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20+ Mesa Temple Pictures: Celebrating 94 Years

Wide shot of the Mesa Temple from across a reflection pool. The pool is lined with palm trees.

The Mesa Temple holds a lot of church history. For many of the early members of the church called to settle Arizona and surrounding areas, this sacred building played an important role. It has brought countless individuals and families closer to Jesus Christ by giving them the opportunity to make sacred promises with God. It has also inspired many to reach back generations and learn about their heritage in order to provide special ordinances such as baptism for those who have passed on.

The Mesa Temple was Arizona’s only LDS Temple for 75 years, from 1927 to 2002 when the Snowflake Temple was dedicated. After nearly a century of use, the newly announced renovation and rededication is a well-deserved honor for this special temple.

The state now has six temples, indicating the level of growth in the church since the early 1900s. The Mesa Temple not only directs our gaze towards the Heavens, but it also stands as a tribute to the sacrifice and efforts of those individuals and families that obeyed the voice of God’s prophet and settled many areas, despite the harsh desert climate. 

Enjoy masterful photos celebrating the grand legacy of his historic temple.

Mesa Temple Grounds

The Mesa Temple grounds are expansive. Once the location of the beloved Easter Pageant, the grounds would host an entire stage and a massive crowd of people there to enjoy the experience. The lush grass, reflective pool, and tall palm trees create an oasis in the stifling Mesa air, just as the temple itself provides refreshment to the soul from the demanding surroundings of our daily lives.

Mesa Temple on a clear day, surrounded by palm trees and a blue sky.

Mesa Temple - Evening by Robert A Boyd

Mea Temple across a stretch of lawn. Flowerbeds are full of yellow and orange flowers. A gentle sunset is on the horizon.

Mesa Temple - Evening Glow by Evan Lurker

Angled Mesa Temple photo against a grey sky.

Mesa Temple - Palm Trees by Scott Jarvie

Mesa Temple and palm trees against a blue sky with thin clouds.

Mesa Temple - Garden Fountain by Scott Jarvie

Distant photo of Mesa Temple and grounds. The lawns are green andthe flowerbeds full. Siidewalks criss cross between sections.

Mesa Temple - Desert Beauty by Robert A Boyd

Arizona Sunsets and Sunrises

Nothing beats the bright oranges, pinks, purples, and golds of an Arizona sunset; ask any resident. Our photographers go to some impressive lengths to capture LDS temple photos at just the right time. These Mesa Temple pictures with the warm desert sky palette in the background are stunning.

Mesa Temple against a fiery orange sky. The picture is perfectly reflected in the reflection pool.

Mesa Temple - Sunrise by Robert A Boyd

Blue reflection pool leading up to the Mesa Temple. The building stands strong against a soft sunrise.

Mesa Temple - Covenant Path Series by Robert A Boyd

Side shot of the Mesa Temple. A sunrise is warming the horizon.

Mesa Temple - A Side of Sunrise by Scott Jarvie

Mesa Temple beneath a blue sky that is becoming filled with billowing orange clouds.

Mesa Temple - Sunset on Fire by Scott Jarvie

Mesa Temple picture. The sunset shines through the palm trees.

Mesa Temple - Fire of the Covenant by Robert A Boyd

The Mesa Temple glowing against a dark purple sky.

Mesa Temple - Sunset West by Lance Bertola

A wide shot of the Mesa Temple beneath a violet-colored sky.

Mesa Temple - Purple Dusk by Scott Jarvie

Mesa Temple Reflection Pool

Reflection pools are a staple for many LDS Temples. And the Mesa Temple might have one of the largest. This beautiful pool reflects the tall palm trees against the clear desert sky. It further symbolizes the spiritual oasis that any temple provides, especially when we find ourselves in times of spiritual drought. Have a favorite from these shots by our photographers?

Mesa Temple reflection pool reflecting a blue and pink sky.

Mesa Arizona Temple - Reflection Pool by Lance Bertola

Mesa Temple reflection pool. It reflects the glowing temple and the evening sky.

Mesa Temple - Eternal Reflections by Robert A Boyd

The Mesa Temple with an orange and purple sky. The blue reflection pool stretches out toward the viewer.

Mesa Temple - A House of Peace by Robert A Boyd

Close up photo of the Mesa Temple reflection pool with the temple in the background.

Mesa Temple - Sunset Reflection by Scott Jarvie

Wide shot of the Mesa Temple reflection pool. Palm trees line the way toward the temple.

Mesa Temple - Renewal by Robert A Boyd

Mesa Temple reflection pool lined by flower beds and walkways.

Mesa Temple - Full Pool by Scott Jarvie

Photo of the Mesa Temple and reflection pool with a textured overlay.

Mesa Temple - Textured by Robert A Boyd

Mesa Temple and reflection pool glowing in the evening light.

Mesa Temple - Reflection of Hope by Robert A Boyd

Mesa Temple picture featuring the reflection pool and tall palm trees.

Mesa Temple - Holy Places Series by Robert A Boyd

Mesa Temple Desert Landscape

The grounds immediately around the Mesa Temple are green and lush. Beyond that is a sprawling cityscape that pushes the traditional picture of dirt, cacti, and tumbleweeds further out of the picture. However, one of our photographers, Robert, has captured some of the desert-themed landscaping done on the temple grounds. As with any LDS temple, the culture and history of the local area are included in the architecture and landscaping.

Cacti and desert greenery in the foreground of the Mesa Temple.

Mesa Temple - Cactus by Robert A Boyd

Mesa Temple picture featuring a decorateive bed of various cacti.

Mesa Temple - Cactus Path by Robert A Boyd

Mesa Temple Poster

Lastly, we wanted to share this poster with you. It’s one of many LDS temple posters available in our online store and is perfect for any teen, missionary, or college student looking to add some inspiring decor to their room or apartment.

Poster of the Mesa Temple. Text reads: "Keep on the Covenant Path".

Mesa Temple - Evening 12x18 Repositionable Poster

See our entire collection of Mesa Temple pictures in our gallery. 

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