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10+ Jawdropping Tucson Temple Pictures: Desert Blossoms

Banner image of the Tucson Temple with the sun shining out from behind the wall.

Most LDS Temples are surrounded by lush flower beds, fountains, and wide stretches of green lawns, but the Tucson Arizona Temple has a beauty all its own. These stunning Tucson Temple pictures feature not only this inspiring building of worship, but also the unique desert landscape where it stands. 

Our artists and photographers have captured everything from the reddish sand to the proud cacti in featuring this unique and historic temple, demonstrating that God’s work moves forward even in areas that may, at first glance, appear rather less like an Eden.

What our Tucson Temple pictures do not show is all of the dedication, work, and history behind the construction. It was the sixth temple built in Arizona, making it the 157th completed LDS Temple worldwide. Early members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints were among the settlers who first ventured the dangers of the sparse desert.Thanks to their sacrifices and faith, many today--regardless of religious status--enjoy living in well-developed communities around the state.

At a cultural event celebrating the Tucson Temple’s completion, Dieter F. Uchtdorf encouraged young people to embark on their own heroic journey of discipleship: “Start your own personal legacy in the church of Jesus Christ and in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Trust Him, because He loves you. He will help you wherever you go. He is your friend. He will give you direction and help whenever you need it”.

The Tucson Temple Dedicatory Prayer reflects His counsel. Near the beginning, it reads: "We thank Thee for the generations of faithful Saints who have gone before in this sacred work; for their sacrifices, courage, and faith, and for all who are building Thy work and kingdom today.” 

Later on, the prayer asks for special blessings for the youth, which would include the many who participated in that exciting celebration: “Bless the youth of Thy Church that they will receive an understanding of the eternity and divinity of Thy work. May they be true and faithful throughout their lives.”

This Arizona Temple has since served many and added peace, hope, courage, and clarity to the lives of those who visit. Temples reflect God’s love because they are places where we can go to draw closer to Him and to escape some of the noise and confusion of our modern world. That is why so much dedication and heart goes into each of the Tucson Temple pictures in our collection. The idea is to bring some of the warmth and peace of the temple to your home or workspace. We hope you enjoy this selection!

Desert Landscape Tucson Temple Pictures

Sunburst behind shining around the Tucson Arizona Temple.

Tucson Arizona Temple - Endless Light by Evan Lurker

Picture of the Tucson Temple with focus on the entrance sign.

Tucson Arizona Temple - Golden Desert by Lance Bertola

Tucson Temple picture glowing against an evening sky.

Tucson Temple - A House of Peace by Robert A Boyd

Tucson temple surrounded by a blue sky and a desert landscape.

Tucson Temple - Desert Landscape by Scott Jarvie

Panoramic photo of the Tucson Temple glowing against the mountains and evening sky.

Tucson Temple - Evening Panorama by Scott Jarvie

"We thank Thee for the generations of faithful Saints who have gone before in this sacred work; for their sacrifices, courage, and faith, and for all who are building Thy work and kingdom today.” 

Vertical photo of the Tucson Temple entrance

Tucson Temple - Vertical Panorama by Scott Jarvie

Tucson Temple picture featuring the desert landscape and blue storm clouds.

Tucson Temple - Stormy Sky by Scott Jarvie

Tucson Temple photo featuring desert landscape.

Tucson Temple - Desert Beauty by Evan Lurker

Evening Tucson Temple Pictures

Tucson Temple standing in front of deseter mountains and orange clouds.

Tucson Temple - Summer Sunset by Robert A Boyd

Vertical picture of the Tucson Temple steeple with cacti in the forefront.

Tucson Temple - Cactus Twilight by Scott Jarvie

Aerial photo of the Tucson Temple and grounds.

Tucson Arizona Temple - Blue Hour by Lance Bertola

Tucson Temple reflected against the pavement.

Tucson Temple - Covenant Path Series by Robert A Boyd

Our LDS temple photography gallery is always growing. For more art, check our full Tucson Temple pictures collection. 

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