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Environment shot of a hallway displaying a framed painting of Jesus being baptized.

20+ Baptism Gifts for Adults

Baptism is a big decision as an adult. Often, it’s a leap of faith requiring lifestyle and even social life changes. In other words, it is a big accomplishment and a true reason to celebrate. 

Find the perfect baptism gifts for adults to help them feel God’s love as they start on the path of discipleship. When the going gets tough, the right gift can remind them of the special experiences and convictions they felt when they decided to follow Jesus Christ.

Baptism-Themed Artwork

Religious artwork makes for great baptism gifts for adults. The perfect painting or photograph can brighten a room and invite a special spirit into your loved one’s home. Find a piece of artwork that holds significant meaning for the individual or family of the person being baptized.

Remember that, for many people, the biggest challenges come directly after their baptism. It takes a lot of energy and determination to adjust to a new community and a new mindset. Find a baptism gift for adults that can remind them that God is on their side whenever they face opposition or other challenges. 

Here we have artwork featuring the sacred event of a baptism. They tell the story of fellow believers and even of Jesus Christ Himself, taking this important step.

LDS art painting of scene from the Book of Mormon of people getting baptized.

Waters of Mormon by Jorge Cocco

LDS art abstract painting of Jesus' baptism in the Jordan River.

Baptism of Christ by Jorge Cocco

LDS art painting of Jesus being baptized by John the Baptist.

To Fulfill all Righteousness by Simon Dewey

LDS art painting of a young girl being baptized.

Baptism by Annie Henrie Nader

Portraits of Jesus Christ

Choosing to be baptized means choosing to follow Jesus Christ’s example even well beyond this special day. That’s a big commitment in today’s world where it is almost trendy to make oneself the top priority or to seek instant gratification. Jesus filled his life with acts of selfless service. He helped those who could not help Him in return and His entire focus was the wellbeing of mankind. 

His life showed us the best way to live to find lasting peace and joy. Portraits of Jesus Christ make meaningful baptism gifts for adults because they remind us that we are not alone. The path of discipleship may take courage, patience, and conviction as we seek to build our relationship with a God who loves us and has enough hope in us to give His life.

Select from these portraits of Jesus Christ masterfully created by fellow believer artists.

LDS art painting of Jesus holding out a glowing lamp and beckoning for viewer to follow.

Lead, Kindly Light by Simon Dewey

LDS art picture of Christ in a red robe with arms outstretched.

Living Christ by Joseph Brickey

LDS art portrait of Jesus Christ after the resurrection.

Resurrection and the Life by Brent Borup

Abide With Me by Simon Dewey

It is I by Heather Falter

Tangible Light - Muted by Sam Newson

LDS art painting of Jesus praying.

Advocate by Annie Henrie Nader

LDS art portrait of Jesus Christ.

Gentle Savior by Robert Pack

LDS art sketched portrait of Jesus Christ.

Christ Portrait by Joseph Brickey

Images Illustrating Discipleship

The path of discipleship is rarely an easy one. Most things in life that are of true worth do not come without a price. It can become easy to lose focus on our goals or to overwhelm ourselves with unattainable expectations. 

The scriptures remind us to not look beyond the mark. These paintings remind us of simple ways we can draw closer to God and find guidance for our lives. Artwork depicting discipleship helps individuals remember the special covenants and promises they have made with God. It encourages them to keep on the path to obtaining more of the blessings that God has in store for them.

Chosen Daughter by Jorge Cocco

LDS art painting of an angel blessing a young woman who is reading the scriptures and praying.

Enlightenment by Judy Cooley

LDS art painting of angels approaching a young woman who is reading the scriptures.

Interrupting Angels by Annie Henrie Nader

LDS art  painting of a wise virgin holding out a glowing lamp.

Behold, He Cometh by Simon Dewey

LDS art painting of Christ handing the sacrament to a modern congregation.

Sacrament Meeting by Doc Christensen

LDS art photo of a young woman walking up the steps to the temple.

I’m Going There Someday by Greg Collins

Pictures of Jesus Christ’s Healing and Hope

As the Bible expresses: “We love Him, because He first loved us” (1 John 4:19). Sincere believers of Jesus Christ choose baptism because of the healing, hope, and fulfillment they have found from His doctrine and teachings. They have caught a glimpse of their worth as God’s children and have begun to understand their potential to empower good in the world.

But baptism itself does not make us immune from hardship or confusion. The Savior Himself faced His worst temptations, rejections, and pains after He was baptized in the River Jordan. The right baptism gifts for adults can bring healing and hope long after this special day as they continue to deepen their trust in God and strengthen others.

Many of these paintings are symbolic, which is what makes them insightful baptism gifts for adults. There are layers of meaning that may only become obvious in a time of suffering or doubt.

“We love Him, because He first loved us" (1 John 4:19)

LDS art picture of Jesus lighting a young woman's lamp with His own lamp.

A Gift of Light by Eva Koleva Timothy

Photo of Jesus' outstretched hand.

His Hand Is Stretched Out Still by Evan Lurker

LDS art painting of Jesus comforting two people.

Balm of Gilead by Annie Henrie Nader

Dramatic LDS art image of Jesus saving Peter who is drowning in the storm.

Finisher of Our Faith by Lightweave

LDS art painting of three girls huddled around a glowing flower.

First Blossom by Annie Henrie Nader

Our baptism gifts for adults come in many sizes and formats. Some are even available as posters. Find the perfect framed art for home decor or downsize to something more simple like an image they can keep on their desk at work. Most importantly, give them your friendship. God needs their unique contributions as we work together to build His kingdom.

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