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40+ Coziest Autumn LDS Temple Pictures

Autumn is the perfect time for capturing gorgeous LDS temple pictures. With the lush trees changing colors, the beautiful sunsets, or the occasional field ready for harvest these photos reflect the sort of warmth and comfort that the temple itself brings to those who visit. We love seasonal temple photos because they remind us that eternal promises remain through every season of our lives. And that reality alone gives beauty to each and every one.

Needless to say, the fall season is a favorite time for our photographers. Autumn temple pictures make up one of our biggest selections. So grab your favorite pumpkin treat and a cozy blanket and enjoy this stunning selection by each of our photographers and even a couple painters.

Autumn LDS Temple Pictures by Robert A. Boyd

Robert Boyd is well-known for his crisp and clear temple photography. He and his wife travel the world over in order to capture as many LDS Temples as they can. Here are a selection from his immense collection featuring beautiful autumn leaves and fields.

Rexburg temple against a sky of orange cloud.

Rexburg Temple - Autumn Sunset by Robert A Boyd

Boise Temple standing in the distance behind autumn trees.

Boise Temple - Autumn Fountains by Robert A Boyd

Mt Timpanogos temple surrounded by orange trees.

Mt Timpanogos Temple - Autumn Trees by Robert A Boyd

Provo Temple amid the fog and yellow, red, and orange trees.

Provo Temple - Autumn Trees by Robert A Boyd

Mount Timpanogos Temple surrounded by autumn trees.

Mt Timpanogos Temple - Autumn Glow by Robert A Boyd

Saint Louis Temple beneath a clear blue sky. Orange trees standing in front of temple.

St Louis Temple - Autumn Trees by Robert A Boyd

Bountiful temple photo featuring the circular atrium. Autumn trees rising up in the middle of the atrium.

Bountiful Temple - Fall Atrium by Robert A. Boyd

Idaho Falls temple surrounded by orange trees. Waterfalls in the foreground.

Idaho Falls Temple - Waterfall by Robert A Boyd

San Diego Temple glowing against a cloudy sky.

San Diego Temple - Autumn Sky by Robert A Boyd

Bountiiful Temple with autumn trees and mountains in the surroundings.

Bountiful Temple - Fall by Robert A Boyd

Boise Temple bneath a cluster of orange leaves.

Boise Temple - Fall Trees by Robert A Boyd

Provo Tample standing tall against autumn mountains and gray clouds.

Provo Temple - Fall Gates by Robert A Boyd

Distant photo of the Nauvoo Temple from across a field.

Nauvoo Temple - Fall Field by Robert A Boyd

Albuquerque Temple against a cloudy, orange sky.

Albuquerque Temple - Fall Sky by Robert A Boyd

Panoramic photo of the Bountiful Temple on a hillside.

Bountiful Temple - Fall Mountains by Robert A Boyd

Manti Temple with autumn trees in the foreground.

Manti Temple - Fall Trees by Robert A Boyd

Autumn LDS Temple Pictures by Scott Jarvie

Scott Jarvie is one of our most prolific photographers. His art is easily recognizable by its warm color saturation and unique angles. While temples are not his only photography subject, we love what he has contributed to our collection! 

Nashville Temple beneath orange a leafy, orange treetop

Nashville Temple - Autumn Light by Scott Jarvie

Draper Temple sourrnded by atumn foliage and a cloudy sky.

Draper Temple - Fall Hill by Scott Jarvie

Distant photo of the Idaho Falls Temple with a calm waterfall in the foreground.

Idaho Falls Temple - From the Falls by Scott Jarvie

Tree-lined pathway leading up to the Boston Temple.

Sacramento Temple - Fall Garden by Scott Jarvie

Boston Temple - Fall Pathway by Scott Jarvie

Provo City Center Temple from behind a thick wheat field.

Provo City Center Temple - Fall Reeds by Scott Jarvie

Bountiful temple photo. Autumn trees dot the green grounds.

Bountiful Temple - Early Fall by Scott Jarvie

Mount Timpanogos temple standing behind three yellow trees.

Mt Timpanogos Temple - Fall Trees by Scott Jarvie

Nashville Temple - Sign in Fall by Scott Jarvie

The Logan Temple sourrounded by orange leafy orange trees.

Logan Temple - Tunnel of Fall by Scott Jarvie

Nauvoo Temple and and grounds. Trees are beginning to learn yellow.

Nauvoo Temple - Fall Beginning by Scott Jarvie

Autumn LDS Temple Pictures by Kyle Woodbury

Kyle Woodbury didn’t originally start off to be a photographer. You might be surprised to learn that he started out in construction management. It wasn’t until he unexpectedly found a full set of photography equipment in his hands that he considered taking up a new hobby. And we are so grateful that he did!

Meridian Temple - Fall Colors by Kyle Woodbury

Draper Temple - Fall Splendor by Kyle Woodbury

Provo Temple - Fall Fog by Kyle Woodbury

Autumn LDS Temple Pictures by Evan Lurker

Evan Lurker is a travel enthusiast who puts his whole heart into capturing a variety of temples across the country. He was even part of the Altus team for a time, and we are so grateful for the gifts and talents he has contributed--and continues to contribute--to our photography collection!

Up close photo of the Logan Temple beneath orange leaves.

Logan Utah Temple - Autumn Evening by Evan Lurker

Manti Temple standing in a wheat field.

Manti Temple - Golden by Evan Lurker

Distant photo of the Snowflake temple on a hilltop. The cloud is full of pink and orange clouds.

Snowflake Temple - Spectacular by Evan Lurker

Tucson Arizona Temple - Endless Light by Evan Lurker

Autumn LDS Temple Pictures by Hank Delespinasse

With a varied fifty-year career in photography, we are honored to present Hank Delespinasse’s work. Skilled in everything from photojournalism to sports, we love what he brings to the table as far as LDS temple pictures. We love this stunning fall example.

Cardston Temple framed by red leaves.

Cardston Temple - Fall Leaves by Hank deLespinasse

Autumn LDS Temple Pictures by Lance Bertola

Lance Bertola comes from a long line of photographers. His father, who published for a local travel magazine, often took him on adventures to capture beautiful shots of the Utah landscape. He has continued the legacy, pouring his love of LDS Temples into every photo.

Oquirrh Mountain Temple standing behind a wheat field.

Oquirrh Mountain Utah Temple - Fall Colors by Lance BertolA

Phoenix Temple - Infinity by Lance Bertola)

Autumn LDS Temple Pictures by Abigale Palmer

Abigale Palmer has said about her art: “I believe that what we surround ourselves with visually has an impact on our emotions. I love creating artwork that is filled with color, light, and yummy textures. I want my artwork to breathe vitality into a room the way a bouquet of fresh flowers or a bowl of fruit does." 

Her statement perfectly describes these autumn-themed paintings.

Painting of the Salt Lake Temple with an orange outline. Surrounded by autumn trees.

Salt Lake Temple - In Autumn by Abigale Palmer

Painting of the Oquirrh Mountain Temple with an orange outline.

Oquirrh Mountain Temple by Abigale Palmer

Autumn LDS Temple Pictures Mandy Jane Williams

For Mandy Jane Williams, inspiration comes from the everyday miracles of motherhood. As she has told us: “Little things stand out to you in daily life and you are able to notice them with your artistic eyes. From the way the rising sun catches the eyelashes of a sleeping baby to the look on a child's face when Daddy comes home, all of these are an inspiration and a blessing."

What “little things” stand out to you in these paintings?

Twin Falls Temple with pink roses and fall plants in the foreground.

Twin Falls Temple - Autumn Blessings by Mandy Jane Williams

Brigham City Temple. with fall flowers in the foreground.

Brigham City Temple - Fall Flowers by Mandy Jane Williams

Salt Lake Temple surrounded by autumn foliage.

Transcendent by Mandy Jane Williams

Mount Timpanogos Temple from across a wheat field.

Mount Timpanogos Temple - Stillness by Mandy Jane Williams

Cedar City Temple behind an autumn field.

Cedar City Temple - Light On the Hill by Mandy Jane Williams

Painting of the Provo City Center Temple.

Provo City Center Temple - Blue Antique by Mandy Jane Williams

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