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Paris Temple: LDS Photos by Robert Boyd

Banner image photo of the front of the Paris France LDS TEmple

Nearly every part of the Paris France Temple was constructed with the country’s rich history and culture in mind. From the stonework to the floral glass windows, this beautiful building stands as a testament to God’s love for the people in this area of the world. 

The dedicatory prayer petitions God for help and protection, especially for youth and married couples. In other words, it highlights the core of what drives the construction of LDS Temples: family.

“Guard and fortify all who come here, and strengthen them against the forces of evil. Protect the youth, who are surrounded by temptations. Give them the courage to stand firm for truth and righteousness. Give them a vision of the eternal purpose of their temple service for their ancestors, for their future families, and for themselves…”

“...We pray for those who are sealed as husband and wife in this temple for eternity. Bless them with charity, the pure love of Christ. Bless them with the power to be faithful to the covenants they make with Thee and with each other. Protect them from evil. Protect them from selfishness and pride. Bless them that their hearts will be turned to Thee, to each other, to their children, to their descendants, and to their ancestors.”

These blessings are more than just nice sentiments. They are what families need to maintain their relationships with each other and with God, especially during modern times when we are faced with a myriad of conflicting messages every day. The Paris France Temple dedicatory prayer reminds us of what truly matters. 

Our photo collection of the LDS Paris France Temple is still growing, but for this blog, we wanted to showcase some of the work by one of our most prolific temple photographers: Robert Boyd.

Paris Temple - Main Entrance

We love the warm glow in this photo. It illustrates the sense of welcome many feel when approaching the temple doors. This up-close view of the Paris France Temple entrance also showcases the intricate artisan work that went into this sacred building. From the classic lamp posts to the pastel window art, this unique temple is the picture of peace and harmony. 

The brown trimming of the doors and windows is another unique feature of this temple. In many cases, temple doors are white to match the temple exterior. We love this extra touch of color. It calls to mind the sense of class and style so many of us associate with Paris and with France in general.

Photo of the Paris France Temple entrance.

Paris Temple - Main Entrance by Robert A. Boyd

Paris Temple - Front Panoramic

This calming panoramic photo of the Paris LDS Temple is the perfect decor to hang over a sofa or to add color to a hallway. The gentle blue sky, touch of leaves, and creamy white of the building come together to create serenity. We even see a clear shot of the unique, pyramid-shaped trees guarding the entrance. 

If you are looking for an LDS temple picture to put in your home, Roberts panorama is a great example of what it might look like to bring your love for the temple and your current room decor together.

Panoramic photo of the Paris France LDS Temple.

Paris Temple - Front Panoramic by Robert A. Boyd

Paris Temple - Art Glass Windows

We’ve already mentioned the windows before in this blog, but they are certainly worth mentioning again. They are perhaps one of the most characteristic traits of the Paris France LDS Temple. 

This photo by Robert A. Boyd is similar to his “Main Entrance” picture, but it takes a step back. Here, the focus is not so much on the doors as it is on the gorgeous array of intricate, stained glass windows. The windows feature soft pastel colors that each blends into the clear glass in the center. We love that this photo captures the light coming from them, illuminating an early evening sky.

Photo of the Paris France Temple, featuring the stained glass windows.

Paris Temple - Art Glass Windows by Robert A. Boyd

Paris Temple Poster

If the Paris Temple plays a significant role to you or your family, you might consider getting one of Robert’s masterpieces in poster form. Our repositional posters make the perfect gifts for missionaries, for baptism events, or anyone in need of some inspiring school locker or bedroom wall decor. 

The text reads: “Keep on the Covenant Path”. Help loved ones maintain an eternal perspective and be reminded of what matters most with this lasting repositionable poster of Robert’s “Paris Temple - Front Panoramic” photo. The size is 12x18, making it the perfect fit for a variety of spaces, whether that’s next to the bathroom mirror or in a college dorm.

Poster of the Paris France LDS Temple. Text reads: "Keep on the Covenant Path".

Paris Temple - Front Panoramic 12x18 Repositionable Poster

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