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20 Beautiful Payson Utah Temple Pictures

Environment shot showing three photos of the Payson Utah Temple.

The Payson LDS Temple is a shining testament to the sacrifices and bravery of the original settlers. When a prophet God sent instructions to settle the land, their faith motivated them to face the unknown in creating a prosperous community.

A portion of the dedicatory prayer reads:

“We are thankful for those who laid the foundations of this and other nearby communities. Now their posterity enjoy the sweet fruits of their efforts, and crowning all is this magnificent and beautiful temple...We thank Thee for those who have provided the land, who have worked in the planning and construction, who have served in any capacity whatever to bring this undertaking to this day of consecration.” 

Dedicated on June 7, 2015 the Payson Utah Temple is one of the more recent LDS temples to reach completion, though many more are already in stages of construction. We hope you enjoy these heartfelt photos by our professional photographers and artists, celebrating the rich heritage the early settlers of Payson Utah have left for future generations.

Payson Utah Temple Pictures In the Spring

Springtime photos are our largest selection of Payson Temple pictures. With the lush green grass, beautiful sunrises, and bursting flowerbeds it makes sense that this time of year has become a favorite subject of our artists and photographers. 

We love LDS temple photos taken during the spring. They immediately present a message of hope and new beginnings, two things that this sacred building itself stands for. The sacred covenants, or promises, that we make with God inspire us to improve ourselves. They remind us of our true identity as children of God and teach of the worth and potential of every member of the human family. 

In short, these special promises give us hope in a better world. And that’s exactly what spring suggests every year with its fading cold and budding flowers.

Panoramic photo of the Payson Temple against a landscape of blue mountains.

Payson Temple - Mountain Panorama by Scott Jarvie

This peaceful photo with the deep blue sky and pastel flowerbeds shows us the Payson Temple on a quiet morning. The scene is crisp and inviting, just as a fresh new day should be.

Payson Temple LDS Temple against a blue and purple clouds.

Payson Temple - Purple Sky by Robert A. Boyd

We love the contrast between dark and light in this photo. It isn’t stark or extreme, just enough to catch the eye. And just enough to emphasize the light–both physical and spiritual–that emanates from this sacred, dedicated building.

Painting of the of the Payson Temple.

Payson Temple by Abigale Palmer

Although Utah has a lot of desert landscape, the temple grounds are always bursting with color and life. Abigale captures that perfectly in her painting with the greens and violets of full bushes embracing the foot of the temple.

Photo of the Payson Utah Temple behind a yellow and purple flowerbed.

Payson Temple - Sunrise Front by Scott jarvie

This peaceful photo  with the deep blue sky and pastel flowerbeds shows us the Payson Temple on a quiet morning. The scene is crisp and inviting, just as a fresh new day should be.

Payson Temple - A House of Peace by Robert A Boyd

Scott, the photographer, loves mountains. And we love this panorama he has captured of the Payson Temple rising above the trees, standing proudly with the mountain ridge.

Payson Temple - Signs and Flowers by Scott Jarvie

Many individuals and families throughout the world sacrifice much in order to arrive at a view like this. The sign of their nearest temple means that they have at last arrived at a special place where they can make important promises with God.

Photo of Payson LDS Temple surrounded by pink flowerbeds and green grass.

Payson Temple - Garden Flowers by Robert A Boyd

Titled for the stretch of lovely flowers surrounding the temple, this photo captures the essence of springtime. The light brushes of pink clouds against the blue sky make this a calming and memorable Payson Temple picture.

Payson Utah Temple Pictures in the Summer

The Payson Utah Temple grounds are absolutely gorgeous during the summer months. The flowerbeds are in full bloom, the grass is green and thick, and the surrounding fields are full of potential crops. 

LDS Temples will always be symbols of peace, but during the summer they are especially relaxing. Sunlight filters through the glass windows and doors. With school out, it becomes easier to schedule family trips to visit the temple together and people generally tend to feel more happy during the more sunshiney part of the year. 

These next photos and paintings reflect the clear skies and refreshing weather of the Payson LDS Temple during the summer.

Colorful photo of the Payson Utah Temple against an orange sunset.

Payson Utah Temple - Lasting Luster by Lance Bertola

The striking sunset, combined with green grass and blooming flowers create a heavenly scene. This photo by Lance reflects not only the physical beauty of the temple, but also its spiritual beauty as well.

Painting of the Payson Temple beneath a clear sky.

Payson Temple by Anne Bradham

This detailed watercolor by Anne is a beautiful tribute to this beloved temple. Of the scene, the artist said: “The color, design, and spirit were so calming and captivating to me. I sat on the curb right across the street, in front of a house, just staring in awe. I felt such peace and beauty.”

Photo of the Payson Utah against a blue and orange sky.

Payson Temple - Eventide by Robert A Boyd

Evening is the perfect time for reflection. The day begins to wind down. The lights begin to dim. And the mind becomes free from the day’s demands. We love the calm peace conveyed in this photo. 

Payson Temple - Sunrise Corner by Scott Jarvie

The green stretch of lawn and bright blue sky makes for the perfect summer morning. The distant angle captured in this photograph shows much more of the grounds, offering a fresh view of the temple.

A green field stretched out in front of the Payon Utah Temple.

Payson Temple - The Farmers Temple by Scott Jarvie

This unique view of the Payson Temple reflects some of the legacy and culture of the area. One might also say it symbolizes an important truth repeated in different parables and themes of Jesus’ teachings: the law of the harvest.

Photo of the Payson Utah Temple against pink clouds and a blue sky.

Payson Temple - Evening Glow by Robert A Boyd

We love the burst of clouds captured in this Payson Temple picture. It gives the image a serene yet cheerful sense of energy and movement, which contrasts nicely with the steady and strong architecture of the temple.

Image of Payson Utah and lush flowerbeds.

Payson Temple - Covenant Path Series by Robert A Boyd

This is a part of a second series by Robert titled, “Covenant Path”. Each photo in the series includes a path leading up to the temple doors. Here that path is lined with beautiful scenery and gently swirling skies.

Payson Utah Temple Pictures in the Fall

Autumn photos are always gorgeous with that warm mix of reds, oranges, and browns. LDS Temple photos in the fall are no different. While our collection of autumn photos is still growing, we love these images  by four of our talented artists. 

In many ways, the temple teaches us about the law of the harvest. We learn that perfection does not come immediately. Rather, we are meant to learn and grow from the experiences we have along the way and, with time, God has promised we will reap the fruit of our efforts.

Distant photo of the Payson Utah Temple glowing amid city lights beneath the mountains

Payson Temple - Mountain View by Robert A Boyd

Robert takes an entirely new approach with this photo, capturing not only the temple but also the glowing city lights and the sun rays reaching out over the mountaintops. It is a stunning composition, celebrating the positive effect a dedicated temple tends to have on an area.

A pastel sky above the Payson Utah Temple and an autumn field.

Payson Temple - Sunset by Kyle Woodbury

Nothing beats a desert sunset. In this photo, bright colors paint the sky, the windows have a warm glow, and a silent field grows plentifully. It is the picture of tranquility.

A yellow field and the Payson Utah Temple in front of a

Payson Temple - Mountain View by Scott Jarvie

This unique picture of the Payson Temple at the foot of the mountain shows the majesty of God’s creations together with the majesty of a stunning building of worship. It is a quiet but powerful scene.

Payson Utah Temple standing amod white flowers.

Payson Temple - Simple Truths by Mandy Jane Williams

Purity is the focus of Mandy’s Payson Temple artwork. The white flowers against the off-white stone walls create an image that feels clean and refreshing, which is exactly how it feels for many who enter the temple doors.

Payson Utah Temple Pictures in the Winter

These last two photos have a winter tone to them with the photographer’s focus on wintery colors. The blues, whites, and silvers create a calming mood, perfect for accenting any living space. We don’t have any snowy photographs yet, but be sure to check back! Our photographers are actively traveling to keep up with the growing number of LDS temples.

Payson Temple standing against blue mountains.

Payson Temple - Evening Hills by Scott Jarvie

There is a nice cohesion of cool blues and whites in this picture of the Payson Temple. The mountains match the clouds and the temple matches the sky. Trimmed with the soft glow from the illuminated temple grounds, the overall effect of the image is soothing.

Photo of the Payson Utah Temple with silver understones.

Payson Temple - Chrome Series by Robert A. Boyd

Robert’s Chrome Series is a collection of Latter-day Saint Temple photos with seraphic-lighting that adds a whole new look to each temple. Each is an inspiring work of photography and digital artwork, including the Payson addition.

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