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Environment shot showinga sketch of Jesus hanging overa sofa.

50+ Stunning Latter-day Saint Pictures of Christ

As members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, much of our religious focus is on the life of the Savior. The Church's doctrine is one of hope, redemption, and growth that we learn from the scriptures and modern revelation. We learn that “men are that they might have joy” and that Christ, by way of His life and His teachings, has shown us the way to achieve that true joy.

Likewise, this is the focus of much of our art. Our LDS artists pour their heart and personal belief into scenes depicting Jesus’ miracles or paintings symbolizing His guidance and love. We have an expansive collection of portraits of Jesus that highlight His benevolent nature. Each one showcases a unique style and perspective that invites thoughtful reflection on Christ’s influence in our personal lives. 

It’s no wonder religious artwork, generally speaking, plays such an important role in our lives. It trims just about every chapel, often accompanies any given Sunday lesson, and adds inspiration to many homes. For this blog, we wanted to focus on Latter-day Saint pictures of Christ that we think are perfect for your home, for your church calling, or a special gift for your neighbors, favorite missionary, or loved ones.

LDS Pictures of Christ for Your Home

A painting of Jesus in your home can invite a quiet sense of peace and help you create a haven from the noise and bustle of the outside world. Find one here that matches the unique taste and style of your home.

All Are Alike Unto God by Madison Wardle

Modern, geometric painting of Jesus. HIs skin is many different shades.

If you are going for a modern look, Madison’s art style is perfect. This particular piece focuses on God’s love for all of His children, regardless of race or background.

Light of Hope by Simon Dewey

Jesus holding a shepherd's staff and standing by the river. Christ has a soft smile.

Simon’s popular painting weaves calming colors together to create a gentle scene. It is a beautiful reminder of the peace that Christ offers each of us, even in the darkest times.

Dear to the Heart of the Shepherd by Simon Dewey

Jesus sitting on a hill with a lamb in His lap and watching over a flock.

This longer artwork is perfect for hanging over the sofa or adding some color to a hallway. It is a quiet piece that harkens back to Psalm 23: “He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.”

Fasting in the Wilderness by Rose Datoc Dall

Painting of Jesus kneeling in the wildneress and praying.

Narrow paintings are perfect for hanging along a staircase or pairing with smaller frames. Rose’s Latter-day Saint pictures of Christ carry a lot of narrative, and we love Christ’s expression here as He speaks with His Father in Heaven.

Gifts by Kelsy and Jesse Lightweave

Jesus holding a young child and walking through a wheat field.

The warm light of this picture reflects a sense of the love Christ has for each of us, as God’s children. Our efforts may seem small to us, but He values every sacrifice.

Tangible Light - Muted by Sam Newton

Portrait of Jesus. He is smiling and surrounded by light.

Jesus taught that He is the light and the life of the world. Sam’s painting celebrates the joy and peace that His teachings can bring us.

Fear Not, It is I by Jorge Cocco

Geometric painting of Jesus walking on water toward a boat of apostles.

All of the shapes and lines in Jorge’s paintings are intentional. He seeks to help us look past visual details to find deeper spiritual meaning. For example, there is a distinct set of lines that draw the eye from Christ to Peter and back again, symbolizing Jesus’ invitation and Peter’s opportunity to act on faith.

Call of the Master by Kelsy and Jesse Lightweave

Jesus standing on the shore watching a fishing boat at sunrise.

The invitation to follow Jesus is unique to each of us. We love the quiet reverence Lightweave captures in this piece. It suggests the dawning of a new day and the start of something miraculous.

Come Unto Me by Eva Koleva Timothy

Jesus's hands held out. He is wearing a gold and white robe.

Most LDS pictures of Christ show the artist's interpretation of His appearance, but Eva’s paintings are unique in that you never see His face. Her focus here is on His hands and all the miracles they performed. The title suggests that He is inviting us to come and be healed as well.

Light of Life by Annie Henrie Nader

Painted portrait of Jesus standing outside of the tomb. His head is encircled in a gold halo.

Annie’s classic stucco style gives this painting a lot of flavor and texture. It’s the perfect home decor piece, adding just a touch of color and a quiet statement of faith and devotion.

Redeeming Light by Annie Henrie Nader

Fresco style portrait of Jesus.

Similarly, the renaissance style textures make this a timeless portrait. The earthy, muted colors speak to Jesus’ humble character, while the silvery-white halo acknowledges His role as the redeemer of the world.

Abide with Me 'Tis Eventide by Kristin Yee

Jesus walking along the shore at sunset.

This peaceful piece by Kristin is perfect for creating a calm atmosphere in any room The colors of the sunset reflected off of the incoming tide in connection with Christ’s deep-blue robe create a scene that is gentle and refreshing.

Beside Still Waters by Simon Dewey

Jesus sitting next to a river. He holds a shepher'ds staff and has a solemn expression.

Much of life can feel chaotic and out of our control. Simon’s collection of Latter-day Saint pictures of Christ serves as inspiring reminders that the Lord is not the author of confusion, but peace. This particular painting captures not only a peaceful setting but also a depiction of Jesus that is strong and steady.

Christ Portrait by Joseph Brickey

Sepia-toned portrait sketch of Jesus.

Joseph’s drawings have stunning detail. His sketched portraits of Jesus reflect a sense of both strength and resilience. He is the rock of our salvation and if we build our foundation on Him and His teachings, then we can withstand the storms of life.

Divine Redeemer by Simon Dewey

Classic style portrait of Jesus.

This is a more solemn piece by Simon, with the deeper colors and Christ’s more serious expression. It’s a beautiful portrait that honors His sacred role as the Savior of the world. He understands every pain and injustice and seeks to help us find our way back to Heavenly Father.

For The Love of One by Eva Koleva Timothy

Jesus carrying a black sheep on His shoulders.

In His teachings and throughout His ministry, Jesus always demonstrated how important each soul is to God. Regardless of past mistakes or current struggles, He does not turn anyone. He goes searching for them.

Garden Meditation by Annie Henrie Nader

Portrait of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. Gold leaves surround Him.

This calm image of Jesus highlights Christ’s humble and gentle characteristics. Just like the title, the willow leaves and gentle colors invite a spirit of reflection and meditation.

Gethsemane by Jorge Cocco

Geometric painting of Jesus praying in the GArden of Gethsemane.

Jorge’s interpretation of Christ in the garden of Gethsemane is simple but profound. There is not a wide array of colors and little in the way of distinct detail, allowing our focus to be on the Savior and the ultimate act of love that he performed.

Glorious Moments by Kelsy and Jesse Lightweave

Jesus sitting on the edge of a reflective pond. The pink clouds in the sky are reflected in the water.

It’s easy to get lost in the rush and chaos of everyday life. Lightweave’s picture reminds us that sometimes the best way to feel closer to God is to simply slow down and enjoy the small things.

How Beautiful Upon the Mountains by Eva Koleva Timothy

Jesus walking along the hills wearing a yellow robe.

This piece by Eva beautifully illustrates a scriptural phrase that is repeated throughout the Bible and the Book of Mormon. The Savior appears to be in deep reflection and, considering that mountains often represent drawing closer to God, the image also carries deep meaning.

LDS Pictures of Christ for Teaching Aides

Religious art can add a lot to a devotional or Sunday School lesson. Like music, fine art can sometimes communicate a deeper message than what we may be able to say in words. It can help to invite the right spirit for learning about Jesus Christ and His gospel.

Abide With Me by Simon Dewey

Jesus with HIs arms outstretched wearing a pure white robe and smiling.

This popular painting by Simon has brought inspiration and comfort to many. There is little distraction in it, just Jesus’ warm smile and His welcoming embrace.

Feed My Sheep by Jay Bryant Ward

Jesus showing a young boy a field of sheep.

Jay’s image of the good shepherd makes for the perfect addition to any lesson on ministering or service. It is a tender scene of Jesus teaching a young boy the same instruction He has given to all of us: to feed His sheep, or look out for those around us and always be willing to share the blessings that God so freely shares with us.

In the Beginning Was the Word by Eva Koleva Timothy

Jesus standing on a grassy hill looking up at a sky full of stars.

By God’s word, the Earth was made. This unique depiction of Christ looking up at the galaxy reminds us that His role as the Savior began far before His actual ministry on Earth. His power and authority run deeper than we know. As such, we can trust His teachings and promises.

He Lives by Simon Dewey

Jesus stepping out of the tomb and looking up toward the Heavens.

The perfect painting for Easter, this classic painting captures the quiet though no less miraculous victory of Christ’s resurrection. With Simon’s characteristic detail and smooth textures, this image invites a spirit of peace and reverence.

A Gift of Light by Eva Koleva Timothy

Jesus holding out an oil lamp and lighting the lamp of a young woman.

Many of Eva’s works serve as silent sermons on their own, making them the perfect teaching aid for any lesson. This piece in particular symbolizes the light that Christ brings into our lives. Often it comes in ways very unique and personal to us and with the direction to share it with others.

Agony in the Garden - After Franz Schwartz by Darin Ashby

Jesus praying and suffering in the garden of Gethsemane. And angel is comforting Him.

This somber image of Jesus portrays the suffering He experienced in the garden of Gethsemane. The darkness is contrasted by the angel comforting Christ, though the sadness and pain in Christ’s expression remain. It is a beautiful depiction of Jesus’ deep love for the human family. 

Bid Me Come Unto Thee by Eva Koleva Timothy

Jesus walking on stormy waves toward a boat in the distance. His back faces the viewer.

Each of us faces our storms throughout life. And when Christ invites us to step out into the waves anyway, it is a terrifying experience. But the calm, light, and strength that Eva puts into this depiction of the Savior serve as a reminder that we can trust him.

Christ in America by Joseph Brickey

A sepia sketch of Jesus visting the people in ancient America.

Joseph’s sketch of Jesus appearing to the people in the early Americas is inspiring. It illustrates Christ’s ability to minister to individuals of all ages and social classes. Regardless of our background or our current standing, the Savior has a way of reaching us right where we are.

Loaves and Fishes by Rose Datoc Dall

Jesus holding a bowl of loaves and fishes. And enormous crowd of people is behind Him.

The miracle of the loaves and fishes is a favorite. It teaches many different things, including Christ’s ability to magnify our efforts into something so much greater than we ever anticipated. The best part is that it usually means healing others along the way. 

Reflecting on Creation by Eva Koleva Timothy

Jesus in a yellow robe sitting on a hill and looking out at a lush landscape.

Most LDS pictures of Christ, outside of portraits, show Him in action. He is healing, serving, and teaching just as He always was in His ministry. So Eva’s painting is interesting because it shows the Savior simply resting. Often it is in the quiet moments that we can feel God the most.

Living Christ by Joseph Brickey

Jesus in a red robe with His arms outstretched. Gold light shines out from behind Him.

Christ overcame both sin and death, the two barriers that keep us from returning to our Father in heaven. Here, Joseph celebrates His majesty, power, and glory.

And I Partook by Kristin Yee

Jesus standing in the dark in a simple robe. He is clasping His hands and has a sorrowful expression.

The level of suffering Jesus experienced drove even Him to ask God if there wasn’t another way. And yet, He courageously drank the cup set before Him, taking on the pains and mistakes of each one of us.

Gethsemane by Adam Abram

Jesus collapsed on the ground in the Garden of Gethsemane. Light shines down on Him.

The scene of Gethsemane was not a pretty one, even if it was the world’s most beautiful act of love. Adam manages to capture some of the rawness of Christ’s suffering while still creating something reverent and picturesque.

Calling of the Twelve Disciples in America by Jorge Cocco

Geometric painting of Jesus ordaining the twelve disciples from the Book of Mormon.

This important scene in the Book of Mormon affirms that the priesthood power is the power of God on earth and, as such, can only ever be given by Him or His authorized servants. It’s a powerful story and Jorge’s work is a visually engaging illustration.

Gather Them In by Robert A Boyd

Jesus standing among a flock of sheep with His arms extended.

Robert is sometimes more known for his temple photography than his Latter-day Saint pictures of Christ, but this beautiful painting showcases his talent. Jesus is standing in a lush clearing of grass, tending a flock of sheep, and He invites us to join as well, His expression warm and welcoming.

Hallowed Be Thy Name by Simon Dewey

Jesus kneeling at a table with a scroll laid out in front of Him. More scrolls are in a vase on the ground next to Him.

Prayer and study are two of the most simple yet profound ways we can get in touch with our Father in Heaven. Even Christ relied on these methods of communication throughout His Earthly ministry.

I Stand at the Door by Eva Koleva Timothy

Jesus standing at a door and knocking. Hisi surroundings are dim and He carries a lamp.

Even during our darkest times, we are not forgotten. It is those times when Christ may be knocking on the doors of our hearts the most.

LDS Pictures of Christ As Gifts

LDS pictures of Christ can make for the most meaningful gifts, especially during religious holidays or during times when someone may have experienced a tragic event in their life. Whether it is a family member, a friend, or someone you minister to, here are some gifts that offer them peace and comfort.

Lead, Kindly Light by Simon Dewey

Jesus holding a glowing lamp and motioning for the viewer to follow Him. HIs expression is gentle.

A favorite by Simon, this painting illustrates Christ’s ability to lead us, even when our surroundings are dim, and when we cannot see what might be around the next corner.

Grace and Truth by Simon Dewey

Portrait of Jesus in a cream-colored robe. He has a gentle expression.

When we feel weak, we can draw from the rock-solid strength of our Savior and Redeemer. He has descended below all things so that He might help lift us to something much greater than our current pains and struggle.

Guiding Light by Annie Henrie Nader

Jesus holding a a lamp and guiding a praying young woman.

Perfect for Relief Society handouts or young women’s activities, this special painting reminds all women that Christ is not far. He is ever-present, willing to guide us when we feel ready to follow.

Advocate by Annie Henrie Nader

Textured painting of Jesus kneeling in prayer.

Jesus is our advocate with the Father. He is always pleading our cause. And who better than the one who has experienced the pain and confusion of our circumstances? The stunning colors make this the perfect addition to any home.

Gentle Savior by Robert Pack

Portrait of Jesus. He is looking down with a calm expression.

The scriptures teach us that God is capable of weeping. He loves us so deeply that, even with all of His power, He sorrows with us.

Christ Divine by Jorge Cocco

Geometric portrait of Christ.

Jorge’s portrait of Christ is unique and full of vibrant colors. Gift this piece to bring inspiration as well as eye-catching home decor.

Consider the Lilies by Eva Koleva Timothy

Jesus sitting with two children among lilies.

When teaching about the lilies, Jesus reminded His followers that God is very aware of them and their needs. And that truth is just as relevant now as it was then. Give a warming gift that also looks nice with modern home decor styles and colors.

Feed My Sheep by Kelsy and Jesse Lightweave

Jesus standing beneath blossom trees  with two young children and sheep.with

Perfect for birthdays or baptisms, this springtime image by Lightweave reflects Jesus’ care and concern for children and youth. Help the little ones in your life feel their Savior’s love with this special piece.

Man of Galilee by Joseph Brickey

Jesus sitting on the shore with tow young boys watching fisherman at work.

This classic-style painting is a timeless interpretation of the Savior. It is the perfect piece for anyone who likes to collect art

Mercy’s Embrace by Annie Henrie Nader

Jesus holding two lambs in His arms.

With deep colors, calm lighting, and a comforting message, Annie’s painting of the good shepherd invites warmth and peace into any home or holiday.

The Dawning of a Brighter Day by Simon Dewey

Jesus looking off into the distance. The sun shines through the trees behind Him.

Sometimes the best gift is the reassurance that there is hope on the horizon. What we are going through does not have to define us and a new day is still possible amid the darkness that we feel. Simon’s portrait of Christ captures the sense of a fresh new start, filled with possibility.

Resurrection and the Life by Brent Borup

Portrait of Jesus. He has a white robe and is standing in front of a grey scky.

Need something with a more simple color scheme? This stunning portrait by Brent is an impactful image created with mostly simple greys and whites.

Compassion by Robert Pack

Painting of Jesus with a concerned expression.

Remind your loved ones that God is very aware of them. He understands their pains, as well as the good things that are in store for them. Robert’s soft illustration of Jesus is unique in just how human he portrays the Savior of the world.

Fear Not by Kelsy and Jesse Lightweave

Jesus in an orange and white robe. He is smiling and extending a hand.

All of the shapes and lines in Jorge’s paintings are intentional. He seeks to help us look past visual details to find deeper spiritual meaning. For example, there is a distinct set of lines that draw the eye from Christ to Peter and back again, symbolizing Jesus’ invitation and Peter’s opportunity to act on faith.

Forget Me Not by Annie Henrie Nader

Jesus comforting a young woman kneeling in prayer.

Remind the women in your life that Christ hears their silent prayers and pleas for help. He is there and can help empower them in whatever challenges they face.

In Humility by Jay Bryant Ward

Sepia painting of Jesus, hands clasped in reverent prayer.

Sepia tones sometimes make for the best home decor because they match a variety of different schemes and styles. This flawless picture of Christ invites a spirit of reverence into any home.

And this isn’t even our whole collection of Latter-day Saint pictures of Christ. For more, visit our website. 

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