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Photo of Jesus the good shepherd smiling.

20+ Jesus the Good Shepherd Images

Leaders throughout history have used symbolism to communicate their authority. Many times, traits such as power, strength, and influence took the form of animals. From lions and bears to serpents and dragons, intimidation was clearly spelled out for subjects and enemies alike.

Interestingly, the most powerful leader of all time chose a lamb.

Jesus Christ also referred to Himself as the good shepherd during His earthly ministry. That is because His leadership is not one of fear or dominance. Rather, it is one of hope and growth. Jesus is a true leader because He wants each of us to become leaders ourselves. He came not to conquer us, but to save us.

For something that must have been commonplace in Christ’s time, the sacred symbol of Jesus the good shepherd carries layers of meaning. Flocks are large and individual lambs wander. Wolves invade and sheep struggle to trust a replacement of their true master.

Many of our artists and photographers have taken this principle to heart. Considering your own journey through life, what other insights come to mind with each of these masterpieces depicting Jesus with sheep?

Comforting Images of Jesus

One of the most obvious ways that Jesus acts as the good shepherd is through the way he comforts us. A faithful shepherd keeps a close eye on his sheep as a flock and as individuals. He leads them to the best pastures to feed and guides them to safety during storms.

Jesus the good shepherd images highlight these qualities. They may remind us of spiritual experiences we have had in the past. They may help us better hear the call of our Master if we feel lost. Find hope and peace in some favorites by our artists

Peaceful LDS art painting of Jesus standing next to a calm river.

Light of Hope by Simon Dewey

This serene painting of Jesus next to a calm river echoes the oft-quoted psalm: "The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters" (Psalm 23:1-2).

It's a calming peace, perfect for any home or place of worship.

LDS art painting of Jesus holding two lambs.

Mercy’s Embrace by Annie Henrie Nader

The influence of Jesus Christ in our lives does not eliminate our struggles. But it does give them meaning, and it gives us something to hold on to when everything around us feels like it is collapsing. 

This painting of Him holding two lambs illustrates what it feels like to feel the warm embrace of our Lord and Savior. 

LDS art painting of Jesus holding a shepherd's staff.

I Am the Way by Simon Dewey

The path that Christ offers is not easy. But, like a practiced shepherd, He knows the layout of the land. He knows the safest paths to the best nourishment. If we trust Him, even when our surroundings appear dark, we will never regret it.

Abstract painting of Jesus carrying a sheep on his shoulders.

Lamb of God by Jorge Cocco

We love this abstract version of the Good Shepherd. It has a way of inviting people to pause and ponder the meaning, each line guiding the eye repeatedly through the piece. 

What insights do you see? Let us know in the comments!

Peaceful LDS art painting of Jesus guarding a flock of sheep.

The Lord Is My Shepherd by Simon Dewey

One of the reasons that a shepherd is such a good metaphor for Chris is because it implies that He is a guide. He is not a tyrannical leader who forces others to follow His will. Rather, He gently watches, nudges, calls, and guides us to where He knows we will find the most joy and fullfillment. 

Painting of Jesus holding a staff and standing against an evening sky.

The Good Shepherd by Susan Edwards

The prophet Isaiah describe Jesus as "despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief" (Isaiah 53:3). 

He understands our personal struggles and sorrows and, with time and some faith on our part, will help us find healing. Not only personal healing, but also the ability to use our experiences to help heal others. 

Abstact painting of a shepherd hunched over with a sheep on shoulders.

The Shepherd by Jorge Cocco

This second piece by Jorge Cocco is interesting because it shows the Good Shepherd bending beneath His load of the sheep. 

Many pieces of artwork show Christ standing upright when He carries the lost sheep, but we like the subtle way that this painting harks back to Jesus' suffering in Gethsemane. He suffered our pains and afflictions so that He would know how to carry us. How to succor us. 

Jesus With Sheep

Just as Jesus comforts and guides us as individuals, He seeks to strengthen the entire flock. There is strength in numbers, especially in today’s world where society’s standards move further away from Christ’s teachings.

Even as fellow believers, it is human nature to run into disagreements. Yet, Jesus’ example of service, acceptance, and encouragement throughout His life set an important pattern for us. As we take courage and go out of our way to serve our neighbors, we can play a part in strengthening God’s children.

Enjoy these paintings of Jesus with sheep, illustrating how Christ ministers to His flock.

LDS art panoramic painting of Jesus sitting on a hill above a flock, holding a lamb on his lap.

Dear to the Heart of the Shepherd by Simon Dewey

Simon is a master at creating flawless religious scenes. From the smooth textures to the gentle lighting, his paintings always feel like a breath of fresh air. This panorama is no exception, with the flock of sheep grazing peacefully beneath Jesus' watchful care.

LDS art painting of Jesus standing among a flock of sheep with a welcoming smile.

Gather Them In by Robert A. Boyd

The Good Shepherd invites all into His fold. This painting by Robert Boyd shows Christ extending His hands toward us and smiling, as if inviting us to step into the scene and join the flock gathered around His feet. 

LDS art painting of Jesus sitting with a shepherd's crook in his hand and a lamb in his lap.

In the Shepherd’s Care by Simon Dewey

This painting comes directly on Simon's panorama shown earlier in this blog. The focus is entirely on Jesus and the lamb in His lap rather than the expansive landscape and flowing river. 

This special focus reminds us that Jesus didn't just save the human family as a whole, but He has a very individual relationship with each of us as well. 

Abstract painting of Jesus leading a flock of sheep.

Good Shepherd by Jorge Cocco

An extension to the previous scenes by Jorge Cocco, this cubsim-like painting shows the shepherd carrying a lamb on his shoulders and leading an entire flock through what looks like barren land to a place more fertile. 

Come Follow Me by Doc Christensen

Doc Christensen has a very classic style, as seen in this lovely painting of Jesus leading a small flock of sheep. 

It is insightful to note that Jesus' gaze isn't riveted on the path ahead but rather on the lambs themselves. He is much more concerned about them than about quickly reaching a destination.

The Lost Sheep

The search for the lost sheep is of the most memorable roles of Jesus the good shepherd. Even with ninety-nine sheep safe in the meadow, He demonstrates immense diligence and concern by seeking after the one that is lost.

Christ never gives up on us, even when we give up on ourselves. As the apostle, Paul put it: “For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord” (Romans 8:38-39).

Abstract art of Jesus saving a sheep from falling into a chasm.

The Lost Sheep by Jorge Cocco

Jorge's painting is unique in that it shows the lamb midway between tumbling down a dark chasm and allowing the shepherd's eager efforts to lead it back to safe ground. 

The shepherd is reaching as far as He can, and pulling with great strength, but the lamb looking back at Him seems to imply that the lamb's destionation ultimately is its choice. 

Image of Jesus carrying a black sheep on his shoulders.

For the Love of One by Eva Koleva Timothy

Eva's pictures of the Savior never show His face, leaving it up to each person's interpretation. Here, we see Him walking with a black sheep on His shoulders. His hold on the lamb is gentle but secure, as if relieved He has found the lost sheep and not wanting to lose it again.

The Lost Sheep by Robert Barrett

This painting by Robert Barrett is very interesting. Jesus stands some distance away from the lost sheep with his hand extended, as if beckoning it to return to Him. He is not forceful. It is more like He is trying to reason with the sheep, which watches Him closely. His appraoch to us is often very similar when we begin to wander from what we know is true and right. 

The Lost Lamb by Doc Christensen

Jesus is portrayed as physically strong in this painting, emphasizing His ability to guard and protect. Doc, the artist, chose to show a peaceful background behind the Savior. Meanwhil, the lost sheep stands in the shadows, surrounded by rough rocks. It's a subtle shift in landscape, but we think the symbolism brings a lot of insight.

LDS art painting of Jesus holding a black sheep.

The One by Justine Peterson

Justine's unique painting style brings us the familiar scene of Jesus carrying a lamb, but but overlayed with flecks of gold. We love she portrays Jesus' love for the lost lamb, especially in relation to her title: "The One". 

Image of Jesus good shepherd carrying  a lamb on His shoulders.

Shoulders by Kelsy and Jesse Lightweave

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Image of Jesus carrying a lamb on His shoulders against the rising sun.

Rejoice by Kelsy and Jesse Lightweave

True to Lightweave's style, they approach this subject with a light-filled, joyful tone. The lamb looks so young and innocent with its large ears and Jesus has a smile on His face while the sun shines behind them. 

“For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Romans 8:38-39)

Feed My Sheep

The miraculous thing about God’s love is that it is contagious. When we begin to understand our worth and to find healing for ourselves, we naturally want to share our discovery with loved ones. It says a lot about the nature of Jesus Christ and our Father in Heaven.

It is no wonder that Jesus repeatedly instructs Peter, a leading disciple, to feed His sheep. After Peter had witnessed so many miracles and had seen so much growth in himself, the next step was to share the good news of the gospel with others. In a fallen world, a true understanding of Christ’s teachings is rainfall in a drought.

Enjoy these last pieces of artwork illustrating Jesus the good shepherd’s invitation to “Feed My Sheep” (John 21:17).

Feed My Sheep by Kelsy and Jesse Lightweave

Along with Jesus' command to feed His sheep comes divine assistance. He understands how challenging it can be to serve those around us and to share our beliefs. This painting illustrates that He is right at our side, willing to help us as we put forward our best efforts. 

Feed My Lambs by Eva Koleva Timothy

Jesus shows us the way in everything, including in how to love and serve those around us. This picture by Eva Koleva Timothy shows Christ feeding a sheep with a young woman helping. Often, all we have to do is bring our loves ones to the Savior while He does the actual feeding. 

Feed My Sheep by Jay Bryant Ward

The theme of purity in this photograph is eyecatching. From the white blossoms, sheep, and Christ's robe all cooridinate to create a Heavenly scene. 

My Young Shepherd by Kelsy and Jesse Lightweave

A true leader doesn't just create followers, but more leaders. This is exactly how the Good Shepherd works. He does not expect us to just sit and watch for the sidelines. Rather, He would see us develop our individual gifts and play a key role in lifting and healing the human family. And He will show us how. 

Jesus the good shepherd calls out to us in a variety of ways, whether it is through everyday miracles, the good people in our lives, or even trials that make us stop and listen. While He will never force our will, He wants to help us discover the best within ourselves.

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