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Environment shot with a photo of the Bountiful Temple hanging above a sofa.

Bountiful Temple Pictures for Every SEason

The Bountiful Utah Temple has a lot of unique history and features that have made it a subject of interest for several of our artists and photographers. It makes up a sizeable section of the temple images in our gallery, which is why we wanted to focus on it in this blog.

Here are a few Bountiful Temple pictures and fun facts for the next time you visit or see a piece of artwork.

It's known for its atrium

The atrium is one of the more unique exterior features of the Bountiful Utah Temple. When you walk up to the temple, a large, circular area greets you, filled with greenery and polished pavement. At its center is a balcony where you can look down on the trees and flowers growing below. Whether or not you enter the temple, that atrium is worth a walk around the grounds.   

Bountiful Temple atrium view, showing snow-covered trees.

Bountiful Temple - Atrium view by Kyle Woodbury

Bountiful Temple from the atrium, pink blossoms and clear sky visible

bountiful Temple - summer atrium by robert a. boyd

Bountiful temple from atrium, fall leaves and sunset visible.

Bountiful Temple - Fall Atrium by robert a. boyd

Bountiful Temple. Red tree top is visible from the atrium.

Bountiful temple - red tree by scott jarvie

Its Sister Temple is Mount Timpanogos 

Did you know that the Bountiful Temple and the Mount Timpanogos Temple have very similar architecture? They were even dedicated about a year and a half from each other. The Mount Timpanogos Temple doesn’t have an atrium, like Bountiful, but both share features, such as the rows of archways and the long, rounded windows. 

Think you could spot Bountiful in these temple images, even without the captions?

Mount Timpanogos Temple photo at an angle.

Mount Timpanogos - Angled Whiteout by Kyle Woodbury

Bountiful temple painting at same angle as Mount Timpanogos photo.

Bountiful Temple by Anne Bradham

Here's a hint: Bountiful has more archways.

It has a gorgeous fountain

The fountain is another notable feature our artists and photographers have captured in their Bountiful Temple pictures. To the side of the atrium is a beautiful step fountain tiled in a cheerful blue. The quiet rush of the water and the surrounding greenery make for a peaceful spot to take a break from the noise of everyday life and do as Elder Renlund invited us in the April 2020 General Conference: “Remember each day the greatness of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and what They have done for you. Let your consideration of Their goodness more firmly bind your wandering heart to Them.”  

Bountiful Temple blue fountains surrounded by snow.

Bountiful  Temple - Snow Covered Fountain by Kyle Woodbury

Bountiful Temple against sunset. Fountains visible on the right.

Bountiful Temple - Sunset across the valley by scott jarvie

"Remember each day the greatness of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and what They have done for you. Let your consideration of Their goodness more firmly bind your wandering heart to Them.”     

#47 on the list of dedicated temples

In January of 1995, the Bountiful Utah Temple became number forty-seven on the list of dedicated temples, making it number seven in the state of Utah. An impressive feat, considering that the city Bountiful began with one man and his family wintering down in a dugout. In 1847, Perregrine Sessions wanted a place where he could feed his livestock, so he packed his things and set out to find better land. His venture soon made him the first white man to settle in what is now Davis County. 

Ever since that early founding, the city Bountiful quickly became known as the garden spot of Utah. Fitting, then, that we find this inspiring phrase in the dedicatory prayer:

“Bless thy children throughout the world who know hunger, who have no shelter and who face daily suffering. May we who have been blessed with abundance reach out in a spirit of love and true charity to those who yearn for our help."

One of Two dedicated by president hunter

President Howard W. Hunter was the one to give the prayer. It was his second and last temple dedication during his short time as president of the Church, the first being the Orlando Florida Temple. President Hunter himself came from small beginnings as a boy in Idaho and later lived through the Great Depression, which makes the spirit of the dedicatory prayer especially meaningful. 

In many ways, President Hunter’s words were almost prophetic to challenges that we would be facing decades later: “Today when the family unit is under attack and things long held sacred are often ridiculed by the world, we seek thy help to make us equal to our tasks, that our homes may be havens of peace and happiness. In our families, may we pause to pray and think to thank.”

Seasonal Bountiful Temple Pictures

Temples take on a new definition of beautiful for every season. Our artists have captured a variety of seasonal Bountiful Temple pictures. If this is the temple you were married in, we can pair it with your season. 



Bountiful Temple surrounded by yellow and pink tulips.

Bountiful Temple - pink and yellow tulips by robert a. Boyd

Bountiful Temple surrounded by pink tulips.

Bountiful Temple - tulips by robert A. Boyd


Bountiful Temple next to sunrise.

Bountiful Tempe - Holy Places series by Robert A. Boyd

Bountiful Temple from front.

Bountiful Temple - A house of peace by Robert a. boyd

Panoramic view of bountiful temple, surrounding city, and sunset.

Bountiful Temple - Sunset panorama by scott jarvie


Bountiful Temple surrounded by autumn trees.

Bountiful Temple - Fall by Robert a. boyd

Bountiful Temple with fall trees after rainfall.

Bountiful Temple - Rain Texture by Robert A. Boyd

Bountiful Temple against mountains with fall trees.

Bountiful Temple - Fall mountains by Robert a. boyd


Bountiful Temple with red trees against a winter sky.

Bountiful Temple - winter solace by mandy jane williams

Bountiful temple after snowfall.

Bountiful Temple - in the snow by kyle woodbury

Inspiring art can go a long way in helping your home to feel like a haven. We would love to hear what temple pictures you have in your home. Not sure yet? See our full collection of Bountiful Temple pictures for more inspiration.

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