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How Great Thou Art: Tributes by Latter-day Saint Artists

Banner image of Jesus' hands holding a small globe.

Latter-day Saint artists have a unique way of portraying God's love and power. Their artwork is often inspired by personal experiences and their testimony of the gospel. In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the most beautiful tributes to God that have been created by Latter-day Saint artists. Each one of these pieces is an expression of faith and reverence for our Heavenly Father. We can all learn from their example and be inspired to create art that testifies of His greatness!

The hymn "How Great Thou Art" by Carl Boberg has been sung by believers for generations. It is a beautiful tribute to our Heavenly Father and His power. The words of the hymn express our gratitude for His love and mercy. Every time we sing this hymn, we are reminded of His greatness and our need to always remember Him.

Religious art often expresses a similar theme, directing the gaze away from the humdrum and stresses of everyday life and toward Heaven, or the blessings we may often take for granted. We hope these inspiring pieces help remind you of God's love.

How Great Thou Art: LDS Art That Portrays God's Love

God's love is infinite and unending. He loves us unconditionally and completely. His love is the very definition of perfect love. It never fails or wavers, no matter what we do or say. God's love is always there for us, waiting to be accepted. All we have to do is reach out and take it. His love will change our lives forever if we let it. We can never earn or deserve God's love--it is a gift that He freely offers to us. Let us all remember how great His love for us truly is!

There are many ways that we can feel closer to God. One way is by studying His word and learning about His character. Another way is by spending time in prayer, both personal and family prayer. We can also feel close to God as we serve others and keep His commandments. As we do these things, we will feel His love for us more strongly in our lives. Additionally, attending the temple regularly will help us to feel closer to God. There, we can receive personal revelation and make covenants with Him that will deepen our relationship with Him.

As we strive to follow Jesus Christ and become more like Him, we will feel an even greater closeness to our Heavenly Father. There are many ways that we can feel close to God--the important thing is that we take the time to seek Him out!

Jesus sitting on a serene hill with a lamb in HIs lap.

In the Shepherd’s Care by Simon Dewey

Jesus comforting a young girl who embraces and a man kneels at His feet.

Balm of Gilead by Annie Henrie Nader

Jesus lying on the ground, suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane. Light shines down on Him.

Gethsemane by Adam Abram

Jesus cupping a sparrow in His hands.

Safety by Mandy Jane Williams

Jesus holding and smiling down at a black lamb.

The One by Brent Borup

Jesus comforting a young woman.

Home by Annie Cole

Picture of Jesus with a crown of thorns on His head.

Crucified by Haley Miller

A little girl giving Jesus a branch of blossoms.

The Gift by Rod Peterson

How Great Thou Art: LDS Art Illustrating God's Power

The term "great" can also refer to God's immense power. It is often spoken of in scripture, though it remains beyond our understanding. His power created the universe and everything in it. His power protects us from harm and danger. His power can heal the sick and comfort the grieving. His power knows no bounds! We should always remember how great and powerful our Heavenly Father truly is!

Latter-day Saint artists have a unique way of depicting God's power in their artwork. They often use bold colors and images to convey the magnitude of His power. Their artwork is a testament to their faith in Him and His ability to protect and bless His children. We can all learn from their example and be inspired to create art that testifies of His greatness!

Jesus looking up at a starry sky.

In the Beginning Was the Word By Eva Koleva Timothy

Jesus controlling the elements.

Christ The Creator by Robert Barrett

Jesus  standing on the neck of a serpant. A storm rages in the background.

He Shall Reign by Susan Edwards

Geometric painting of Jesus in a red robe and a host of angels descending down to planet earth.

The Second Coming by Jorge Cocco

Jesus standing in a boat, reaching out His hand to calm the storm.

Peace, Be Still by Simon Dewey

Painting of Jesus wearing a white robe and surrounded by clouds.

Resurrected Christ by Robert Barrett

Jesus motioning toward planet earth.

The Creation by Annie Henrie Nader

Jesus holding the Earth in His hands.

The Light of the World by Eva Koleva Timothy

Blue painting of Jesus walking on water.

It is I, Be Not Afraid by Rose Datoc Dall

Jesus collapsing under the the weight of the cross.

Hero by Kelsy and Jesse Lightweave

How Great Thou Art: LDS Art That Embraces God's Goodness

God is good--all the time! His goodness is one of His defining characteristics. He is always kind, loving, and just. We can trust Him completely because He is good. no matter what we go through in life, we can know that God is ultimately good and that He has our best interests at heart.

Latter-day Saint artists often depict God's goodness in their artwork. They show His love for us in how He blesses us and protects us from harm. Their art reminds us that we can always trust Him because He is good. We can all learn from their example and be inspired to create things in our own lives that testify of His goodness!

While each person's relationship with Him is unique, there are some things that we can do to get to know Him better. Studying His word and learning about His character is a good place to start. We can also spend time in prayer, both personal and family prayer. Additionally, serving others and creating habits like regular church attendance will help us to feel closer to God. As we do these things, we will begin to understand more about who He is and how much He loves us.

As Latter-day Saints, we are incredibly lucky to have such talented artists within our faith. Their artwork is a beautiful testimony of their love for God and His love for us. It is always uplifting and inspiring to see how they depict His goodness, power, and love. We are grateful for their contributions and hope that they continue to create art that blesses lives!

Religious art can be incredibly beautiful and moving, and we think these particular pieces capture the sentiments in the famed hymn. They are easy to place in a home or office space, reminding us of God's love for us and how blessed we are to be His children regardless of the challenges we may be facing.

Jesus being playful and swinging a little girl around.

As a Little Child by Eva Koleva Timothy

Gifts by Kelsy and Jesse Lightweave

Jesus holding a lamp and guiding a young woman who is prayer.

Guiding Light by Annie Henrie Nader

Jesus portrait. He has a concerned expression.

Compassion by Robert Pack

Jesus drawing in the dirt in front of the woman accused of adultry.

Neither Do I Condemn Thee by Eva Koleva Timothy

Sketched portrait of Jesus. His eyes are closed and he has a soft smile.

For Them by Annie Cole

Profile picture of Jesus in a white robe. The texture of the image is soft.

Jesus Wept by Haley Miller

Drawing of Jesus holding an infant.

Christ with Child by Megan Rieker

There are many different types of religious art, from paintings to sculptures to music. Whatever your preference, there is sure to be something out there that you enjoy! Thank you for taking the time to view religious artwork. We feel blessed to be able to share it with so many.

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