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Within Our Grasp: Taking Jesus’ Hand

Jay Bryant Ward is an accomplished LDS artist who has completed works inspiring individuals and families of many Christian religions. His calm portrayal of Jesus Christ and his gentle approach to illustrating children make him an easy favorite among our ever-growing list of Altus Fine Art artists. For this blog, we wanted to focus on one of his most recent and most impactful paintings, Within Our Grasp.

Featured On...

Jay’s work is shared by many different people across social media channels. His collection of hand-crafted, detailed artwork has inspired many looking to bring themselves--or others--closer to the healing influence of Jesus Christ. 

However, Within Our Grasp has had a remarkable impact, especially where members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are concerned. It was featured in the Church’s Liahona magazine as an illustration for President Russell M. Nelson’s talk: “The Future of the Church: Preparing the World for the Savior’s Second Coming”. 

Jay’s warming painting was also a part of a recent devotional given by Elder and Sister Uchtdorf. To help add to their message, they used a video clip showing some of Jay’s painting process. Viewers were able to watch his masterpiece come together with one brushstroke at a time. Additionally, you may have seen Elder Uchtdorf's inspiring Facebook and Instagram posts featuring this same video along with some insights from the devotional.

Facebook post by Dieter F. Uchtdorf featuring Within Our Grasp by Jay Bryant Ward.
Instagram post by Dieter F. Uchtdorf featuring Within Our Grasp by Jay Bryant Ward.

It is also the cover of the book titled Within Our Grasp by Culley Davis. It is full of spiritual insights and motivating stories. Culley has worked closely with Jay in promoting and bringing about this important painting.

About the Painting

Painting of a hand reaching up toward Jesus' open, scarred hand.

Within Our Grasp by Jay Bryant Ward

Jay’s painting illustrates that God’s grace is within our reach. Regardless of past sins and mistakes, His arm is outstretched to lift us and guide us home. The journey of discipleship will not always be easy or pleasant, but in the end, it is where we find the most meaning and fulfillment. It is a path of light where, eventually, all will be illuminated. As our experience and understanding increase, so will our vision until we see ourselves and others as Jesus Christ sees. 

And as Within Our Grasp demonstrates, the hand reaching toward us bears the scar of the world’s sins. We can trust Christ’s direction for us because He walked the same painful and lonely roads. He understands us perfectly and wants to help us overcome our wounds and challenges.

You will notice that, unlike many others of Jay’s paintings, Within Our Grasp does not portray the facial features of Jesus Christ. Jay has admitted his feelings of inadequacy when painting larger, more full pictures of the Savior. As the Church News reports, he once asked his father:

“What am I going to do when I meet Him and He looks nothing like I painted Him?”

His wise father responded with: “Well, you used to draw pictures of me when you were little...How disappointed do you think you’re really going to feel and the Lord’s going to feel when you’ve spent your life trying to bring reverence, to emulate the tender mercies for His children in different ways.”

About the Artist

Artist Jay Bryant Ward invites us to follow his subjects as they look heavenward and remember what matters most - the life, mission, and teachings of Jesus Christ. His collection of images inspire us to pause and consider a higher perspective. In his work, Jay hopes to share artistic magic that will warm the hearts and uplift the souls of all who experience his paintings.

You may also recognize other popular art pieces by him, such as:

Painting of Jesus walking on on the water. He stands in the distance against a gray sky.

Be Still by Jay Bryant Ward

Jesus showing a little boy his flock of sheep.

Feed My Sheep by Jay Bryant Ward

Painting of Jesus looking up toward Heaven, hand extended toward the the viewer.

Our Advocate (color) by Jay Bryant Ward

A child standing at Jesus side, looking up with a smile.

Under His Wing by Jay Bryant Ward

Within Our Grasp Calendar

Many find comfort and reassurance in this painting. It reminds us that Jesus’ hand is always outstretched, inviting us to live a full and meaningful life. It reminds us that we can never sink so far in our mistakes that the Savior of the world cannot reach us. He is always near and always aware of us. 

God's love is an especially vital truth during the modern, noisy, and confusing times we find ourselves in today. Just as the scriptures teach us, Christ can offer us a type of peace that the world is incapable of producing:

“Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid” (John 14: 27).

To help bring this message home, Within Our Grasp is the cover of Jay’s 2022 calendar. Along with a stunning collection of some of his other well-known artwork, you can enjoy displaying this piece in your home or office space--wherever you could use a little extra encouragement and inspiration.

2022 calendar featuring a painting of Jesus' scarred hand reaching out.

2022 Jay Bryant Ward Calendar - Within Our Grasp

Painting of Jesus' feet walking on sunlit water.

Where Jesus Walked by Jay Bryant Ward

Painting of Jesus walking with a young shepherd boy.

Lead Me, Guide Me by Jay Bryant Ward

Painting of Joseph and Mary looking down at baby Jesus in the manger. Joseph holds a clay lamp to light the scene.

The light of the world by Jay Bryant Ward

Within Our Grasp Sizes & Framing Options

At Altus Fine Art, we do more than publish artwork. We also spend much of our time discovering and building the perfect frames! We know how many prayers, heart, and sweat go into each of our artists’ work, and we seek to honor them--as well as your art connoisseur decor tastes--by putting together the perfect combination. Within Our Grasp is no different. 

Here are a few options currently available in our online store, ready to be built and shipped your way:

Painting of Jesus' outstretched, scarred hand framed with matted paper.

Within Our grasp - Print Matted

Painting of Jesus' outstretched, scarred framed in a light brown wooden frame.

Within Our Grasp - Light Brown Frame

Painting of Jesus' outstretched, scarred framed in a golden-colored frame.

Within Our Grasp - Gold Frame

Painting of Jesus' outstretched, scarred framed in a dark brown frame.

Within Our Grasp - Medium Brown Frame

You can see Jay's full collection of completed works on his artist's page. And if you liked this blog, you might also like:

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