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Inspirational Christian Calendar for 2022

Hallway shot with a calendar feautring a sketched portrait of Jesus Christ.

We are nearing the end of the year! For many of us, it has been a bumpy one. Yet Church leaders remain optimistic and continue to remind us to have hope for the years ahead. As a favorite quote by President Thomas S. Monsoon goes: “Be of good cheer. The future is as bright as your faith.” 

It is important to keep Jesus Christ a part of our everyday lives. With the number of obligations, distractions, doubts, and conflicts all of us face daily, Jesus Christ offers a haven. He anchors us in any personal or even societal storm. 

A christian calendar is a simple and great way to make room for God as you go throughout your busy day. Use it in your office or living space. Send one to your favorite missionary out in the field. Do you know your friend’s favorite LDS artist? Find the perfect gift from the list! 

Start next year off right with our new 2022 calendars! This year, we have a wide selection of fourteen different artists from which to choose.

As you may know from previous blogs, Instagram posts, or artist interviews, each one of our photographers and artists is motivated by their desire to share their personal witness of Jesus Christ. They have felt His power in their lives, especially through the darkest times, and they seek to help others feel that same peace and comfort. 

These will calendars bring a fresh perspective to your day, and we guarantee that they will brighten up any room. Each is painstakingly designed to double as beautiful home decor, meaning we do not take any shortcuts. We believe that our artists deserve better than that, and so do you! 

Enjoy a quick sneak peek of all fourteen 2022 Calendars!

Lightweave Calendar - Hidden Treasures

Lightweave takes a whole new approach to their religious art. They use both photography and digital art to create breathtaking lighting for each of their images. Invite warmth into 2022 with their artwork.

2022 Calendar featuring ann image of Jesus walking with a little girl and a herd of sheep through an illuminated forest.

Lightweave 2022 Calendar - No Greater Love

Jesus sitting in a field and holding an infant.

Savior's Lullaby by Lightweave

Jesus leading a little girl through a field of purple flowers.

Guardian by Lightweave

Kindred by Lightweave

Lance Bertola Calendar - Eternal Perspective

Lance Bertola is a prolific LDS temple photographer. His photos capture unique skies, especially his evening shot of the Manti Temple with the fireworks, though that one is not included here. This christian calendar features seasonal photos of a variety of different temples, perfect for adding color to any work or living space.

2022 Calendar cover featuring a photo of the Oquirrh Temple surrounded by flowers.

Lance Bertola 2022 Calendar - Stand in Holy Places

Photo of the Provo City Center Temple surrounded by snowfall and mountains.

Provo City Center Temple by Lance Bertola

Cedar City glowing against a sunset sky. Flower bed in forefront.

Cedar City Temple by Lance Bertola

Aerial shot of the Orland Temple with a lake in the background.

Orlando Temple by Lance Bertola

Jorge Cocco Calendar - Parables

Jorge has a style all His own. His uniquely abstract style and the symbolism he puts into each of his paintings have made him a favorite for many. Now you can enjoy a variety of his artwork all year long with his calendar, featuring beautiful illustrations of Christ’s parables.

2022 Christian calendar featuring an abstract painting of Jesus teaching a group of people.

Jorge Cocco 2022 Calendar - Parables

Abstract illustration of the parable of the wiseman and the foolish man.

The Rock and the Sand by Jorge Cocco

Abstract painting of Jesus speaking with the woman at the well.

Jesus and the Samaritan Woman by Jorge Cocco

Abstract painting of Jesus resucing the lost sheep from falling off a steep ledge.

The Lost Sheep by Jorge Cocco

Joseph Brickey Calendar - Inviting Him In

Joseph's paintings and sketches are all full of detail. His subject matter covers a wide range of topics from Book of Mormon scenes to the Old Testament He also illustrates many moments in Jesus Christ’s ministry, including some beautiful nativity paintings.

2022 Christian calendar featuring a biblical illustration of Jesus entering a home.

Joseph Brickey 2022 Calendar - Inviting Him In

Soft painting of Jesus standing beneath a tree guarding a flock of sheep.

The Lord's Pasture by Joseph Brickey

Painting of Mary holding the crucified Christ.

Pieta by Joseph Brickey

Joseph leading Mary on a donkey past a young boy's heard of sheep.

Journey to Bethlehem by Joseph Brickey

Anne Bradham Calendar - House of God

Anne is a talented painter. It’s not always easy capturing the intricate details of a temple, especially with watercolor. Yet, Anne’s calendar is full of calming, gentle illustrations of some of the most popular LDS temples. Each one serves as a nice reminder to keep an eternal perspective.

2022 LDS Calendar featuring a painting of the Jordan River Temple.

Anne Bradham 2022 Calendar - House of God

Painting of the San Diego Temple and green lawn.

San Diego Temple by Anne Bradham

Painting of the Denver Temple, flower beds, and  fountain.

Denver Temple by Anne Bradham

Painting of the Houston Temple and fountain.

Houston Temple by Anne Bradham

Hank deLespinasse Calendar - Look to the Temple

Hank’s calendar features amazing evening shots of temples. He captures the welcoming feeling of the glow each temple has physically as well as spiritually. Throughout the year, his artwork can remind you that no matter how dark our surroundings get, we can always find light, hope, and healing through Jesus Christ.

2022 Calendar feautring an evening photo of the Las Vegas Temple.

Hank deLespinasse 2022 Calendar - Look to the Temple

Evening photo of the Gila Valley Temple glowing against a dark blue sky.

The Gila Valley Temple by Hank deLespinasse

Jordan River Temple glowing against a sky of purple clouds.

Jordan River Temple by Hank deLespinasse

The Los Angeles Temple surrounded by strings of Christmas lights.

Los Angeles Temple by Hank deLepinasse

Simon Dewey Calendar - Lead, Kindly Light

Simon Dewey is our most well-known artist, as he goes back as far as Altus itself. His masterful paintings have brought insight and comfort to many individuals and families throughout the years. Invite the spirit into your home, dorm, or office with this gorgeous collection of artwork.

2022 Calendar cover feautring a painting of Jesus holding a glowing lamp.

Simon Dewey 2022 Calendar - Lead, Kindly Light

Painting of Jesus washing the disciples' feet.

In Humility by Simon Dewey

Painting of a woman holding a clay vessel and walking through a wehat field.

Joy of the Harvest by  by Simon Dewey

Jesus sitting in the desert, hands clapsed and head bowed in prayer.

To Be With God by Simon Dewey

Annie Henrie Nader Calendar - Our Mediator

Annie’s art is known for its dreamlike lighting and mixture of unique textures and patterns. Each of her paintings is one of a kind, much like the early Renaissance pieces of artwork that have inspired her throughout her career. For a meaningful 2022, bring some of Annie’s art into the everyday grind.

Renaissance style portrait of Jesus Christ painting.

Annie Henrie Nader 2022 Calendar - Redeemer

Redeeming LIght by Annie Henrie Nader

Painting of Jesus embracing two children.

Encircled In HIs Arms by Annie Henrie Nader

Painting of a woman holding a lantern with a candle inside. She is surrounded by glowing lights.

Illumination by  Annie Henrie Nader

Scott Jarvie Calendar - Between Heaven and Earth

Scott’s temple photos are full of color, whether he is capturing a sunset or a clear sky. One of the most beautiful things about LDS temples is the lush flower beds and grounds. Scott’s collection includes wide stretches of lawns, calm rivers, flower beds, fields, and even Christmas lights. In a way, each image reflects a small piece of Heaven on Earth.

2022 Calendar featuring a photo of the Provo City Center Temple against a green hill.

Scott Jarvie 2022 Calendar - Between Heaven and Earth

Photo of the Philadelphia Temple glowing against a blue and pink sky.

Philadelphia Temple by Scott Jarvie

Photo of the Konda Temple on a green hill surrounded by palm trees.

Kona Hawaii Temple by Scott Jarvie

Photo of the Bountiful Temple next to a sunburst just above the mountains.

Bountiful Temple by Scott Jarvie

Rose Datoc Dall Calendar - The Anointed One

Bring home an entire collection of some of Rose’s award-winning paintings. Rose has a gift for breathing life into scripture stories we may already be familiar with. This christian calendar in particular features illustrations of Jesus Christ’s life and ministry, from His birth to His death.

2022 Christian Calendar feautring a painted portrait of Jesus Christ.

Rose Datoc Dall 2022 Calendar - The Anointed One

Oil painting of Jesus in a yellow robe against a yellow backdrop.

Oil Study of Christ (Yellow) by Rose Datoc Dall

Painting of Jesus standing profile against the white buildings of Jerusalem.

Christ and the Holy City by Rose Datoc Dall

Sketched portrait of Jesus Christ.

Drawing Study of Christ by Rose Datoc Dall

J. Kirk Richards Calendar - Christ, Our Savior

J. Kirk Richards is a talented artist, known for his variety of talents and the professional quality of his work. Each of his paintings invites deeper thought into the familiar scenes he illustrates. He takes an open-minded perspective to his work, making for a collection of intriguing religious scenes. His stuff goes quick, so be sure you don’t miss this one!

2022 Calendar featuring a painting of Jesus speaking to Mary at the tomb.

J. Kirk Richards 2022 Calendar - Christ, Our Savior

Painting of Heavnly Father and Heavenly Mother bringing Adam to life.

Breath of Life by J. Kirk Richards

Painting of hundreds of people on their knees before Jesus Christ.

Every Knee Shall Bow by J. Kirk Richards

Painting of Joseph and Mary holding baby Jesus.

Holy Family by J. Kirk Richards

Jay Bryant Ward Calendar - I Am With You

Start your year with Jay’s heartwarming artwork. With gentle textures and warm colors, this calendar is a timeless collection of paintings of Jesus. Particularly, it includes many scenes of Jesus with little children. Such imagery can bring hope and comfort to families who, like many of us, may feel like the future is uncertain.

2022 Calendar featuring a painting of a hand reaching toward's Jesus oustretched hand.

Jay Bryant Ward 2022 Calendar - Within Our Grasp

A small child standing under Jesus' arm and smiling up at Him.

Under His Wing by Jay Bryant Ward

Painting of Jesus walking on water.

Be Still by Jay Bryant Ward

Painting of Jesus walking with a young shephered boy.

Lead Me, Guide Me by Jay Bryant Ward

Eva Koleva Timothy Calendar - The Lord is My Light

Eva’s contagious warmth and optimism shine through in her art. You can see it in the nice textures and golden colors. In this christian calendar, we focus on her collection of artwork representing Jesus. In a unique and modern way, Eva does not show the face of the Savior. Rather, she focuses on His actions.

2022 Calendar featuring a painting of Jesus lighting a young woman's lamp with His own lamp.

Eva Koleva Timothy 2022 Calendar - The Lord Is My Light

Jesus cupping river water in His hands.

Rivers of Living Water by Eva Koleva Timothy

Jesus holding a lamb close to HIs chest.

The Good Shepherd by Eva Koleva Timothy

Jesus in a yellow robe sitting on a hill and looking out at the landscape.

Reflecting On Creation by Eva Koleva timothy

Mandy Jane Williams Calendar - I Love to See the Temple

Mandy’s gallery of completed artwork includes a variety of subject matters. She paints scenes of Jesus Christ’s ministry, illustrates bible stories, and even gospel living. This calendar focuses on her LDS temple pictures. Each painting includes serene bunches of flowers and other foliage, adding an almost fairytale feeling to these beautiful buildings of worship.

2022 Calendar featuring a picture of the Sale Lake City Temple with flowers in the foreground.

Mandy Jane Williams 2022 Calendar - I Love to See The Temple

Image of the Newport Beach Temple surrounded by flowers and palm trees.

Newport Beach Temple by Mandy Jane Williams

Tucson Temple by Mandy Jane Williams 

Picture of the Redlands Temple. Orange trees fill the foreground.

Redlands Temple by Mandy Jane Williams

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