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10+ Majestic Rome Temple Pictures

Photo of Jesus and the twelve apostles statues hanging above a sofa.

The Rome Temple was the first LDS Temple to be constructed in Italy. It was dedicated March 10, 2019 and is perhaps among the historically significant LDS Temples so far. It is where the early apostles taught and ministered after Jesus Christ’s resurrection. 

The Rome Temple District also covers a variety of other historical and biblical cities such as Greece, Romania, Cyprus, Macedonia, and Malta. Followers of Jesus Christ faced immense persecution during that early period of Christianity and also showed immense courage. The Rome Italy Temple is a reminder of their valiant efforts. We can draw strength from these early Christians as we face our own doubts or challenges.

An important part of the dedicatory prayer reads:

“In this ancient and great city that has stood since biblical times—in this historic nation of Italy—we acknowledge the ministry of two of Thy Son’s early Apostles, Peter and Paul, who once blessed this land with their labors. May the influence of their abiding testimony of Jesus Christ continue to be felt among the vital values of this great country. We express gratitude for the feelings of faith in and service to Jesus Christ that have long established this area as a bastion of Christianity.”

For such a recently constructed temple, our artists have quickly collected a fair amount of stunning photographs. These Rome Temple pictures show the exquisite detail that went into constructing even just the exterior of this sacred building and it’s flowering grounds. As with all LDS Temples, the Rome Italy Temple was designed with the specific culture and history of its location in mind. This includes the special visitors center, which we will get to soon. 

We hope you enjoy a few of our Rome Temple pictures taken by professional photographers. And be sure to check back for more as our collections are always growing!

Rome Temple Visitors Center Statues

Many people may be familiar with the enormous Christus statue featured in the Salt Lake City Temple Square visitors center. However, in the Rome Italy Temple visitors center, immense effort and careful permission went into recreating Bertel Thorvaldsen’s stunning statues of the resurrected Christ as well as His twelve apostles. The marble for these statues came directly from the same quarry as Michelangelo’s David

Behind the statues, you will find a painted mural by our very own Joseph Brickey. Characteristic of his style, the mural is full of gentle textures and impressive detail. Joseph worked hard to depict the Italian landscape, including olive trees and cypress trees. The mural also includes a flock of sheep which the honored artist painted in hopes of helping all feel welcomed into Jesus Christ’s fold.

Marble statues of Jesus Christ and the twelve disciples in the Rome Temple visitors center.

Rome Italy Visitor's Center by Robert A Boyd

Rome Temple Pictures: Evening Shots

Some of the best photos of LDS temples are taken during the evening when the lights on the building and grounds begin to glow. The sight is almost symbolic, reminding us that Jesus Christ and His gospel brings us peace during the dark hours of our lives. It is also reminiscent of Christ’s teaching in the book of Matthew:

“Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” (Matthew 5:14-17)

Rome Temple picture with flower beds and a distant sunset.

Rome Temple - Eventide by Robert A Boyd

Picture of the Rome Temple against a blue and purple sky.

Rome Temple - Sunset by Robert A Boyd

Picture of the Rome Temple glowing against an evening sky.

Rome Temple - Summer Evening by Scott Jarvie

Vertical photo of Rome Temple glowing against a stormy blue sky.

Rome Temple - Stormy Evening by Scott Jarvie

Rome Temple Pictures: Pink & Purple Skies

This is our biggest collection of Rome Temple pictures so far. Of course, the beauty of the Rome Italy Temple stands on its own. But we love these shots with the pastel swirl of clouds. The colors add to the peaceful, inviting feeling already present in the photo.

Rome Temple picture feautring the surrouding Italian landscape.

Rome Italy Temple - Field by Scott Jarvie

Angled photo of the Rome Italy Temple and grounds.

Rome Temple - Evening Glow. by Robert A Boyd

Rome Temple against a pink and purple sky.

Rome Temple - Gold Reflection by Robert A Boyd

Picture of the Rome Temple entrance and surrounding pavement and greenery.

Rome Temple - A House of Peace by Robert A Boyd

Rome Italy Temple photo with the temple reflected in the pavement.

Rome Italy Temple - Rain Reflections by Scott Jarvie

“In this ancient and great city that has stood since biblical times—in this historic nation of Italy—we acknowledge the ministry of two of Thy Son’s early Apostles, Peter and Paul, who once blessed this land with their labors."

Rome Italy Temple surrounded by hedges and trees.

Rome Italy Temple - Pink Sky by Scott Jarvie

Pavement leading around flowerbeds toward the Rome Temple.

Rome Temple - Covenant Path Series by Robert A Boyd

Rome Temple Paintings and Posters

Not all of our Rome Temple pictures are photographs. Talented painter Anne Bradham has created a beautiful depiction of the temple and it’s grounds on a clear, warm day. LDS temple architecture is always intricate, even for skilled painters. 

You can also find a repositionable poster of one of Robert A. Boyd’s photos. He has a collection of these posters, all with the theme of “Keep on the Covenant Path”. 

Rome Italy Temple painting.

Rome Italy Temple by Anne Bradham

Rome italy Temple poster. Text reads: "Keep on the Covenant Path".

Rome Temple - Sunset 12x18 Repositionable Poster

See our full and growing collection of Rome Temple pictures at our online store

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