grandmothers in your life.

Mother-Daughter Art

A mother-daughter daughter relationship can be a very special thing. It is a bond that can last even beyond the veil. Influencing generations, a healthy relationship between mothers and daughters is a celebration of womanhood that is beautiful to behold. Of course, no relationship is perfect and some can even leave scars, but we love the way our artists have captured the ideal in their paintings.

An angel mother sitting on a child's bed holding her young daughter.

Angels Among Us by Simon Dewey

Two young women carrying an infant. A young girl walks along beside.

Tender Mercies by Annie Henrie Nader

A mother wearing a flower crown and holding her sleeping little girl.

Help Thou My Unbelief by Lynde Mott

A young mother holding her infant. An angel watches on lovingly.

Angels Round About Thee by Annie Henrie Nader

A pregnant mother sitting in a chair and holding her little girl.

Snuggles and Kicks by Abigale Palmer

Mother and Son Paintings

The ties between mother and son carry a reflection of something divine. After all, we read in the scriptures how much Christ valued His relationship with His mother, Mary. Like Mary, a mother might have an innate way of understanding her son in a way that helps him grow. In return, a son, like Christ, might ensure that his mother is cared for. These paintings depict different young mothers caring for their little boys. 

A mother from the Book of Mormon saying goodbye to her two warrior sons.

They Did Not Doubt by Joseph Brickey

Young Jesus praying with His mother Mary.

In Favor With God by Simon Dewey

Mary holding young Jesus and watching for Joseph to return home.

Waiting For The Carpenter by Justine Peterson

A pregnant woman holding her little boy.

Never Grow Up by Abigale Palmer

Mary holding Jesus as a child.

Mary and Son by Rose Datoc Dall

Pregnant Belly Paintings

The powers of creation are sacred reminders that we are children of an endlessly creative God. Women are trusted with such an important part of giving life to His children. Like anything sacred, it requires great personal sacrifice to achieve what, by all definitions, is something of a miracle.

A pregnant mother holding one child while another is wrapped around her legs. She looks up toward Heaven.

Mother in Meditation by Abigale Palmer

Mary wearing white and looking down at her pregnant stomach with a calm smile.

Mother: Divinely Appointed by Mandy Jane Williams

Painting of a little girl kissing her mother's pregnant stomach.

Belly Kiss by Abigale Palmer

A pregnant mother holding her toddler's son.

Eskimo Kisses by Abigale Palmer

A forward-facing painting of a mother hugging a young child.

Snuggles by Abigale Palmer

A pregnant mother helping to dress one child while another climbs on her back.

Little Climber by Abigale Palmer

A pregnant woman carrying her sleeping child.

Sunday Snuggles by Abigale Palmer

Mother and Infant Art

These touching paintings capture some of the purse essences of motherhood. The intimate connection between a mother and her infant grants a glimpse of the sort of love our Heavenly Parents have for us as their children. While we live in a fallen and often harsh world, these scenes remind us that there are moments when Heaven itself seems to settle around us.

A young mother carrying her infant. Angels surround her lovingly.

Mother's Lullaby by Annie Henrie Nader

A mother sitting in a rocking chair nursing her child.

Motherhood by Natalie Hunsaker

Mary wearing colorful robes and cardling baby Jesus.

Let Earth Receive Her King by Lynde Mott

Textured painting of Mary in soft robes holding baby Jesus.

Infant Holy by Jennah Larsen

Mary wearing a white robe and holding  baby Jesus.

Sleep in Heavenly Peace by Simon Dewey

A young mother wrapped up in a quilt lying on a bed with her toddler.

By Small and Simple Things by Lynde Mott

An angel sleeping in the clouds with a baby in her lap.

Heavenly Peace after Abbot Handerson Thayer by Jay Bryant Ward

A mother lying in a white bed kissing her infant's head.

Breath of Heaven by Jennah Larsen

Framed painting of Eve with flowers in her hair holding her infant.

Spring Mother by J. Kirk Richards

Family Art

God’s entire plan for His children is centered on the family. And while no family is perfect, there is hope in knowing that our Heavenly Parents want us all to have a chance to become our best selves and to one day return to them. Mothers are a core part of His plan for creating homes for His children to develop and grow, playing a foundational role in the family. Each of these paintings is a beautiful tribute to the sort of inspiration each of our artists’ families brings.

A young mother holding her baby. Her two children are gathered near.

Little Miracles by Abigale Palmer

A daughter leading her pregnant mother by the hand. She holds another child.

Lead Me by Abigale Palmer

Painting of a mother and her children gathered in an arm chair to read a book.

Book Nest by Abigale Palmer

A father kissing his wife's head. She is smiling and holding an infant. Tehir children are gathered around them.

Family by Annie Henrie Nader

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