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35+ Professional Paintings of Jesus Christ by Latter-day Saints

Art has a way of connecting us with matters of the soul, especially religious art. It takes us away from the immediate difficulties of daily life and lifts our gaze to something higher. Like the poetic words of the scriptures or the serene sound of a hymn, paintings of Jesus Christ remind us what this life is really about and, as a result, draw us closer to God. 

There is something to be said for the long and tedious process of layering individual brushstrokes to create something of beauty. It takes vision, determination, and plenty of heart to pull it off. So it is with the process of developing ourselves to achieve the measure of our creation as children of God. 

It’s a messy journey often involving a lot of clean-up, but if we can maintain a vision of the finished product, remain determined in our faith, and put our heart into it, the daily brushstrokes of our lives do begin to add up. And chances are there will be times when we are pleasantly surprised at the outcome. 

As Jesus Christ promised: “He that loseth his life for my sake shall find it” (Matthew 10:39). 

Draw inspiration from the craftsmanship of some of your favorite artists and their collection of Latter-day Saint paintings.

Paintings of Jesus Christ by Jorge Cocco

Jorge Cocco’s paintings are easily recognized by their unique, almost geometric look. It is an abstract style he has developed throughout his career as an artist inspired by the cubism approach of the early 20th century as well as his personal belief in and love for Jesus Christ. 

Jorge’s vast collection of work covers the life of Christ, including the miracles He performed and the parables he taught. Here are just a few of his uniquely insightful paintings.

Geometric painting of esus calling out fo the disciples on the boat.

The Call by Jorge Cocco

Cubism style painting of Jesus blessing the twelve disciples from the Book of Mormon.c

Calling of the Twelve Disciples in America by Jorge Cocco

Geometric paitning Jesus walking on water.

Fear Not, It is I by Jorge Cocco

Geometric, cubism painting of Jesus praying in Gethsemane.

Gethsemane by Jorge Cocco

Abstract portratig of Jesus Christ.

Christ Divine by Jorge Cocco

Geometic painting of Jesus healing people in the Book of Mormon.

Healing the Sick in the Americas by Jorge Cocco

Religious Artwork by Joseph Brickey

Joseph Brickey is an award-winning artist in drawing, painting, and sculptures. His multitude of talents has brought inspiration to many as he believes that: “art should both measure up in the museum and capture the common heart. The greatest art is that which generates the greatest good."

These two paintings of Jesus by Joseph highlight the strength and power of the Savior of the world. In these portrayals, He is physically strong. In the first, the deep red robe illustrates the blood and suffering He shouldered for the human family. Yet, in the second He wears a more plain robe with a much more humble backdrop. Whether in His role as the Redeemer or as the carpenter, Joseph reminds us that Christ is the master of all.

Jesus wearing a deep red robe. His arms are oustretched and light glows around Him.

Living Christ by Joseph Brickey

Detailed painting of Jesus sitting on the seashore with two young boys. In the distance, fishermen work on their boats.

Man of Galilee by Joseph Brickey

Bible Paintings by Rose Datoc Dall

Rose Dall’s paintings of Jesus Christ bring in an inspiring narrative. Like all of her religious artwork, there is a story happening within each piece. There is emotion and personality woven into the scenes with which many Christian audiences are already familiar.

Believe it or not, Rose sculpts many of her subjects and then uses them as a reference to paint. She has since developed a new look for her portraits of Christ, but we love the color and symbolism that she wove into these earlier paintings. Each piece carries a quiet sense of hope, faith, and optimism.

Vertial painting of Jesus kneeling in prayer against a desert backdrop.

Fasting in the Wilderness by Rose Datoc Dall

Painting of Jesus holding a dish of bread and fishes. An enormous crowd is stretched out behind Him.

Loaves and Fishes by Rose Datoc Dall

Painting of Jesus standing amid full grape vines with a somber expression on His face.

Lord of the Vineyard by Rose Datoc Dall

Painting of Jesu standing in a field of yellow mustard flowers.

Faith as the Mustard Seed by Rose Datoc Dall

LDS Art by Annie Henrie Nader

Annie uses multiple mediums to create her paintings. To accomplish the unique patterns and textures with and around her artwork, she does her own carving, often right into the surface on which she is painting. You’ll notice that not one of her pieces is like the next and they very often come with their own framed sort of look.

We love her portrayals of Christ. They are soft and reverent, inviting deep reflection on the Savior and His role in our lives. Annie has a gift for capturing the softer and sometimes even more somber aspects of His character in a way that makes God's beloved Son appear holy yet still human and approachable.

Textured painting of Jesus kneeling in Gethsemane.

Advocate by Annie Henrie Nader

A young girl hugs Jesus while a man kneels at His feet and kisses the hem of  His robe.

Balm of Gilead by Annie Henrie Nader

Textured painting of Jesus with a thoughtful expression. Golden leaves surround His head.

Garden Meditation by Annie Henrie Nader

Portrait of Jesus standing outside the tomb. A circle of gold encircles His head.

Light of Life by Annie Henrie Nader

Classic Paintings of Christ by Robert Barrett

Robert’s paintings have a very classic style to them. He often captures biblical scenes that are often overlooked, such as young Samuel meeting the prophet Eli or the three women that tended to Christ’s tomb after the crucifixion. His paintings of Jesus are no different. 

In this small selection alone, Robert’s paintings cover Christ’s ascension into Heaven, His role in creating the Earth, and the miracle of walking on water to meet the disciples. With deep detail and a realistic color palette, each scene draws us into the event as if we were there to witness it.

Painting of Jesus in a blue robe rising through the clouds, His face turned heavenward.

Ascension by Robert Barrett

Painting of Jesus with His sleeves rolled up and His arms outsretched. The elements swirl around Him as He creates the Earth.

Christ The Creator by Robert Barrett

Painting of Jesus walking on water. A small boat is in the background.

Christ Walking on the Water by Robert Barrett

Christian Artwork by Robert Pack

All through Robert’s collection of Latter-day Saint artwork, you may notice a similar pattern. He uses a sort of sweeping motion shape to guide our eyes up and around the painting. In his portraits of Jesus, his gentle pattern makes it easy to fall into a calm sort of reflection on Christ, His expression, and whatever action He is performing within the painting. 

Robert also uses soft textures and colors, reminding us that in a noisy and busy world, Jesus Christ offers lasting peace. His grace covers even our darkest and most ugly mistakes. Through Him, we can find healing and hope. What insights do you draw from these paintings?

Gentle Savior by Robert Pack

Portait of Jesus with a soft, concerned expression.

Compassion by Robert Pack

Like the poetic words of the scriptures or the serene sound of a hymn, paintings of Jesus Christ remind us what this life is really about and, as a result, draw us closer to God. 

Jesus placing his hand on a kneeling man's shoulder.

Arise and Be Whole by Robert Pack

Jesus with a gentle smile, standing to preach.

Blessed Are They by Robert Pack

Jesus speaking with and walking along with a man.

Come, Follow Me by Robert Pack

Stunning Paintings of Jesus by Doc Christensen

Doc’s art also has a classic look to it. Beyond scenes from the scriptures, he has also painted several pieces illustrating what it looks like to live the gospel in our modern day. For example, he has completed illustrations of parents praying at the bedside with their children, individuals taking the sacrament at church service, and missionaries getting ready for the day. 

His paintings of Christ carry the same feeling of security and serenity. These two paintings are interesting in that the focus is not just on representing Christ’s physical appearance, but also common animal symbols found throughout the bible, such as sheep and doves. They remind us of Jesus’s role as the Good Shepherd and the Prince of Peace.

Jesus standing next to a stone railing where two doves are standing. A thrid dove flies toward Him.

Christ and the Dove by Doc Christensen

Come Follow Me by Doc Christensen

Inspiring Art by Darin Ashby

Darin draws much of his inspiration from artists, such as Carl Bloch, William Bouguereau, and Norman Rockwell. Like them, he fills his artwork with deep color and emotion. These two portraits of Jesus are a great showcase of his style. They reflect both the sorrow and pain Christ suffered as well as the strength that He offers to us when we pass through our own Gethsemane. 

Darin’s choice of a cool color palette conveys feelings of sorrow but also calm. There is no challenge or tragedy that the Savior of the world has not experienced already. And He promises that if we come to Him, He will succor us. We will find rest.

Portrait of Jesus in a brown, hooded robe with a stern expression

Be Still and Know That I Am by Darin Ashby

Somber painting of an angel comforting Jesus who is praying in Gethsemane.

Agony in the Garden - After Franz Schwartz by Darin Ashby

Heartfelt Illustrations by Susan Edwards

Susan finds that her art is the most effective way to express her testimony of Jesus Christ. An expert in realistic portraits and figure painting, her gallery is full of different scenes and people. And as a singer/songwriter, she naturally infuses her work with narrative and emotion. 

These two paintings of Jesus, for example, tell the story of the ultimate purpose of His life and mission. He suffered for the pains and sins of the world, meaning that temptation, sin, and even death can have no permanent hold on us if we choose Him. Because of Christ, even the adversary, or the frightening and sly serpent from the garden of Eden can have no more hold on the children of Adam.

Jesus standing on the neck of an angry serpant.

He Shall Reign by Susan Edwards

Jesus praying in the dark of Gethsemane.

Not My Will But Thine by Susan Edwards

More LDS Paintings of Jesus Christ 

This blog only covers a fraction of the talented artists at Altus, and it would not be complete without a few more mentions. Each of the images listed here brings a unique style to the table, shedding new light and perspective on the character of Christ.

Jesus smiling and surrounded by glowing light.

Tangible Light - Muted by Sam Newton

Jesus standing on a path, looking back with His hand extended.

Come Follow Me by Brent Borup

Painting of Jesus walking on water. The sun is rising in the background.

Come Unto Me by Rex Price

Jesus parting a path through the clouds and waveswith His hand.

Deliverance is Nigh by David McClellan

Jesus standing amid a flock of sheep. He is smiling and HIs hand is extended.

Gather Them In by Robert A Boyd

Jesus healing a mother and an infant sitting up against a tree.

Healing Hands by Adam Abram

Impressionist painting of Mary and young Jesus in the light of a window.

Holy Mother and Child by Mike Moyers

Minimalist painting of infant Jesus asleep in a manger.

Nativity by Jeff Pugh

Geometric painting of Jesus with His arms oustretched. His skin has several shades, representing all races.

All Are Alike Unto God by Madison Wardle

Paintings of Jesus Christ make up our broadest selection of artwork. To find more, visit our online store and peruse the gallery.

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