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Divine Redeemer and More Classics by Simon Dewey

Simon Dewey’s stunning portrait of Jesus Christ, Divine Redeemer, has brought comfort and inspiration to many. It is a classic styled painting that portrays the Savior as calm, gentle, and strong. The smooth textures and earthy color palette illustrate both the power as well as humility so characteristic of the Son of God. Like all of his faith-based artwork, it has a timeless quality to it. It is no wonder this, and so many more of his paintings, grace the halls of church buildings and homes. Keep reading for more inspirational work by this prolific Latter-day Saint artist.

Portrait of Jesus with a calm expression.

Divine Redeemer by Simon Dewey

Led By the Spirit

Even Jesus Christ looked to Heaven for aid and guidance. The New Testament cites several instances where He prays to His Heavenly Father, often going off to be alone in His efforts to find answers and direction. This painting illustrates a scene of Jesus fasting in the desert for forty days and forty nights.

Painting of Jesus sitting in the desert, His hands clasped in prayer.

Led By the Spirit by Simon Dewey

Light and Truth

Painting of Jesus teaching at a podium. A scroll is spread out on the podium.

Light and Truth by Simon Dewey

When faced with temptation, Jesus taught that: “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth forth out of the mouth of God” (Matthew 4:4). This painting of Jesus teaching in the synagogue is a beautiful reminder that the Savior never once gave counsel that He was not willing to follow Himself. He did not just know the word of God, He lived it. It is no wonder He is referred to as “the Word”.

Simeon’s Blessing

The scriptures record that Jesus had to learn and grow gradually, just like any one of us. This beautiful painting highlights the role that Joseph the carpenter likely played in the Savior’s upbringing as His immediate father figure. It is a touching tribute to the sacred role of fatherhood and especially to a man with a good heart and sound judgment called by God to care for and protect His only begotten son.

Painting of Simeon holding baby Jesus and looking up toward Heaven.

Simeon's Blessing by Simon Dewey

Growing in Wisdom

Joseph holding a glowing lamp reading from a scroll with the young Jesus.

Growing In Wisdom by Simon Dewey

The scriptures record that Jesus had to learn and grow gradually, just like any one of us. This beautiful painting highlights the role that Joseph the carpenter likely played in the Savior’s upbringing as His immediate father figure. It is a touching tribute to the sacred role of fatherhood and especially to a man with a good heart and sound judgment called by God to care for and protect His only begotten son. 

In Favor With God

Likewise, Simon has painted another piece celebrating Mary’s profound role as the earthly mother of Jesus Christ. Here we see a quiet moment where the two pray together. After all, it was likely Mary who taught the young Jesus how to pray and perform other religious rituals, to begin with. We love this painting, as it honors the sacred role of mothers everywhere.

Young Jesus kneeiing in prayer with his mother Mary.

In Favor with God by Simon Dewey

Fishers of Men

Jesus walking on the shore calling to two fishermen.

Fishers of Men by Simon Dewey

You might consider this piece a prayer by the artist. He redid it multiple times, working hard to get it just right. He painted it with his young sons in mind, knowing that they would be facing a world where positive male role models would be hard to find. Knowing Jesus Christ is the ultimate example, he created this image as a way to communicate his love and concern for his little boys. 

Living Water

There are definitely times in life that feel like a drought. This was certainly the case for the woman that spoke with Jesus at the well. She had a long history of missteps and misdeeds, especially in the context of the culture of the day. Yet, upon hearing Jesus’ words, she left the well with new energy, excitedly spreading the news about His arrival. Likewise, we can also find relief from Christ’s teachings or the living water.

Jesus sitting at a well and speaking to a young woman.

Living Water by Simon Dewey

Arise and Walk

Jesus healing a little boy who is sitting in hi mother's lap with his cane on the ground.

Arise and Walk by Simon Dewey

Jesus always took time for individuals throughout His ministry. This painting illustrates one such tender moment as He heals a young mother’s son. It is a quiet but no less profound scene where, even with His immense role to play, the Savior does not look at all rushed. All of His attention is focused on those He is helping.

Daughter Arise

This touching miracle happened in a home. This painting does not show any of the crowd, just two worried parents and their daughter. Families are so important to God and, with time, He can help us find the healing that we and our family members need. He will always respect the choices ourselves and others make, and some answers may not come until the next life, but His promises are sure.

Jesus healing a young girl while her parents watch in awe.

Daughter Arise by Simon Dewey

Prince of Peace

Jesus washing His disciple's feet.

Prince of Peace by Simon Dewey

Christ truly is our “Divine Redeemer”. He is the literal Son of God, which means He has the ability to redeem us from the two things that limit the human family: sin and death. Through Him, we can overcome our mistakes and misdeeds. We can be washed clean, and one day we'll be united with our loved ones. He is the way to finding true and lasting peace, regardless of what challenges we face.

In Humility

It is amazing that with all the miracles Christ performed and all the power He possessed as the literal Son of God, He is the ultimate example of humility. He never put Himself down or denied who He was, but He did know when to listen to others, and He always accepted God’s will above His own. In this way, humility is not something timid and weak, but wise and powerful. 

In Humility by Simon Dewey

The Better Part

Painting of Jesus speaking with Mary and Martha. Mary is seated on the floor while Martha watches on, carrying food and drink.

The Better Part by Simon Dewey

This classic piece by Simon portrays Jesus spending time with Mary and Martha. Mary is seated on the floor listening to His words while Martha, looking weary, stands in the distance with her arms full of food and drink. The story offers insight into priorities and perhaps what it means to be a dedicated disciple of Jesus Christ, and we love Simon’s detailed portrayal of this important story in the New Testament.

Touch of Faith

Jesus taught that even faith the size of a mustard seed is the stuff that moves mountains. Maybe, just like the woman in this story, all we need to do is reach out to the Savior. Like her, we may feel like He is out of reach or that it is an inconvenient time, but our efforts are never wasted. We may be surprised at what miracles we begin to see.

Touch of Faith by Simon Dewey

From Darkness to Light

Jesus healing a blind man sitting in a lonely corridor.

From Darkness to Light by Simon Dewey

Throughout His time on earth, Christ healed blindness in many forms. Whether it was a physical condition, a misled mindset, or overwhelming fear, He cured those who were willing to let Him. Likewise, when we let the Savior’s influence into our lives, we can see things with more hope and clarity.

Consider the Lilies

Children were an important part of Jesus’ ministry. Not only were their faith and humility something He counseled His adult audience to emulate, but it was also a young boy that brought the loaves and fishes that fed the multitude. The innocence of children is dear to the heart of the Savior, as we see illustrated in Simon’s piece.

Jesus sitting with two children among lilies.

Consider the Lilies by Simon Dewey

Hear Ye Him

Jesus sitting next to a river teaching a group of people.

Hear Ye Him by Simon Dewey

In this painting, Jesus is teaching adults and youth alike. It is a lovely painting demonstrating that the words of the divine redeemer are for the entire human family, not just a select few. And while the surroundings in the picture are beautiful, there is nothing particularly striking about them. The people appear to be listening to Jesus after just taking a break from their everyday life. Similarly, we do not need to wait for anything magnificent to turn to Christ.

Lord, Save Me

The story of Peter walking on water is both miraculous and relatable. It is never an easy task to walk in Jesus' footsteps, and often the surrounding storms get the best of us. Before we know it, we may find ourselves sinking. But Simon’s painting is a heartwarming reminder that the Savior is never far and is eager to come to our aid.

Lord, Save Me by Simon Dewey

I Am the Way

Painted portrait of Jesus. He is holding a staff.

I Am the Way by Simon Dewey

Jesus taught that He is “ the away, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me” (John 14:6). In this detailed portrait of Jesus, His expression is still gentle, but it is also somber, mirroring the tone of this vital scriptural truth. The world offers many counterfeits to lasting happiness, but ultimately only our Creator knows what will bring us the most joy and fulfillment in this life and the next.

To Fulfill All Righteousness

Baptism is an important step on the path back to our Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ showed the example when He was baptized by John. Despite John’s claims that he was unworthy to baptize someone like the Savior of the world, Jesus calmed his fears and, as always, submitted to the will of His Father. 

Painting of Jesus being baptized by John the baptist.

To Fulfill All Righteousness by Simon Dewey

Hallowed Be Thy Name

In this painting of Jesus praying, Simon makes a point to include scrolls and parchment, indicating that the Savior was also studying. Both of these habits, perhaps more than anything else, help us maintain our relationship with God. As with any relationship, our relationship with God also requires regular communication.

Jesus kneeling in prayer at a desk. A scroll is spread out on the desk while more sit at the foot.

Hallowed Be Thy Name by Simon Dewey

Behold The Man

Pontius Pilate motioning to Jesus, who is wearing a crown of thorns. Guards are on either side.

Behold The Man by Simon Dewey

Symbols such as the crown of thorns and the cross are understandably common in religious art. However, in this painting, Simon takes us a step back to focus on the moments before Christ’s death. Here we see Pilate and the Roman guards presenting Jesus to His own people. To the people vehemently calling for His death. Yet, despite the pain, betrayal, and rejection, the redeemer’s eyes are on Heaven. His expression is sad, but not hopeless.

No Greater Love

And again with this next piece of artwork, Simon draws from the lesser-known moments of Christ’s death to bring us a unique scene. Rather than focusing on Jesus hanging on the cross, He has painted the apostle John and Mary kneeling in its shadow. The sky is dark and stormy, their expressions distraught. Mary reaches up in desperation toward her son, portraying the tragedy of this event in its immediate effects on individual lives.

Mary and the apostle John weeping at the foot of the cross. Lightning splits the sky.

No Greater Love by Simon Dewey

He Lives

Jesus stepping outside of the empty tomb.

He Lives by Simon Dewey

Just as light and hopeful as the previous painting was dark and depressing, Simon’s painting of Christ’s resurrection has stood the test of time. As one of Simon’s first religious pieces, it has inspired individuals and families for decades and continues to be a favorite Easter piece. And it is no wonder, with the quiet sense of victory in Christ’s stature and gaze.

Why Weepest Thou

And following close on the heels of timeless Easter paintings, we have Simon’s piece illustrating Jesus speaking with Mary Magdalene outside of the empty tomb. Her look of complete relief and joy at seeing her truest friend and divine redeemer is heartening. The pink blossoms blooming above her head and the sunlight coming in through the trees underscore the message of Christ’s resurrection: there are such things as fresh beginnings.

Jesus talking to Mary Magdelne outside of the empty tomb.

Why Weepest Thou by Simon Dewey

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