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Timeless Black and White Latter-day Saint Art

Black and white banner photo of the Salt Lake Temple spires.

If you're looking for some stunning black and white LDS art, you've come to the right place! Our artists create pieces that are both beautiful and inspiring. Whether you're looking for temple photography or artwork featuring religious scenes, we have something for everyone. Be sure to check out our collection and see for yourself how amazing our work is!

There are many benefits to black and white art. For one, it can be very striking and beautiful. Black and white photography can also be very evocative, capturing moments in time that might otherwise be forgotten.

Additionally, black and white artwork can be very versatile - it can be hung in any room regardless of the décor. Whether you're looking for something elegant or something more rustic, black and white art is a great option. So if you're looking for LDS art that is both beautiful and meaningful, you've come to the right place! Enjoy our collection of black and white pieces.

Black and White Art by Annie Cole

Annie Cole specializes in creating inspiring sketches that have brought comfort and hope to many. Her work is stunning, and in her portraits of the Savior, she has a true talent for capturing the essence of Christ's loving and forgiving nature. Some of her art also centers around simple yet beautiful symbolism, inviting us to reflect more deeply on our relationship with Jesus Christ.

Drawing of Jesus comforting a young woman.

Home by Annie Cole

Drawing of a young woman praying. Jesus' hand is on her shoulder.

Silent Angels by Annie Cole

Drawing of Jesus holding out His scarred hands. One hand holds a flower.

Peace and Love by Annie Cole

Jesus comforting a young man.

You Are Seen by Annie Cole

Adore Him by Annie Cole

Sketched portrait of Jesus with His eyes closed. He has a calm expression.

For Them by Annie Cole

My Peace by Annie Cole

Annie's artwork would make a great addition to any home, and it would be sure to bring joy and inspiration to all who see it. If you're looking for heartfelt, black and white LDS art, be sure to check out more of Annie Cole's work! You won't be disappointed.

Black and White Art by Haley Miller

Haley Miller's mix of photography and digital art brings a fresh perspective to each of her finished pieces. Her art is often inspired by her faith journey, as well as that of her good friend and photography model. She has a gift for taking the darkest times of her life and transforming them into inspiring pieces of light to share with others. She creates her art to help others feel closer to the Savior. 

Picture of Jesus kneeling in prayer in a field.

The ADvocate by Haley Miller

Black and white kneeling in prayer. Doves fly across the sky.

The Amen by Haley Miller

Black and white image of Jesus standing in a field.

Watchman by Haley Miller

Haley's artwork is beautiful and moving, and it has brought comfort and peace to many. If you're looking for black and white LDS art to add a touch of timeless inspiration to your home, don't miss her collection.

Black and White LDS Temple Photography

LDS Temples are sacred places for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They are a place where we can go to feel closer to God and receive personal revelation. In the temple, we also make covenants with God that help us to become more like Him.

Temple photography is a popular way for LDS members to remember and reflect on their time spent in the temple. It can help keep our sacred covenants and promises at the forefront of our minds and can bring us back to the feelings of peace and serenity that naturally come with attending the temple. It is also a beautiful way to share the gospel with others.

Black and whtie photo of the Manhattan Temple, angled up toward the sky.

Manhattan Temple - Black and White by Scott Jarvie

Black and white photo of Salt Lake City Temple.

Salt Lake Temple - Black and White by Scott Jarvie

Black and white photo of the Bountiful Temple in the snow.

Bountiful Temple - In the Snow by Lance Bertola

Black and white photo of the Provo City Center Temple with a focus on the steeple.

Provo City Center Temple - Holiness by Evan Lurker

Black and white photos in particular are perfect if you want to add a modern, more sleek look to your home. If you're looking for black and white LDS art, be sure to peruse our gallery of LDS temple photography! 

Sacred Grove

The Sacred Grove is a special place for LDS members. It is where the prophet Joseph Smith had his First Vision, and it is also a place where we can go to feel closer to God. Even if we are not able to visit it in person, the story of Joseph Smith's first prayer invites us to reflect on our personal journey of receiving personal revelation and direction from our loving Heavenly Father.

Black and white photo of the sacred grove.

Sacred Grove - A Light Descended by Robert A. Boyd

Drawing of Joseph Smith kneeliing in the sacred grove, looking up toward Heaven.

First Vision by Justine Peterson

These black and white depictions of Joseph Smith praying and of the grove itself make for perfect missionary or baptism gifts. They are quiet and sincere, much like the young Joseph's first prayer. 

More Black and White LDS Art

Many of our artists, who may typically create artwork in full color, have also applied their talent and insight to the classy black and white medium. Enjoy these last few--though no less stunning--works by our Altus Fine Art artists.

Black and white photo of Christ's arms oustretched.

Behold, I am Jesus Christ - Black and White by Evan Lurker

Black and white photo of Jesus' outstretched hand.

Stretched Out Still by Chad Winks

Charcoal drawing of Jesus' scarred hand signing 'I love you'.

Greater Love by Darin Ashby

Drawing of Jesus holding an infant.

Christ With Child by Megan Rieker

Black and white photo of a tree with two trunks.

Tree of Life by Mandy Jane Williams

Detailed sketch of Jesus holding a shepherd's rod.

Christ Drawing by Robert Barrett

There are many other black and white LDS art options available. If you're looking for something more modern, try searching for black and white abstracts or geometric prints. For something with a more vintage feel, look for black and white photos of historical LDS sites or black and white portraits of LDS leaders. 

No matter what your taste, there is sure to be black and white LDS art that will speak to you! We hope you've enjoyed this blog post featuring black and white LDS art and temple photography! Be sure to check out our collection and find the perfect piece of art for your home. You're sure to find something that you'll love! Thanks for reading!

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