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Panoramic picture of the Salt Lake Temple with red flowers in the forefront.

10+ Hopeful Salt Lake Temple Pictures: Spring Blossoms

Flowers are among some of the most memorable things about Temple Square in Salt Lake City. There is always a wide variety of cheerful colors that add to the serene setting. The flowerbeds that trim the temple grounds and visitor’s center create an environment entirely separate from the surrounding city, which can help visitors find the quiet focus it often takes to hear the holy spirit.  

Not only that, but the variety of blooms and blossoms appear to symbolize the sort of hope and newness of life that we can find through Jesus Christ. The sacred covenants that we make in the temple give us strength against the challenges that come with being a disciple of Jesus Christ. They help us to live in the world without becoming of it. As a result, our own lives begin to blossom with life and color. We can find meaning regardless of what is going on around us. 

Our Salt Lake City Temple pictures are one of our largest collections of LDS Temple pictures. It includes a variety of mediums like photography, paintings, as well as digital art. To honor the hard work of our artists and our love for this beautiful building of worship, we’re going to focus on the more spring-time pictures in our collection.

With the Salt Lake Temple currently under construction, these Salt Lake Temple pictures and paintings have become more important. They can remind us of sacred experiences we may have had in this or any other LDS Temple and may soon become historically significant with all of the new changes coming. The Salt Lake City Temple itself is also a symbol of the hard work and sacrifice of our pioneer ancestors. The architecture alone speaks to the faith and devotion they had in Jesus Christ which can inspire us in our own efforts to follow Him.

In a church that is now worldwide, there are countless stories of pioneers from all walks of life. It will always take courage to follow Jesus Christ, especially when facing opposition from those around you. The temple reminds us that more awaits us than the challenges we face in this life. Our spirits are eternal and even when everything seems dark and confusing, we can remember that God’s promises to us are sure. No matter how cold the world may feel, Jesus Christ has already overcome all, even sin and death.

We love LDS temple pictures with flowers. They have a way of lighting up a room and reminding us that, with Christ, there is always hope. Our artists and photographers have done a masterful job at capturing not only the Salt Lake Temple but also the beautiful flora of the grounds. Let us know your favorite in the comments below!

Textured picture of the Salt Lake Temple angled from the ground.

Hope by Mandy Jane Williams

Salt Lake Temple standing behind pink blossom branches.

Salt Lake Temple - Spring by Mandy Jane Williams

Salt Lake Temple with blue flowers in the foreground.

Salt Lake Temple - Forget Me Not by Mandy Jane Williams

Salt Lake Temple surrounded by pink flowers.

Salt Lake Temple - Jubilant by Mandy Jane Williams

Salt Lake Temple with painted white flowers in the forefront.

Salt Lake Temple - Enlightened by Mandy Jane Williams

Textured Salt Lake Temple pictures with large red flowers in front.

Salt Lake Temple - Joyful Day by Mandy Jane Williams

The variety of blooms and blossoms appear to symbolize the sort of hope and newness of life that we can find through Jesus Christ.

Salt Lake Temple picture featuring a variety of tulips.

Salt Lake Temple - Tulips by Scott Jarvie

Angled Salt Lake Temple picture showcasing a fully and colorful flowerbed.

Salt Lake Temple - Spring Flowers by Robert A Boyd

Salt Lake Temple picture capturing a sunburst through the trees and nearby flowers.

Salt Lake Temple - Springtime in Zion by Robert A Boyd

Salt Lake Temple painting framed by painted white flowers.

Salt Lake Temple - Heritage of Women by Abigale Palmer

Faded Salt Lake Temple picture with with orange and blue flowers in the front.

Salt Lake Temple - Truth by Mandy Jane Williams

Picture of Salt Lake Temple grounds, featuring a statue of a young woman playing with two children.

Salt Lake Temple - Spring Statue by Robert A Boyd

This is only the start of our Salt Lake City Temple pictures. Peruse our gallery for the full collection.

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